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"I used to be such a club rat, but now all I want to do is stay in and chat with hotties online!" - PartyRightHere

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What Do Our Members Have To Say?

What Do Our Members Have To Say?
LittleMissDion 24, Los Angeles

I'll admit, I was sort of hesitant to sign up for online dating. I mean, I'd tried all the usual sites my straight friends were all on and had no luck. All the women on those sites just seemed to be playing with me. Mostly straight girls posing for kink -- you know? But then I signed up for SexSearch and it was SO different! There are actually lesbians using this site, unlike the others, AND they're HOT! I can actually have some choice now about who I wanna hook up with and when. It's also really great to feel like I'm part of an online community with SexSearch. The women I haven't hooked up with that I've messaged have become good friends. It's so much fun!

xThexLittlestxDykex 18, Phoenix

OMG, lesbian dating can be so tough! I get hit on by so many guys... you have no idea. I just wanted to meet some hot girls to hook up with but where was I supposed to meet them?! I'm too young for clubs, and all the girls I know are straight. I've got a few circles of gay girlfriends, but that was just getting too awkward. Then I heard about and it was like my prayers were answered! Now I can browse all the sexy women I want and not get hassled by horndog guys. And, these women actually take me seriously even though I'm young. Everyone wants to get with a hot young thing like me! This site is so perfect! I'm SO glad I joined!

BoobsSeekingBoobs 23, Miami

So I'm not the type of gay girl that just wants to meet the love of her life and settle down immediately. I just wanna have fun! All the girls I was meeting in person were way too clingy. They wanted me to be their girlfriend, and as cool as some of them were, I'm just too young for that. I want to learn from beautiful, sexy girls, and bring a little spice into my life. I've been using SexSearch from the beginning and I absolutely could not do without it! It's the only way to find exactly who and what you want without all the messy complications. I don't have to hurt anyone's feelings when I'm on this site, and I get to have all the fun I want. I feel so spoiled. :P

BikerGirlBabe 34, Austin

I just got out of a really intense and long-term relationship, and though I do want to get back into a relationship at some point, I just need a little fun for now. I used to go out and have fun with sexy women all the time before I was with my ex. She wasn't much of a party girl, so it has been a while. I joined SexSearch to meet women to connect with and have fun with, and it's been so wonderful. I'm finally starting to feel like my old self again! I love how lighthearted and sexy all the women on SexSearch are too. It makes it really easy to not feel guilty about having so much casual fun. It just feels good and I'm happy to be living life again.

Why Lesbian Sex Sites Are The Best Place To Meet Women

Lesbian sex sites are the best place to meet women. If you're skeptical, give it a try for yourself or read on (or both). Online dating is a growing trend and considered by many to be the modern solution to dating. But online dating makes the most sense for lesbians. Why? Because despite all the huge gains for lesbians and the broader LGBTQ community, lesbian dating is still not easy to do in public. It can be difficult to identify fellow lesbians, difficult to appropriately pick them up in public, and difficult to be dating in public. Enter online dating... Lesbian sex sites allow you to easily identify and access available lesbians near you, allow you a safe space to chat, flirt, and plan your hookup, and make the whole activity tons of sexy fun!

If you're unsure, but a boost in your sex life would do you well, give it a try. There's no risk in checking it out. And at, your membership is completely free so there's no obligation if you find we're not for you (unlikely -- we're for everyone!). Choose only the best in sex sites when you choose

If Your Gaydar Is Failing You, Use Lesbian Sex Sites

Let's face it: sometimes even a keen gaydar isn't enough to find available lesbians. It can be really hard to meet other lesbians offline, let alone lesbians who are single and looking for what you're looking for. If you can't even find available lesbians, your sex life isn't looking up. Even women who typically have a very attuned sense of sexuality and can spot a lesbian from miles away, they are bound to miss a few options. In many parts of the world it is still risky to be out and proud, so many women don't like to broadcast their sexuality. That doesn't mean they aren't looking for smoking hot lesbian hookups. If you're online using lesbian sex sites like, you'll be surprised and impressed by the number of lesbians you never knew were living near you. Lesbian sex sites take all the guess work out for you. You no longer have to study every nuanced gesture and outfit choice to determine if she is actually gay. If she's online looking for women, she's gay. If she's online looking for sex with women and you are too, all the better!

We've heard from many of our members how relieving they find joining our site and finally feeling like they have options and they don't have to do so much work in assessing whether the woman of their attraction is appropriate to approach. It's a simple and perhaps obvious reason to use lesbian sex sites, but it's also a pretty compelling reason.

