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See Why Our Members Choose Us!

See Why Our Members Choose Us!
CherryColaKiss 19, Los Angeles

I'm an internet buff. I do everything online really, so I've been online dating for a while. I foundSex Search recently through one of my girlfriends and I've been hooked ever since. I'm a student and pretty dedicated to my studies but I like to have a good time when I'm taking study breaks and other guys in my program just aren't up to my standard. I want guys who aren't shy and who are eager enough that we don't have to play at innocent. We both know what we're after and we can just go for it!

Kristi123 22, Indianapolis

In my crowd, SexSearch is like facebook. Everyone has an account and everyone is always online. It's really fun to be able to share it with each other. My girlfriends and I like to send profile links to each other when we come across someone's type. I'm really into shorter, thicker guys with tattoos and one of my friends is totally hot for the thin, lanky, nerdy type - she likes to play the sexy dominatrix thing with them. So we are always finding guys for each other and it's tons of fun. It also makes it really easy to look out for each other's safety. I've never had a bad experience on Sex Search. I love this site!

DesertKnight69 27, San Diego

I like to have fun with life and I really try not to take things too seriously. I'm looking to meet women who are up for the same and who can show me a good time. I'm really up to local action, but I'm often picking up and moving across the state, just for a change of pace. It's really awesome that on Sex Search I can meet local singles, wherever my local happens to be.

Sweet_Sultry_Karen 32, Columbus

It's really hard for me to meet anyone at work and my friends are all starting to get married and retire to their homes, so clubs and bars don't really happen all that often anymore. I'm not really interested in settling down, like my friends, but I do want to have some fun with someone a bit wild. So I decided to start using SexSearch, and I love it! I was worried about being safe having casual sex with locals I meet online, but I always feel so safe on this site. Not to mention, I'm having the best sex of my life!

Sex With Locals: Safety Tips For Offline Online Dating Meetings

"It can sometimes seem a bit tricky to follow all the traditional online dating safety tips when you are meeting someone for a sex hookup, and even more tricky to follow traditional sex safety tips when you are having casual sex with multiple partners you meet online. This kind of dating is always more risky and requires much more trust. That doesn't mean that you should miss out on the wild fun you can have offline with online partners. It is important to be aware, however, that casual sex with locals you meet online is necessarily more risky than other sex interactions or casual meetings. That can be incredibly stimulating and exciting! It's also extremely risky. If you feel like taking that risk for yourself, then that's your choice. If you want to have all the fun without all the heavy potential consequences, then you can take these safety precautions. At Sex Search, we want you to have the safest and sexiest online dating experience possible, so we have prepared some safety tips for you to keep in mind. We also have several other articles and tips on local sex dating available to you here.

Background Check Your Partner

It may seem like a creepy idea to look up your potential future sex partner, but with all the Internet scams out there today, it is a good idea and the first step in protecting yourself. If you're intending to meet people in your area for sex with locals, it's a bit easier to verify this person is who they say they are. They should be able to make accurate local references and a history within the area. Do a quick "reverse image" check on google to see if you've been communicating with someone claiming the likeness of someone else. If it turns out your "Ashley" from down the street who teaches art to children is actually model Gisele Bundchen, but not really, then you should just move on. Everything about this person is now up for discrimination. If you are planning to meet them in person, they should be able to give you a name. When they do, check out if they have social media accounts and see if you know anyone they're connected with. If they want to keep things anonymous, move on. You don't need to take that risk. If you are concerned about dating scams, see our article "How To Have Real Sex Dates Online," to learn how to make sure your dates are real.

Communicate Before, During, And After

Many dating advice experts will tell you to ask your future sex partner questions like how many sex partners have you had, and have you been tested for STIs/STDs, and when, and how many sex partners do you currently have, etc. This is a bit difficult for casual sex with locals and online dating. Assuming most people you encounter online have active sex lives, you know the answers to these questions aren't going to be very reassuring, but you can get a bit of control back through ongoing communication. Discuss your intentions and your wants before you get together to make sure you're both on the same page (and to get to know each other a bit first before you launch into anything). If anything comes up of concern or ideas, communicate them to your partner. Make sure you have a way to contact this person after your encounter also, in case you need to make them aware of any health concerns, for example. On Sex Search, our members are very sex positive and responsible. You should not have to worry about scaring people away with your talk of safety."

Determine Boundaries

Though communication and "serious talk" can seem quite unsexy, it's an important precaution for your health and heart. Determine your boundaries both sexually and emotionally when planning for casual sex with locals online ahead of time. If this is to be casual local sex, then keep your heart out of it and know what is too far. Even if you are into some pretty kinky stuff, even you will have certain things you just don't like in bed. Make sure to discuss what you want ahead of time with your local sex buddy, and establish boundaries neither of you will cross. Without these precautions you can get into some fairly dangerous situations and totally spoil the fun for everyone.

