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"I love meeting guys on SexSearch! Everyone is so fun here! Xoxo" - CuteandSexiS Knows The Top 5 Easiest Ways To Find Local Sex

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See Our Member Testimonials

See Our Member Testimonials
BrunetteJessicaRabbit 23, Rochester

I'm a busy lady. I work, go to school, volunteer, workout, and hang out with friends. I've got my all my days planned and scheduled and that's exactly how I like it. Obviously I know what I want and I know how to get it. I know I can get everything I need online with Sex Search. As a hot woman just interested in casual dating, sometimes I feel like I don't get to choose who I want to hook up with. I'm always bombarded with horny guys I just don't want. Online, it's different. I get to select who I want and hook up for the sex I want.

CombatCowgirl27 28, San Diego

I'm a bit of a party girl. I love getting out in the city as often as I can to meet new people and have a good time. Just can't stay home when there's fun to be had! Sometimes my girlfriends can't keep up with me though and I need a special date to keep me company. That's where SexSearch comes in. I can always find hot guys to take me out on this site. And if we've had a really good time out on the town, I love to take him home and have our own little party.

CupcakeSara 26, Seattle

Since I moved to this country from Russia two years ago, I have been having trouble meeting men I want to date. I tried all my regular social groups, language classes, cultural classes, new immigrants' meeting groups, but I wasn't meeting men who were wild enough for me or even interested in a date. I saw an ad for Sex Search. I decided to be a bit bad and check it out. I love all the men on this website! Sex Search has the sexiest men and they know what to do with a woman. I am not as sweet as I appear. I like to get naughty! Join me online and help me get naughty?

YourSmoothHercules 25, San Francisco

I was so tired of the club scene. Every time I go out it feels like the same old twinks are at all the clubs. It's hard to meet anyone new, going to the same places. Gay dating can be a challenge if you're not online. Fortunately, one of the guys I connected with at a bar told me about SexSearch and I decided to check it out. I'm so glad I did too. I'm finally meeting new guys in my area and they are smoking hot!

The Top 5 Easiest Ways To Find Local Sex

"The best place to find local sex is online - hands down. If you want to know why, here is some background reading for you. If you are unfamiliar with the advantages of online dating, the short of it is, local sex sites allow you the choice and flexibility in your dating life that you can't find elsewhere. So sign up for Sex Search and get hooked up online. That is easy enough, but once you're online, then what? There are good ways to hook up online and then there are the best ways to hook up online. We know you have limited spare time so you want to know the easiest ways to find local sex fast. That's why we've provided you five of the top tips to find local sex online tonight. For more advice on hooking up for local sex, check out "4 Easy Ways To Find Sexy Singles On Sexy Sites."

#1 Easiest Way To Find Local Sex: Have An Awesome Dating Profile

It is the simplest first step, and completely within your power. It goes without saying that the more attractive you make yourself online, the more success you will have in attracting others to you, but it is the most neglected aspect of online daters' approach to dating. Develop your profile in a few strategic ways and you can more than double your chances of success. What does this look like? Use the available features, and make your profile read as thoroughly as possible without being overwhelming or appearing like a biography. Keep the tone light but not overly trivial. Flirty but not overly suggestive should entice your audience and help you find local sex. Make sure also to have as many pictures uploaded as you can. If you can tease with suggestion rather than aggressively explicit photos, you are more likely to have broader reaching success in achieving hookups. There are many people who are turned on by the shock value of brazenly exposed and explicit content, but also many that would find that sort of display off-putting. More of our members on Sex Search seem to be intrigued by a bit of seductive play. Think strategically placed tube socks and intense gazing.

Of course, if your profile is lacking, you can build attraction through your individual interactions with other members, but you will have more work ahead of you to make up for the bad first impression your lackluster profile makes. For tips on creating a great profile check out "Get A Free Local Sex Ad To Enhance Your Sex Life Fast.""

