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"I tried dating guys from the club and the bars, but it wasn't until I tried SexSearch that I really started to love being single!" - Your_Candy_Grrl

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See Why Our Members Are All About Local Sex Sites

See Why Our Members Are All About Local Sex Sites
SweetNSexySara 22, Aurora

You're only young for a while right? I figure I'm going to take advantage of my sexual freedom while I can. I don't want any commitments, just fun. I love Sex Search because it's so fun and easy. It's definitely the dating site of choice in my area so I never have trouble finding hot guys nearby to hook up with. I still like to hit up the clubs with my girlfriends on Friday nights, but when I'm looking to hook up for some no strings attached sex, I'm going online. Meet me there? ;)

MagicMaven1 19, Boston

I'm an Arts student working as a waitress. Between art projects, exams, work, and my modeling side project, I don't have a lot of time to meet people or date, but I love the freedom I have with online dating. I don't have to invest too much, but the pay-off is huge! It's always been pretty easy for me to find a date, but on this site I can find local sex buddies within minutes of logging in! It's definitely a nice feeling to be so wanted, but I also love that I can just focus on my pleasure whenever I need.

Sunsets_and_silksheets 34, Chicago

I'm addicted to traveling. Thank God my job takes me all over the world regularly. I get bored staying in one place for too long and there's so much to see in the world, so why stay home? Of course all my traveling used to make it really hard to date. I mean, I meet women everywhere I go, but sometimes I just don't have enough time in one place to be able to build enough connection before we hook up. Enter Sex Search and the answer to all my problems! With SexSearch I can meet local singles wherever my local is. So I can be connecting online with hotties across the globe and then be there a week later and hooking up or enjoying a romantic date because we've already made that connection. This is without a doubt my favorite site.

Blue_eyes4u 31, Garden Grove

I'm a simple to please guy. I like good company, good eats, good drinks, and a bit of sunshine. I want a girl who I can be casual with. Take her out, show her a good time, but also just be able to have her over to my place for some videogames and closeness. When it's time to get down she knows how to throw. I'm looking for easy times with wild sexiness. We don't have to mean anything to each other, just enjoy the ride.

Top 10 Reasons Why Local Sex Sites Are Your Best Adult Dating Option

The dating world is changing fast. These days, local casual sex is the new dating norm, and every one you know and their sister is dating online. It seems a natural cultural evolution. You shop online, bank online, and maintain friendships online, etc., because of the convenience and independence. In many cases, if you aren't participating online, you get left out. Think of how many event invitations you would miss out on if you weren't online using social media. Or imagine buying concert tickets offline for a really popular band (that just happens to be your favorite). If you aren't online you miss out, so why wouldn't you date online? Adult dating sites are the best places to meet singles online, and if you're looking simply for local sex hookups, local sex sites are your best online option. Read on for the top 10 reasons why! Also check out "How To Recognize Real Dating Sites For Sex" for more advice on using local sex sites.

Reason #1 Why Local Sex Sites Are Your Best Adult Dating Option: CONVENIENCE

The number one reason why singles turn to adult dating sites to help their dating lives is because of the convenience of online dating. With local sex sites you get everything you want, all in one place and you don't have to waste time searching for what you need. With so many priorities and responsibilities and so little time for everything, for many, convenience is a treasured gift. On Sex Search, we hear from so many of our members that they just don't have time for traditional dating. They don't have time to go out and try to meet someone new, and they don't have time to maintain a long-term, committed relationship with someone either. Sex Search is perfect for our members because, with so many like-minded singles online in their area, it's exceptionally the most convenient way for them to connect online and hook up the way they want. If you haven't yet discovered the fun and convenience of SexSearch, sign up today to find convenient and sexy connections to hot local singles.

Reason #2 Why Local Sex Sites Are Your Best Adult Dating Option: MORE CHOICE

One of the best arguments for online dating is the amount of choice in partner you get when connecting online. Where else can you have access to thousands of hot local singles of your choosing available and willing for free local sex? The answer is nowhere else but local sex sites. Do you remember what it felt like to be a kid in a candy shop? Well, online dating with Sex Search is just as thrilling, but all grown up and naughty. Online, you get to browse through hundreds or thousands of local singles, check them out, see what they're about, and reach out to them, all from the comfort of your home. When you don't feel like you have to settle for the very few options immediately in front of you, then you can make better choices and hook up with hotter, more adventurous singles. Have your pick of the litter every time with SexSearch.

Reason #3 Why Local Sex Sites Are Your Best Adult Dating Option: COST SAVINGS

Admittedly, there are some very expensive sex dating sites, and those are best avoided for several reasons. There are a few very good and inexpensive sex dating site options though, like free local sex sites including Sex Search. At Sex Search, we give you the option of a free, limited membership. Sign up is free for everyone! We also give you a few options for more engaging paid memberships with tons of fun features and still at a low cost rate. Dating in bars and clubs can get to be very expensive with club admission and drinks costing you a handful every time you want to go out. It is a far cheaper option to meet local singles online for a small optional fee in a venue in which everyone you encounter is available, local, and looking for exactly what you are looking for. It doesn't take a math whiz to work out those savings.

