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lifeselector.com is a surpise addition to our list, because it is fairly new but already very popular among sex gamers online. This is where you can try a real sex simulator game that almost feels better than the real thing. Downloads and premium options are on the site, but the real pull of the game is that you get to see sex in a whole new way with VR sex gaming unlike any other, only from lifeselector.com.

lifeselector.com: Join In The Fun With Sex Simulations That Will Get You Off

  • Free to explore, or you can go all in with full membership
  • Total immersion in a really hot sex simulator
  • Mainly for the straight market, but many will get off on the realism


pinkvisualgames.com make you wish that the whole world was just a big adult sex sim game. Take the gaming into your own hands with 100s of custom options at your fingertips, and start playing around with the various functions that let you feel what virtual sex is like online. pinkvisualgames.com is one of the very best.

pinkvisualgames.com: Join 1000s Of Sex Sims Gamers At This Site

  • Sign up is quick and easy -- you just need photo ID and a credit card
  • Enjoy crazy hot sex simulations all day and night
  • Create the kind of avatar you want and see what options there are for online sex partners


chathouse3d.com does what it sounds like it does: adult sex simulation gaming with an on site chat function that lets you talk dirty with other gamers while you play. There are few sites quite as kinky as this one, and you can change all the options you like just by using the tool bar that comes with chathouse3d.com -- just play and go.

chathouse3d.com: Immersive Action That Will Help You Get Where You Want To Be In Minutes

  • Realistic 3D rendering
  • Sign up is quick and easy and takes minutes
  • No need to download -- you can play online anywhere after you sign in


christiesroom.com is where online sex sim sensation Christie likes to hang out and entertain her visitors. You can get in one the hot sex simulation game just by signing up with a photo ID and a credit card. After that, you can have Christie all to yourself, while you explore the Artificial Intelligence and responsive play of this realistic sex simulation.

christiesroom.com: This Is The Game Your Partner Doesn't Want You To Play

  • Feel sensations close to the real thing in total privacy
  • Play around with the custom controls and see how it feels to be Christie's special person
  • 100% immersive virtual sex that almost feels real


girlvanic.com is a site you will see a lot on the Internet, and that is due to the fact that it showcases some awesome virtual sex games that take realism to new levels. You can download games, chat with other members, and flirt while you play the games girlvanic.com where sex is something that can be simulated.

girlvanic.com: Get Deep Into Online Sex Games That Put You In Control

  • All the options you need to make your game feel special to you
  • Most games are free for a demo, and f=after that you are required to sign up
  • Full immersion in 3D games that have VR link up options


digamour.com lets you feel you are really there when you sign up for its simulation sex games where the real world pales by comparison. You can do whatever you want in this sexy world where reality and fantasy share a simulation bed together. One easy signup and you can get playing for hours, even days.

digamour.com Have The Kind Of Sex You Really Want With Virtual Partners In A Safe Online World

  • Signing up is the easiest thing you need to do on this site
  • Members get full access to virtual worlds of sex simulation
  • Literally play for hours in virtual sex simulations


sociolotron.com is to sex gaming what Facebook is to middle aged loners whose kids have grown up. You can get in on the sex sim action really easily by following the prompts to the registration page, where you will be required to enter information into various fields before progressing to the game itself.

sociolotron.com: Fill In The Membership Form In One Of The Most Realistic Simulation Games Ever And Start Playing Like A King

  • Play anywhere and any time, just by getting the full game
  • Log in and save your games in the cloud, or play afresh each visit
  • Make a profile for yourself and talk to others


dildosexgames.com is where people who want to see virtual dildos go to watch adult sex simulation games. Think they can take every inch? Watch and join in as the sex games begin. This is a very hardcore site if you have never tried sex games before, so watch it test your limits and get seriously hot and bothered.

dildosexgames.com: Play With Some Of The World's Biggest Virtual Dildos

  • Sign up in minutes and see your new pals come online
  • Play with hot virtual babes and huge dildos
  • Explore pornographic games the way they should be seen


virtualkendall.com is where you will find virtual sex puppet Kendall. If she looks real, that is because a lot of talented people put quite a lot of effort into ensuring that her features and mannerisms strike true. This is a sim worth shelling out for, so break out the CC and the ID and start playing in full.

virtualkendall.com: Turn Yourself Into A Sex King Or Queen With This Realistic Sex Sim

  • Join in minutes, play content that lasts for hours
  • A different game every time in this hyper realistic sex game
  • Change the options in the settings bar, plus more add ons


simsexgames.com has more than one great adult sex simulation game, which means that if you get bored of one you can switch it up to something that is more your speed. All the games on here can be played in full, with some free or freemium, and the rest being premium. Sign p and play them all!

simsexgames.com: Play Lots Of Great Sex Simulations That Feel Real

  • New content, fresh games, all the time
  • Free games that include a range of VR and 3D options
  • Loads of other users, so you will always have someone to talk to

The Best Sex Simulator Sex Games

Get a real feeling sex simulator and see how sex could be with just a few clicks on these great sites that offer a hot new virtual experience

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