#2 Easiest Way To Find Local Sex: Be Open To Rejection

It may seem counter-intuitive to say you increase your chances to find local sex by being open to rejection, but it's true. When you are open to rejection, you are more likely to take risks that may pay off, and more adaptable to move on if you do face rejection. You don't want to be that guy that has to make a big deal over ever rejection, pleading for another chance, bargaining, and trying to convince her that she's made a mistake in not wanting you. And you don't want to be the gal that decides you're worthless and unlovable and might as well give up just because of a simple rejection. Neither is attractive, and neither will mean you get laid with hot local singles. Be open to the process and have fun. If someone you want doesn't want you, don't push it. There will be others that are perfectly eager to have hot local sex with you. Taking too much from a rejection is the surest way to sabotage yourself. Pick yourself up, and move on to the next hottie. At SexSearch you'll always have another option and opportunity to meet new singles every day.

#3 Easiest Way To Find Local Sex: Use All The Site Features

One of the easiest ways to increase your chance to find local sex is to connect with more local singles. This means you should be utilizing more of the opportunities you have available to you for meeting members online. On Sex Search, we have designed our site with lots of features to help make us your sexiest online dating experience, without struggle or frustration. More features also mean more opportunities to connect. If you're looking to meet someone into something sexually specific, you are more likely to find them while publicly engaging on the topic - i.e., through message boards. You also have the opportunity to connect with people under extremely arousing circumstances, which is likely to increase their attraction to you and overall receptiveness. Not only this, but members who are clearly acquainted with the site and obviously participating fully in all the features we offer you will appear more engaging, lively, and desirable to other members. Think of it as sort of the wallflower versus popular kid dynamic. Unless you've got a domination thing going on, you're less likely to be intrigued by the introverted match than the enthusiastic, participating match. Even if you are into the more introverted, you're less likely to spot them online if they aren't active. This goes for your own activity. Get out there and get seen to find local sex hookups to blow your mind.

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I'm recently divorced and looking for a bit of distraction in the form of beautiful women. After the divorce I was feeling pretty broken. Wasn't getting out or doing anything. Things seemed pretty bleak. My friends dragged me out to a bar with them one night and I started hitting it off with the hot bartender. It made me feel excited about life again to flirt like that with a stranger. I decided that was exactly the medicine I needed so I asked around for the best adult dating site and that's how I started on SexSearch. I'm just here for fun, not anything serious, but maybe we could have a little fun together. Send me a message if you like what you see, and I'll make you glad you did.


I've never been the type to want to settle down. I've always been pretty casual in my relationships. Somehow I got stuck in a long-term relationship I didn't want that went totally sour. The sex was bad, and I hated feeling tied down to someone who wasn't interested in having a good time. I'm finally out of it and looking to be me again - handcuffs, whips, casual sex and all. I'm here for a good time and looking for guys that are up for the same. I'm always online, so message me anytime.

#4 Easiest Way To Find Local Sex: Be Selective But Not Too Choosy

There is a theory to dating and hooking up that says the more hooks you've got out in the water, the more fish you will bait. So many online daters decide not to focus on one or a few connections at a time, but to connect with as many members at a time as they can, hoping at least one will yield success. This will work to a certain extent, but it's likely not your best approach. This approach decreases quality of connections and really detracts from the intensity of your hookups - the effort of hooking up spread so thinly across so many singles means little energy goes into the build up to make your hookups explosive. Instead, you might find better results if you limit your efforts to a few matches at a time and really build on the connection and anticipation. You'll find, overall, you expend less energy with better chances of success and better results. That said - don't focus all of your energy on one potential match if you are looking to find local sex rather than a relationship.

#5 Easiest Way To Find Local Sex: Be Naughty But Nice

A lot of online daters find it difficult to know how to approach people online for casual sex. Many mistakenly think that because Sex Search is an adult dating site, they need to be as aggressively sexual as possible. This is not always the case, and, as mentioned above, because some members may be put off by this aggressive sexuality, it is best to strike a balance between naughty and nice. You don't want to be too much of an asshole and you definitely don't want to be too sweet, especially for the men. Think flirtatiously aloof. Everyone wants to feel wanted, but too much sweetness and affection will make anyone suspicious of your intentions and sincerity. Too aggressive, sexual, or sarcastic and it takes all the fun of the chase out of it. It's hard to find local sex fast if you aren't taking the right approach to your online dating connections. Make the most of your time online and put a little care into your hookups, and you're guaranteed to find local sex the way you want it. For more advice, check out "Seduce Sexy Locals Online With These 10 Tips."

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