Reason #4 Why Local Sex Sites Are Your Best Adult Dating Option: EMPHASIS ON HOOKUPS NOT PROFILE BUILDING

There are several differences between the default online dating site and adult dating sites, and if you are interested in online dating, you should know these differences. The first difference you will notice is where the makers put the emphasis of importance for your online dating experience. On Sex Search, we hear every day from our members about how refreshing it is to finally see an adult dating site that doesn't insist they waste time filling out dozens and dozens of intrusive, personal questions. On SexSearch, we get right to the point: making online connections.

Reason #5 Why Local Sex Sites Are Your Best Adult Dating Option: DATE COMPATIBILITY

On local sex sites all the members are looking for connections similar to what you're looking for. With other dating sites, it can be awkward finding the kind of dating encounter you're really looking for. You may only find matches looking for long-term relationships when you're looking for casual sex fun. Or maybe members claiming to be open to casual sex encounters don't really want it. With local sex sites like Sex Search, you don't have to worry about these awkward encounters. Dates on Sex Search are more compatible with what you seek. Even if you're not into niche dating or your preferences aren't so unusual or specific, you will have more compatibility with matches you meet on sex dating sites if you are looking for free local sex. Why not make your dating life easier and more rewarding?

Reason #6 Why Local Sex Sites Are Your Best Adult Dating Option: SEXY FUN

If you're not dating online on local sex sites, you're missing out on some unique, sexy fun. On SexSearch, we seek to make your online dating experience the fun, sexy adventure it should be. Local sex sites tend to have a few more PG-13 to R rated features, as well as more freedom to upload explicit content to your profile. For these reasons, local sex sites like Sex Search tend to be way more fun than the other regular online dating sites. The experience is geared towards making connections so you get laid, so the best adult dating sites will seek to provide an arousing, erotic user experience. You won't get these fun erotic features elsewhere, and even picking up singles in a club can't compare to the sexy environment you get with us online.

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Sometimes all a girl wants is sex. Usually that's all I want. I'm always on Sex Search because it's the easiest way for me to meet the kind of men I want, the kind that know how to hold me down and make me beg for it. I'm so sick of club hookups. Those guys are always too young, timid, and inexperienced. I like real men. If you think you can handle me (and I do want you to handle me) come find me online.


I'm from a small town, so I've never really felt like I had a lot of dating options until I moved to the city. But city life moves so fast, it's so hard to connect with anyone. I was so used to just picking people up on the street in my old town. There everyone knew each other so they were more receptive, but also everyone knew each other so your options ran out pretty fast. A friend suggested online dating to cure my city loneliness, so I tried SexSearch and dang! I wish I'd been using this in my hometown. It's so easy to connect with horny local girls and get laid. Best decision I ever made.

Reason #7 Why Local Sex Sites Are Your Best Adult Dating Option: WELCOMING COMMUNITY

One of the unexpected benefits of trying your luck with adult dating online with local sex sites is the sense of community you develop. You're meeting tons of people online that are into the same things you're into, and you all want similar things. Even if you aren't hooking up with every one you chat with, you are still making connections. These members can start to feel like a welcoming community of people just like you. Others in your daily life might not understand why you don't date the way old standards used to dictate you should, but not on SexSearch. Here, all our members get it, and there's no judgment. Join now and find your like-minded community of horny singles!

Reason #8 Why Local Sex Sites Are Your Best Adult Dating Option: YOU'RE GUARANTEED TO MEET SOMEONE

If you're using a decent adult sex dating site, any paid membership should come with a money-back guarantee if you do not have a successful experience. Local sex sites should have no challenge making this guarantee if they are really providing the service they claim to. So you'll find that with Sex Search, we guarantee you get laid within the first three months of your purchased membership, or we'll give you the next three months free. With a guaranteed success, it's easy to feel confident in your chances online. Meeting dates in bars or clubs or through friends definitely doesn't come with the same guarantee. There's little to lose so take your chances.

Reason #9 Why Local Sex Sites Are Your Best Adult Dating Option: EGO BOOST

It may seem shallow, but online dating on local sex sites is often the ego boost that singles need. It's sometimes easy to feel lost in the crowd and unattractive when you're single and looking without much success. Online, even if you aren't connecting with handfuls of people at once, you're likely still getting some flattering attention. Making a sale for yourself online while creating your profile is often enough to jog your memory as to why you're special and desirable, and the attention you will receive online is a nice confirmation. It's harder to get this kind of validation offline, so flatter yourself a bit and get laid too with Sex Search.

Reason #10 Why Local Sex Sites Are Your Best Adult Dating Option: EASIEST ACCESS TO CASUAL SEX (Besides Your Downtown Street Corner)

It couldn't possibly be easier to find casual sex with local singles than on local sex sites - adult dating sites designed to do just this. The only faster route to casual sex with local strangers is to pay the local prostitute to pay your bedroom a visit, and that's only true for some. Since this isn't everyone's preference, it seems that local sex sites are definitely the easiest access to casual sex. We know you'd rather your dating challenge come from the flirty tease you're chatting up, or trying to schedule more dates than weekdays into your week, instead of simply finding willing singles to chat with. That's why Sex Search is your best adult dating option. Join us today!

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