Avoid The Sting Of Public Rejection On Lesbian Sex Sites

Because it can be so difficult to determine a woman's sexual preference from a look, picking up women offline becomes a pretty risky endeavor, in terms of sexual rejection. Most lesbians have a few stories they can immediately recall from memory of when they tried to pick up that sexy lady at the club, and feeling pretty confident and excited about it too, only to hear those fateful words delivered with a laugh: "Sorry. I'm not a lesbian." There are few stings quite like public rejection, and it's enough to discourage anyone from another pickup attempt. Of course, the rejection is altogether more complex and risky for a lesbian on the prowl. But there's an easy way to avoid this potentially mortifying experience. Sign up for lesbian sex sites like and forget the horror of public rejection!

At least online the rejection is much more private, but it's also much less likely. Everyone on is looking to hook up, and lesbian sex sites are generally full of more open lesbians than you would encounter offline. You can avoid the sting of rejection much easier on lesbian sex dating sites. Not only this, but you have so much more choice in dates on lesbian sex sites.

Lesbian Sex Sites Are Used By The Sexiest Women

It may seem like a trick, but lesbian sex sites typically attract hotter, more adventurous lesbians. The women who are online using lesbian sex dating sites like, are serious about their pleasure and having a good time. Generally, they're up to try things out if there is a possibility of a positive outlook. This means that they are more open to experiences and sex. This is true of all our members, but certainly worth mentioning. Even those lesbian members that initially felt pushed into the experience often soon open up to the process. This environment tends to encourage sexual openness, resulting in the uniquely appealing trend of lesbian sex sites being used by the sexiest women!

Not only do the sites encourage sexiness, as well as attract more sexually adventurous lesbians, but also because of the vast amount of choice, all potential matches appear (and are!) sexier. It's a win-win-win!

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I'm kind of shy. I'm really not great at picking up women, that's for sure -- at least in person. Sex Search is great for me because I can actually feel comfortable approaching women through this site. This women I like are typically femme and never make the first move, so it's pretty important that I be able to pick them up. SexSearch has totally saved my sex life! I can't believe how easy it is to meet women through this site. Everyone is totally receptive and sweet. And women are actually interested in me! I was a bit worried when I started that no one would want to date me, but I was so wrong! Apparently, I'm many women's perfect type. Who knew?! That's something I'm very happy to discover. Thanks, SexSearch!


I'm from a small town and there's really not a lot of selection for lesbians looking to date here. I'm pretty much the only lesbian in my town, so my sex life has been a bit ... challenged. I've had lots of friends try and set me up with girls they know from other nearby cities, but set-ups are always so awkward. Even if we hit it off, I'm always worried about hurting my friend's feelings too if I don't want to get serious. And really, I think I deserve a certain standard of woman that my friends just don't understand. I would be lost without SexSearch! I joined recently and I can't believe how much I've been missing out on! I can find sexy girls really close to me now, so I don't have to rely on my friends and I don't have to settle!

It's Easy To Find Thousands Of Local Women On Lesbian Sex Sites

One of the best features of online dating, especially with lesbian sex sites, is how easy it becomes to find local singles. This reason alone is enough to make many lesbians sign up with Imagine being able to have instant access to thousands of available women near you, either in your town or city, or a quick drive away. All it takes is a bit of chatting, flirting, and a hot connection, and you've got a date planned with a hottie near you. Lesbian sex sites put you in control of your sex life and your romantic life in ways that you just can't get offline. We know the appeal of being able to conveniently browse for local singles of your preference. And we also know how vastly this convenience can improve your life! When potential matches are so accessible, and dating seems so successful, your confidence improves and you are happier. It's simple. It's effective.

It becomes even easier to find local women on lesbian sex sites like when you take advantage of all the features, including your free profile. Take the time to complete your profile and select for your preferences so that it is easier to search for what you want AND it's easier for other members to search for you. Don't forget that while you are looking for sexy singles, so is everyone else and if they can easily find you that eliminates much of your work (it never really feels like work anyway). Also make sure to check out and use the other features like message boards so you can make connections with people you might not otherwise.

Make It Fun To Date With Lesbian Sex Sites

Online dating can be one of the most entertaining and liberating experience of your life. If you're easy with the rules and open to new possibilities, you can find yourself surprised by how it pays off. This is especially true for lesbian dating and sex dating. It isn't often that lesbians have access to so much dating choice, nonetheless so much fun while dating! Lesbian sex sites like give you the dating choice you crave, while providing you a fun experience to keep the dating easy and sexy. If you haven't yet tried for your lesbian dating needs, give us a try! We make it fun to date again! If you're looking for more tips on picking up women online, check out "4 Easy Ways To Find Sexy Singles On Sexy Sites"!

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