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"It's so easy to hook up since I joined SexSearch! I love meeting new people on this site. Everyone is so fun!" - Lace_and_silk_Dreams

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Our Members Love Our Free Local Sex Ad Feature!

Our Members Love Our Free Local Sex Ad Feature!
NaughtyCareBear2 23, Portland

I was hesitant to sign up for SexSearch when I heard that all my friends were using it. I've always been a bit shy, but my friends are party animals. I like to party too and I'm always up for a good time, but I've never been one to get it started. I like to be coaxed, and then get ready for it! But my friends convinced me to join and I'm so glad I did. I've always felt like I might be missing out when I don't rush into things like they do, but on Sex Search, there are so many sexy guys that love to draw out the animal in me. I've never felt sexier.

Makeuwannit 21, Seattle

I'm just looking for some fun here. You're only young once, right? I see so many of my buddies settling down and looking to get married and that. I say it's too early for me. I just ended things with my high school sweetheart and now I'm looking to make life simpler. Let's just have fun, yeah? Don't get me wrong though. I'm a good guy, I'm just looking to have some casual no strings attached times. I'll treat you good though. Send me a message if you want it and let's take it from there.

Hot_AmorousAmy 25, Austin

I work hard on my body and I know I look good. I like reminders that I'm looking good from time to time, but I don't need clingy guys drooling all over me all the time and giving me nothing I want. I'm on Sex Search to meet some hot guys that know what to do with a girl like me. The bar scene is just not cutting it for me anymore. The only place I can meet guys I actually want to hook up with is online. I don't want losers, or guys that can't keep up with me. I want a man who's fit and sexy and ready to take me and I'm not about to settle for guys not up to my standard (yes, they're real), and I never have to on SexSearch. The guys here get it and they got it, so come and get it boys!

Not_too_sweet_Pete 23, Charlotte

I'm a nice guy and gentleman. I believe that chivalry isn't dead, and I love to treat a woman and stuff like that. I'll open the door for her and pay for her meal. Give her my jacket when she's cold, you know. But sometimes it's hard for the nice guy. I can't tell you how often I get friend-zoned just because she thinks I'm a sweetheart she can have around to use. Let me tell you ladies, I may be sweet on the streets, but in bed I'm not so nice. I'll throw you around and give you what you need. With Sex Search, I don't have to deal with that friend-zone garbage. No one is here to make friends you can't sleep with so the friend-zone doesn't exist. I'm having tons of fun online now. It seems crazy I was ever not online. Come and find me, ladies.

Get A Free Local Sex Ad To Enhance Your Sex Life Fast

If you aren't meeting the people you want to or finding the connections you seek and your sex life is fizzling out with a whimper, there's no better option than to get online and make your own free local sex ad. People have been writing romantic personal advertisements for centuries, starting with the first in 1727 placed by Helen Morrison in her local newspaper. With the evolution of technology, personal ads (like most everything else) have made their way to the Internet. Now, the modern personal ad now takes the form of online dating. Many may not instinctively make this comparison, but it is true. If you would consider making a personal ad, then you are ready for online dating (online dating of course is a bit more private than a national newspaper - in the first case, only other members can see your ad). There are millions of people already online, revolutionizing their dating world and getting the connections they seek. It seems an easy enough sell for people looking for love or sex. Personal ads have worked for centuries, so why wouldn't they work for you?

If you're hesitant to go online and put yourself out there, think of it a different way. Think about applying for a job. You don't get a job without selling yourself for it through your application. Think of popular job searching sites - your profile is its own kind of personal ad, selling you for various potential jobs. It's really more common practice than it may seem. If you want something for yourself, you've got to make a sale for yourself - this includes dating. So if you're looking for casual sex or dating, sign up with us on Sex Search and create your free local sex ad now! Don't miss out - find out why everyone you know is using sex dating sites and join us!

We've got a few tips for you on how to make the most effective ad on SexSearch or whatever adult dating site you choose to use. It can seem daunting when first trying out online dating, but there is a pretty simple formula for success. If you're already into online dating, you can benefit from these tips for how to write an effective personal ad too - check out your profile and see if there are areas you can improve. Also check out our "10 Tips To Seduce Sexy Locals Online" for more successful casual dating.

