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"I started using SexSearch recently thanks to a friend and I love it! I'm online like all the time!" - Passionandstrawberries

Local Casual Sex Is The New Dating Norm

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Our Members Choose Local Casual Sex!

Our Members Choose Local Casual Sex!
Sex_e_Chrissy 23, Richmond

I love Sex Search! I've got a pretty big sexual appetite, so I've always been big into casual dating. I used to just pick up guys at bars and clubs, but eventually those guys were always like clinging to me and asking me to be their girlfriend. It was a bad scene. Then I tried Sex Search and it made hooking up so easy and I never have to deal with clingers anymore. The guys on this site are totally on the same page. They aren't looking for more than something casual, and they know I'm not either. I want no strings attached fun, so I can just do me, you know? I'm so glad I decided to sign up with SexSearch!

Taltheartist 34, Burbank

I'm a passionate guy. I live for the moment and try to take in the beauty of the world in everything I do. I'm artist and I live my life like art. Humans weren't meant to be tied down to one person and not experience the pleasure of the beautiful bodies we see every day. I meet a lot of people in my daily activities and in my work, but sometimes it's hard to meet people that way who understand that life is short and worth living fully. I use Sex Search because I know I can connect with like-minded people to experience sexual bliss with on this site. Come and find me online and let's make art together.

FantasticSam 27, Washington

I know it's kind of cliché, but I really do work too much to have time for traditional dating. Even if I did, I'm not sure I'd want it. I've got my life together - good job, nice place, I take care of myself. I don't need anyone to complete me or complicate my life, but I know how to have fun. Casual sex is just as rewarding for me as a relationship may be for someone else, and I know that I can find the local casual sex hookups that I want on Sex Search. I've been a member for a while now and I've never felt more satisfied. The guys are hot, and the sex is even hotter. It's perfect!

Animal_in_bed 21, Memphis

I'm young and hot and all I want from my nightlife is smoking hot chicks in my bed. I feel like a kid in a candy shop on SexSearch because there are so many hot women online in my area and they are all just looking for a good time, just like me. I can have all the sex I want and never have to worry about feelings getting in the way or feeling like I have responsibilities to anyone but me. I'm so glad I found this site. There's no way I'm ever leaving!

Why Local Casual Sex Is The New Dating Norm

We live in a fast-paced world with so much to do and so little time to do it in. The more our culture speeds up, the more we become focused on pleasure, so it's only natural that local casual sex has become the new normal of dating. For many of us, the expectations of our romantic lives have shifted drastically in this changing world. Rather than desperately seeking potential long-term mates in every social sphere of our lives and always hoping to meet "The One," following some romantic cliché, we are taking our happiness into our own hands. What we really want is not some sentimental ideal, but sex. Local casual sex.

If you're looking for the best place online for local casual sex, you've found it. We know that people are shifting their dating focus to find more local casual sex hookups, because they're coming to us looking to do so. If you're interested in casual sex and long-term dating has never been your thing, then you're in luck, because more and more people are looking for the same! For more information, check out our article, "Adult Sex Sites: Why They Are The Best Place To Find Hookups" and other local sex tips and advice here.

Who Has The Time To Date? Why Local Casual Sex Is The New Dating Norm

No one has time to date anymore, so local casual sex has become the goal of sexually charged interaction. Work expectations have shifted and people focus more on fitness or/and personal growth - it seems every spare moment is spent either at your job, or developing yourself. If you have any free time left in your day, it is hard to feel compelled to spend it wasting time at the club, trying to pick someone up and build a relationship. The quickest, sexiest fix is to join Sex Search online and connect with hot singles for some local casual sex. When almost every spare moment you have is precious, local casual sex is the easiest fix for that your dating needs. When you use Sex Search you can even download our mobile app and optimize your time usage. Log in and browse our sexy singles from the convenience of your phone, any time you have a spare moment. In our ever more fast-paced culture, it is easier and easier to justify the desire for quick and casual hookups. Local casual sex is the most effective means of connecting in this 24-hour-a-day culture.