Meet In Public, Locally, And Travel Separately

It's a bit challenging to keep all your interactions public when meeting up for casual sex with locals. If you decided to keep everything public, including your sex, you face a different risk - of getting caught by police. You can take that initial precaution though. For the first encounter, meet somewhere that's public and local so you are both familiar and therefore more in control of your safety. Make sure also to travel to this meeting point separately, so you have a separate mode of escape if needed. If you decide to change locations after meeting up, still travel separately to the new location. At least this first meeting verifies that they look how they are supposed to and you can use the public interaction to better determine if it would be safe to pursue the interaction.

Keep Personal ID Items Close

No one wants to think about their online romance turning into something as serious as identity theft (or abduction, or worse), but the sad truth is that it happens, and it's important to protect yourself against this possibility. When possible, try to keep all personal or monetary items close to you when on your date. Always take your purse, bag, or wallet with you when you leave a room and keep an eye on your belongings. If you feel like anything may be wrong, trust your instincts and don't hesitate to terminate the date. Don't be mistaken that just because you're having sex with locals that you don't have to have the same level of caution. You are always better safe than sorry when it comes to your safety.

Have A Safety Buddy

When you schedule your first (second, third, etc.) date, make sure to secure a safety buddy to check in with. Find someone you trust to communicate your whereabouts to and make sure to check in with them. This means letting them know where you are meeting, who you are meeting, and phone calling them at agreed upon times throughout the date to verify your safety. Your safety buddy should know to contact police or proper authorities if you miss your check-in points (by whatever agreed upon margin). Make sure that whoever you pick to verify your safety takes the task seriously and will actually take the proper actions if you go MIA.

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You may not think it to look at me, but I'm extremely awkward around women. My only chance at ever picking up women was with my buddy who would pose as my wingman. He was great at it, and I had no problem hooking up when he was helping me out. Well my buddy went and got married and had a kid so now he can't come out to the bars with me regularly and it became such a challenge for me to feel confident enough to do it on my own. Then I found out about this site SexSearch, and gave it a try and I'm finally getting dates again. It's so much easier to pick up a woman online than in the bar, and the quality of women online is so much better than at the bars. I wish I found this site sooner!


I'm just here to have fun and meet lots of sexy ladies. I like the convenience of Sex Search and there are so many cuties always online. Sometimes I just like to chat a bit, but I'm here because I know that if I want those chats to turn into more, all these girls are down for it. It's the best site out there for sure! I never knew it could be so easy to meet horny, beautiful women who are just as interested in casual sex as I am. Here there's no pressure to be looking for a girlfriend or a commitment. Everyone is casual and looking for a good time, just like me.

Use Protection

This safety tip should really go without saying, but you should always use protection in your sex with locals or any casual sex hookup - condoms, dental dams, birth control, etc., whatever your preferred method of protection, make sure to use it and use it properly. Women hooking up with men using condoms, don't rely on your partner to get the condoms. Make sure to bring condoms with you to any date you expect to have sex on, because he may not have planned this and it is easy to be convinced to go without when you're in the throes of passion. Casual sex with multiple partners puts you at greater risk for contracting an STI or STD.

Get Tested

Any new sex partner should be able to tell you if they have an STI or STD, but if they are particularly active having sex with locals, they may not even know the answer to this question. Even if they were tested a week ago, and they've since had sex with someone new, they will not be able to answer accurately. Know that you are entering into a risky situation no matter how much discussion you have. Take precautions when it comes to the actual act - wear protection - and know that it's okay to change your mind if you don't feel safe. Do make sure to get yourself tested between each new sexual partner if possible (before and after) so that you can be more responsible and so that if something does come up, it's easier to track down where it came from.

Avoid Intoxicants

It may seem like alcohol or drugs would be very suitable for alleviating any anxiety over first meetings, but remember that intoxicants will make you more vulnerable. As well as you believe you can hold yourself under the influence, you cannot be thinking about your safety or assessing the safety of situations accurately when you are intoxicated. Try to avoid intoxicants on your dates as best as you can. If you are going to have a drink or two, always get it yourself and keep watch on it. If you leave the room to go to the washroom, don't return to your drink. It is very easy to have your drink spiked with something harmful without your knowledge if you aren't keeping a watchful eye on it. Though this is unpleasant to think about, this sort of thing happens more often than it should. Don't let it happen to you.

Be Respectful

It may not seem like a safety tip to be respectful of yourself and your partner during your sex with locals hookups, but it should be considered your safety guiding principle. Respect your sex partners' boundaries and their desires and expect them to do the same for you and you can avoid risky or dangerous situations. Everyone is entitled to feel safe and respected, even if it may seem like it "ruins the mood" - safety is the most important. Choose sex partners that can respect your choice for safety and do the same.

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