Be In A Playful Mood For Writing

Let's start at the very beginning - creating your profile or free local sex ad. When you sit down to write your ad, you want to be in the right mood. This is fairly intuitive. But if your friends have been pushing you into online dating, and you've been resisting, but one day they force you in front of a computer and tell you to typeテ That's not going to be your best representation of yourself. You want to be in the right mood - playful, confident, and flirty - so that this comes across in your writing, and not just in your tone, but in the bits you choose to share and how. Set the mood for yourself. Play your favorite tunes, get dressed up in your sexiest outfit (that may mean being nude), check yourself out, and remember why you're a catch. Then get to writing!

Make A Good First Photo Impression

If you're the type that hates having your picture taken and you are prone to hiding in the back or making your most uncomfortable face when the camera is whipped out, get over it. Being able to have your photo taken well does not make you a narcissist, and it will not reveal to you your secret unattractiveness (compared to the photos you're used to seeing of yourself, a good photo will make you feel like a movie star!). It is important to have flattering photos of yourself to use for your ad. So get over yourself and get a friend you trust to snap a few of you. If you've got tons of photos lying around it shouldn't be too much of a challenge to find the best. Smiling photos are usually considered the most attractive. Duckface often seems like the cutest option but will necessarily lead to mockery. The scowl is never a good choice, nor is a headless, full-frontal nudity shot as your main picture. Go for happy or sweetly suggestive or mysterious, and as long as you pull it off, you'll be in the game.

Don't Forget The Basics

The basic characteristics section of your profile is often tempting to skip, but it's important not to because this is the information used by dating sites to sort profiles according to preferences. You may be excluded from searches or included in the wrong groups if your basic information is missing or lacking. This will affect your chances of being connected with your proper matches and even which members you get to view. So don't forget the basics for your free local sex ad. If there are questions about you that you don't have a preference about, select this option rather than leaving it blank. Things like your age, gender, and sexual preference you will have to fill out just to sign up for your free ad and services. Other basic details like education, occupation, specific sex preferences, etc. should also be completed to create a fuller profile.

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Sometimes it's hard for me to meet sexy men in real life. I'm not shy and I like to go for what I want. I'm a big flirt and always tell a guy if I like how he looks. A lot of the men I meet in real life get scared by this, but I can't help it. If I know what I want, I have to go for it. I never have this problem since I started using Sex Search! The men on this site love a woman who can take charge. And they're all as eager as I am too! I never knew American men could be so passionate. It's incredible! It's nice to be appreciated for my enthusiasm and to finally be getting what I want.


I work a lot and when I'm not working, I'm taking time off to vacation. I'm always active, but never sitting in one place means I don't get to meet a lot of people for fun. I love Sex Search because I can log in on my phone, wherever I am and whatever time I'm free and it's so easy to meet guys up for some casual fun. I've already met some great guys for dates and have been chatting with a few others I'm going to connect with when I'm back from my business trip. Sex Search is perfect for me and my busy schedule. It's so easy to get exactly what I want, when I want it with guys that don't play around.

Paint A Word Picture

There's a common writing tip that is very useful to keep in mind when creating your free local sex ad - show: don't tell. What this means is that when you're describing yourself, try to avoid telling the readers what you are like and instead offer descriptive examples of flattering experiences. This lets the reader decide what kind of person you are from your example and makes you seem more real and genuine rather than immodest and vague. It can be hard to do, but it will yield better results.

Be Honest

We all like to embellish when we don't feel confident in the truth, but there is a difference between selling something strategically and simply lying. It's okay, and good, to highlight your strengths, but you don't want to embellish so much that you are no longer being truthful. It may seem tempting and easy to create elaborate imaginings of who you'd like to be when creating your free local sex ad - it's the internet, so who's going to know if you lie a little? If you intend on ever meeting your online connections in person, you will have a problem. As soon as they discover you haven't been truthful, they are likely to end the date and relationship. Your lies may get you dates, but they won't get you action. The same connections might have been interested in you just the same had you been honest, but deceit sours any connection, so it's best to keep your honesty. This is especially important for adult dating sites. Keep in mind that connecting on these sites requires more trust in online connections because of the level of intimacy.

Keep It Positive

It can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming to start online dating and it's easy to feel a bit defeated or down, but try to keep upbeat because positivity is infectious and proven more attractive! Studies have shown that people are more attracted to happy people, so the happier and more positive you can come across, without being nauseatingly upbeat, the better people will react to you.

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