Our Independent Culture: Why Local Casual Sex Is The New Dating Norm

Our consumer culture means infinite choice in how to spend your money and also limitless means of self-expression. It's only natural that this kind of culture would encourage a deep valuing of independence. We are more independent and self-sufficient than we were 50 years ago. Not bound by so many social rules, we are free to make many of our own choices, and so many of us are choosing our own pleasure. Why force ourselves to squeeze into an expectation of our romantic lives that just doesn't fit? Many of us aren't into the once-normal standards of romance, of a monogamous, long-term pairing in which sex is not the main focus. Many of us are driven by a desire for casual and intense sexual contact with local strangers, where the only goal is our own pleasure and there are no additional responsibilities. For a culture that values little else above independence, casual sex is the perfect romantic goal. It's not about being a selfish lover - it's about living in the present and valuing pleasure and connection, but not having that limit independence with social expectations and responsibilities. You want your freedom and we get that. Join SexSearch and find thousands of other like-minded, independent singles looking for local casual sex, just like you.

Sexual Liberation: Why Local Casual Sex Is The New Dating Norm

For most of us, gone are the days of sex as taboo. Self-expression is priority and there is no cause to limit what we do with our own bodies. Decades ago any woman known to have had sex with a man before marriage would be socially disgraced as a slut and only time and faulty memories would liberate her from the stigma. Though in some places and cultures this still occurs, the majority of us has moved past this narrow-minded perspective and has come to embrace sexuality as a beautiful thing. Few people would shame a young man or woman for wanting and seeking out local casual sex today. In fact, thanks to the struggles of many for sexual liberation, local casual sex is now considered a normal and healthy sexual activity. In fact, the expectations have shifted so far that many even consider the old standard of waiting until after marriage to have one's first sexual experience as archaic and foolish. More and more of us now see the value in liberating our sexual desires and going for what we want, rather than what others think we should want. For millions of singles all over the world, that means hooking up online for some hot and sexy local casual sex. Sign up with Sex Search to connect with like-minded singles for some sexually liberated fun and forget about the should's of what you do with your time.

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We met online and figured online would be the best place to go to spice things up! We're totally in love, but also totally wild in bed. We like to get a little extra naughty from time to time and invite someone special to join us for some casual sex. It keeps our relationship healthy and exciting and we love it! We've been using Sex Search for all our threesome hookup fun, and we've never been happier. The women online are totally respectful of our commitment and know how to have a good time with us without making things complicated. And they're totally hot too! Connect with us if you think we could be a good time.


We're a bit of a wild couple. I love that he's so much younger than me because it means he's up for adventure! We're committed, but an open couple. I like casual sex and he likes to experience new sexual experiences. It works out well for us! We love meeting singles and other couples online on SexSearch. We've been connecting with so many good and adventurous people using this site and now I'm having the best sex of my life! I think Chris is enjoying himself too! ;) We're up for threesomes with women or men, or couples. If you're into us and we're into you, let's give it a try!

More Choice: Why Local Casual Sex Is The New Dating Norm

Once upon a time, our choice in sexual partners was limited to whomever we encountered naturally in our daily lives - or arranged by someone else - but thankfully this is no longer. Now whomever we get romantically involved with is our choice, as is what we choose to do with them. With so much choice and liberation, it is hard to convince ourselves to always shut out all choice to commit to one forever and always. Given this cultural commitment to independence and freedom to choose for ourselves, it seems only natural that more people would be choosing local casual sex as their preferred romantic connection. At Sex Search, we see our members liberated in their choices and more and more choosing local casual sex hookups. We encourage you to check out the members in your area and have fun making your selections. It's invigorating meeting new people you really click with so might as well make it a regular indulgence. Discover what you want and don't limit yourself. Get online and get out there and meet!

If Local Casual Sex Is Your New Dating Norm Join Sex Search

We welcome all types here on SexSearch, especially those just looking for casual sex with local singles or couples. If you're looking for something a bit more meaningful or long-term, we welcome you too! Our members are interested in all types of connections and all keep an open mind. There is someone for everyone, and often many people for everyone too. Our expectations for dating have changed, so why deny yourself what you really want? We know the best way to connect with someone right for you is online and that's why we've made the best adult dating site possible! If you aren't yet a member, give us a try. You can sign up and create your profile for free! Have a look around and browse our members. Sign up now and join the party! Also make sure to check out our safety guide here for "Sex With Locals: Safety Tips For Offline Online Dating Meetings."

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