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Sex Search Members Saying?" />
SexxxTina 33, Jacksonville

I love sexting! I am definitely addicted. My main reason for online dating is to find hot guys to sext. There is nothing hotter for me than a good sexting session and it is so easy to meet sexy men on SexSearch that know exactly what to text me. I was so tired of all those other sites with so many loser guys that just didn't know how to talk to a woman. Now I'm connecting with so many sexy men that know just how to get me in the mood. Come find me online boys!

Jimbobones 28, Philadelphia

I'm definitely not all talk and no action, but I go wild for a woman who can send a hot sext. If she knows how to talk the talk, you can bet she'll know how to walk the walk. I like to get her really wound up with sexy messages before we hook up, and I'm always on Sex Search to find all the sexiest hookups. These ladies know how to have a good time, for sure. I'm totally hooked.

SweetKahluaBabe 22, San Antonio

OMG I am such a sexting addict! It's the most fun thing I can do on my phone and it makes the workday breeze by! I love this site for connecting online. I'm just logged in all day on my phone, using the mobile app, striking up sexy IM convos whenever I see someone hot online. It's so much fun! I love how game everyone on this site is, and they're totally up for a bit of quick sexting to brighten up my day. There's never any pressure to go further and everyone is relaxed and hot. You should join! Message me and let's get steamy!

JustinCase 25, Pittsburgh

I used to be kind of shy about approaching women until I started using Sex Search. I'm a pretty good looking guy, yeah, but I get totally tongue-tied trying to pick up a beautiful woman. But then I started chatting with sexy singles online and discovered I have a talent for dirty talk that drives the women wild. Now I'm getting more action than I thought possible!

10 Signs Local Sexting Is Your New Addiction

The advancement in technology has meant huge shifts in our dating practices. It's now easier than ever to find someone quick for a date or hookup and local casual sex is fast becoming the new dating norm. All you need is an Internet connection and some hardware, and you're on your way to nightly rendezvous! Singles everywhere are turning to online dating more and more - we get thousands of new members online with SexSearch every day - and online dating is now even easier when you can take your local sex connections wherever you go with our mobile dating app. With these frequent trends in convenience, online sex dating is finding its niche in local sexting. Chances are pretty good that you've tried sexting, but how do you know if you're more in lust with your phone than your date? Is local sexting your new addiction? We've taken the time to compile a list of the ten top signs you might be a bit more into local sexting than the average online dating site user. Check it out!

Hooked On Local Sexting?

If there's nothing else you'd rather do than sext, chances are you're a bit of a local sexting addict. It's easy to get hooked on an activity as fun as sexting. Not only is it more convenient and direct, but also it is easier for those who are a bit shier to get naughty with the dirty talk without feeling put on the spot or rushed. It's also a great way to establish and build chemistry, so that when you are at last in the same room as your online connection and ready to get hot and heavy, the connection is red hot! Local sexting is great as sexy foreplay, or as the main attraction. If you're feeling like some more anonymous sexting, connect online with strangers and start up an erotic chat! For advice on dating sexting and sex addicts, check out "The Ins And Outs Of Dating A Sex Addict" and more tips for your local sex dating life.

#1 Sign You Might Have A Local Sexting Addiction

Your phone is always in either your hand or pocket, logged into Sex Search (or whatever adult dating site you use), and you need to check it every 5 or 10 minutes just to see your incoming sext IMs. You never know when you're going to get a racy message, though usually for you it is very often, and you don't want to interrupt the sexy flow of conversation. You stay connected to your naughty exchanges by keeping your phone close and an eager eye on its activity.

#2 Sign You Might Have A Local Sexting Addiction

You won't let anyone hold your phone for more than 5 seconds because your inbox is full of sexts that you're worried they might find. (You've had too many friends who misinterpreted the "look at this specific thing" phone offer for a "familiarize yourself with every aspect of my phone." You don't trust they could keep away from temptation to snoop.)

#3 Sign You Might Have A Local Sexting Addiction

The first app you check in the mornings is Sex Search to see what naughty messages are waiting for you. It's always a nuisance to have to sign off for bedtime and you're usually sexting all the way up until you fall asleep. So your first thought is guaranteed to be your local sexting messages.

#4 Sign You Might Have A Local Sexting Addiction

You've got more naked selfies in your sent folder than you do pictures of cute animals. You've got the naked selfies photo-taking skills down and you love to practice your talent. Not only are all your sent mail and text folders full of erotic photos you've taken of yourself, but so are your computer and phone. You love to feel like the object of desire and show off your hot body to build anticipation.

