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Gym Etiquette You Should Know.

Even though winters coming, you still need to keep that beach bod. Follow Erika Jordans tips on gym etiquette before you hit the weights.
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Need To Up Your Selfie Game?

Erika Jordan from SexSearch gives you new tips in the art of the selfie to keep you looking your sexiest! You can now use your phone to get all those sexy selfies you’ve been wanting to get you laid.
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SexSearch’s Erika Jordan Reveals Her Top 5!

Check out our new video! Our go to sexpert, Erika Jordan intimately reveals and models to us her top 5 favorite bras.
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Washington Is Horny! Government Shuts Down, Porn Sites Go Up

Ready for your daily dose of hilariousness? Orgasm News conducted a study on the effects Washington’s shut-down had on the porn industry, and the results were nothing short of amazing.

10574607183 941ca95d58 Washington Is Horny! Government Shuts Down, Porn Sites Go Up

According to their study, traffic on porn sites increased by 30.12% once the government workers were sent home, and traffic to dating site ads on porn sites had an increase of nearly 50% during that time. That’s a lot of people in Washington getting their self love on during the shut down!

No wonder there have been so many sex scandals in Washington over the last few years- Their employees are a bunch of horndogs!

Do you watch more porn when you’re on vacation?

Porn Vs. Sex: Why You Need To Lower Your Expectations


There’s no need to lie here: We’ve all done it. We’ve all watched porn, expected our sex lives to be as amazing and exciting as it is, and came down with a crushing disappointment when we finally realized sex is nothing like it is in the movies.

So what is the difference between porn and reality? What are the sizes? The expectations? The willingness to get kinky?

The KB Creative Lab decided to measure up the differences (literally!) between our expectations that porn has given us and what sex in the real world is actually like.

Check out the video and tell us if you’ve had some of these misconceptions yourself!


Let’s Get Personal! How Do You Masturbate?

large1 Lets Get Personal! How Do You Masturbate?

Let’s face it: There are some nights we simply don’t have time to hookup with people. But that doesn’t mean you want to miss out on a great orgasm! When you want to climax without the hassle of calling up your friend with benefits, then it’s time to take things into your own hands– Literally.

We decided to ask a few of our members how they enjoy their alone time, and a few of the answers might surprise you!

“I’m old fashioned. Give me some lotion, some Kleenex, and a Playboy. I’ve been using this method since I was a kid! Hey if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
-Dazed4Dayz, 32, Dallas

“I like to talk dirty with people online while I masturbate. Other people are still getting me off, I’m just doing a little more of the hard work!”
-Sabastian4484, 29, Minneapolis  More…

Five Things You Absolutely, Positively MUST Do In Bed Tonight!

8949006245 8767d2abdd Five Things You Absolutely, Positively MUST Do In Bed Tonight!  

It’s June 4th. The summer has officially started and although the weather may not reflect it, it’s time to heat things up! We know that it’s still early in the week, so we won’t overload you with too much boring text.

We’re just going to get straight into it: Here are the five things you absolutely, positively, must do in bed tonight!

Break out the good underwear!

It’s shocking the difference a nice pair of panties can make when compared to your everyday briefs. Not only will you feel sexier, but it’s been proven that men are naturally more sexually aroused when they have a visual stimulator like good underwear.

Make the moans, not the screams

Moaning and groaning is a great stimulator in bed, but when you try to go full porn-star with your noises, it becomes a big turn-off. Keep your moaning to a minimum and keep them turned on! More…

Three Reasons To Embrace Your Curves In Bed

kim kardashian 590 1335187502 Three Reasons To Embrace Your Curves In Bed

Let’s face it: For most women in America, the thinner they are, the better they feel about themselves. Between constantly seeing new-generation sex symbols as stick-thin women and having only a handful of popular ‘overweight’ celebrities showcased in movies and television shows, it’s no wonder that women of today have a complex that leaves them feeling frumpy when fat.

But we have good news for women carrying a few extra pounds: Men don’t only mind when you’re carrying a little junk in the trunk– They prefer it!

In a scientific study conducted by Men’s Health Magazine (and we’re using the term ‘scientific‘ loosely here), a group of 80 men were shown three photos of women wearing the same outfits with both the same hairstyles and makeup– One of a women considered underweight by the Body Mass Index, one considered to be in the healthy BMI weight range, and one considered overweight. Of the 80 men, less than 5% of them choose the underweight woman as the most attractive. 42% of them chose the woman of healthy weight, but a surprising 53% of men said that the woman above the healthy BMI range was the sexiest.

Instead of covering your curves, start to flaunt them! Here are three reasons our Sexperts think you should get the most bang for your belly:

  1. You’ll be a more desired wife
    Since the dawn of time men have been subconsciously choosing wives based on the size of their hips– and the bigger is the better! Bigger hips and thighs are linked to fertility and overall health, which evolution has proved to be a big attraction factor for men seeking a life-long mate. More…

Gwyneth Paltrow Is Trying To Get You Laid

Screen shot 2012 02 13 at 12.55.06 PM Gwyneth Paltrow Is Trying To Get You Laid

Gwyneth Paltrow is a pretty busy woman. She’s an Academy Award winner, a mother, the newly titled sexiest woman in the world, star of Iron Man 3 (which is opening this weekend!), a wife to one of the busiest guys in the music industry Chris Martin, and an active blogger. Now she’s adding one more thing to her list of accomplishments: Pimp.

Alright, maybe ‘pimp’ is an exaggeration. Is she standing on the street corner hailing down guys looking to have a good time? No. But she is going out of her way to try and get you laid!

If you’re a subscriber to Paltrow’s weekly e-mail, GOOP, there’s no doubt that you’re familiar with her usual banter: Pictures of her life to motivate you via jealousy, recipes to keep you skinny (because we all know she hates fat people), and tips on the next-best thing in the fashion industry. But the actress herself claims that this week’s e-mail isn’t for you, “It’s for your other half.”

If you’re looking to get laid tomorrow, Gwennie has a few tips to jump-start your weekend sex success!


Spring Has Sprung– And So Has Your Sex Drive

8594723261 9d9ef548ea Spring Has Sprung   And So Has Your Sex Drive  

Top sexual research experts at Harvard University, The University of California, Miami State University along with multiple other prominent research facilities have found undeniable signs that both singles and people in relationships have a significantly lower amount of sex than they do during the rest of the year. So naturally with the dawning of spring comes the reawakening of your long lost libido! If you’re a little rusty from a winder of little sex, how do you get back into the swing of things in a comfortable way?

Our Sexperts have compiled a list of the 5 must-do’s to get back into a sex routine!

  1. STRETCH!!! …Seriously though, stretch.
    Let’s face it, we all get a little lazier in the winter. With the cold weather promoting us to spend more time on our couches and the icy sidewalks convincing us to take the subway to work, our bodies can get a little stiff over the season. Whether you do an in-home yoga routine or you head to the gym to limber up, giving your body the chance to stretch is a big must before diving back into bed.
  2. Drink lots of water
    Hydration isn’t only great for your skin, but being properly hydrated gives your body better stamina, making it more likely that you’ll last longer in bed.  More…