#5 Sign You Might Have A Local Sexting Addiction

You're regularly in the middle of composing dirty texts, especially when you run into a friend on the street. (Public streets are the perfect place for local sexting!) It's happened more than once that you've been surprised by an unexpected real life interaction while you've been in the middle of your local sexting fun. It's particularly jarring to suddenly shift focus to the now when you're at the climax of your virtual encounter. You're a pro at this too though!

#6 Sign You Might Have A Local Sexting Addiction

You have to consciously think about how not to flirt when you start writing a work email or friend text. You know the sexting script and it feels like a second language to you. Your fingers seem to move without your direction sometimes and you have to stop and think, "This is not a sext!" Your friends and coworkers are now used to the naughty jokes and abundant winking emoticons you absentmindedly slip in to all your messages.

#7 Sign You Might Have A Local Sexting Addiction

When you meet someone hot for the first time, you're already imaging their sexting style and plotting out your seduction plan. Sometimes you've even anxious to wrap up the in person interaction so you can start the naughty fun and say all the dirty secrets you're already longing to tell them.

#8 Sign You Might Have A Local Sexting Addiction

Every time you have a sexy thought and you're not already in the middle of your local sexting habit, you're thinking of who to sext this thought to. You've got a lineup of regular sext partners and your favorite shifts every day depending on how hot the text sex is. You're good at maintaining these connections though, so you'll send a random naughty message to keep up the fling. No naughty thought goes wasted.

#9 Sign You Might Have A Local Sexting Addiction

You get more thrill from a "new message" notification than you do a phone call because phone calls aren't sexts. You're no stranger to phone sex (voices rather than fingers), but you're a specialist when it comes to text-based sex. You'd rather use your textual creativity to get off and seeing that your audience is participating in your sexual game is uniquely satisfying - like a wrapped up present waiting to be opened.

#10 Sign You Might Have A Local Sexting Addiction

You'd rather spend hours of local sexting with sexy strangers online than hours of face-to-face time on a hot date. If you get more sexual satisfaction from local sexting, enough that you'd opt for hours and pages of sexy text over live sex, then you've definitely got yourself a preference/addiction. This is where you have your fun and it's time to admit it. Local sexting is your ultimate turn-on.

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I'm online with SexSearch all the time. It's the perfect site for me because it's so convenient and fun. I'm a big fan of quick, easy, and sexy, but I also love to watch the intensity between the two of us build. I'm the kind of girl to send you naughty messages at work just to think of you getting all hot and horny in the middle of your meeting. I want you to be thinking of me all the time and wanting me constantly. Connect with me online if you like what you see. We can have a bit of sexting fun before the main attraction: me. ;)


I like to show ladies a good time and make them feel like the naughty princesses they are. I'm not big into being tied down (I do the tying), but that doesn't mean I don't know how to take care of you and make sure all your needs are met. I'm on Sex Search because I know I can meet real sexy women on this site, women that know what it is to be with a real man and know I'm in control. Let's have some fun together and enjoy the moments. Message me if you're interested.

Our Members Are Local Sexting Addicts Too!

There's nothing wrong with a bit of local sexting. In fact, 100% of our members admit to having sexted at least once, and 85% admit to sexting regularly. Most of our members also confess that they like to sext before a date because it gets them in the mood for their local sex hookup. Our members aren't shy when it comes to naughty messages either! Check out the message boards and erotic stories to see just how sexy imagination can be on Sex Search, and get some inspiration for your own local sexting. Our members meet more local singles on our site than anywhere else. We know how thrilling a quick, casual encounter can be, so we make it really easy for you to connect online to find hot singles in your area for sexy singles chats, or local sexting, or local sex hookups. Browse our member database to connect with some hot local singles up for some naughty local texting. Also see our article "Find The Best Places Online For Free Local Sex" to help you connect with the hottest local singles.

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Download our mobile app and sext with horny matches wherever you are, whenever you want! With our mobile app, you get the privacy and convenience that you want in an adult dating site, all in the palm of your hand. We know you lead a busy life and sometimes don't have the time to sit down with your computer and browse through hot local singles at the end of your workday. Sometimes all you want is to just log in to Sex Search in the middle of the day, when you have a few spare minutes, check out your matches, send a few messages, maybe a couple sexts, and have your date planned for the end of the day. That's why we developed the SexSearch mobile app. The majority of our members are online and on the go! Join them today and get your local sexting fix!

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