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We love visiting new cities and new countries. Sure, the food and culture and history is great. But you know what's even better? The local sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses! In fact, we firmly believe that the best way to really get to know a city is to hit up a local sex club or sex party. These events are not only a great way to meet new people, but you really get a sense of what that particular city is all about. Plus you can burn some calories while you're at it! This is the only time we want to be burnin calories when we're traveling. And whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you can always squeeze in an evening visit to a top rated sex club, sex party, or bathhouse! Not much of a traveler? That's okay! You can still check out our directory because who knows, maybe we profiled your hometown and there are some kinky, sultry clubs you can visit without having to travel far!

Evolution Of The Sex Club Scene


The start of the sex club scene varies in each country, as it truly depends on when each country was settled and cities started popping up. However, each country definitely follows a basic pattern for how sex clubs started to form. In each country, the first sex clubs were often found in local pubs and bars. That is because men and women were spending time there anyway. Pubs and bars were the local hangouts and sometimes the only place in town with the money to burn candles or have electricity (depending on the time period), so if people didn't want to sit at home in the dark they would go to a pub! And when you have a bunch of people hanging out in one spot and you add alcohol to the mix, the inevitable is bound to happen. And that is sex, of course! Another common factor across the US, UK and Canada for the growth of sex clubs is following the building of the railways and factories. Whenever a new factory or railway stop was put up, chances are a sex club would soon follow!

Worldwide Sex Clubs, Sex Parties, Bathhouses: Directory


We here at SexSearch love traveling and exploring new cities and countries. With each new city we explore, we also carefully document all of the best sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses. This directory focuses on three great countries: the US, the UK, and Canada. Now, each of these countries has hundreds of cities. We are diligently working on visiting as many as possible. However, in the meantime our directory includes all of the major cities in each country.

The Best US Sex Clubs

Now, it may be debatable if the US is the greatest country in the world. However, we are pretty certain that nobody is going to debate how great the sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses are. With a country as large as the US, it is bound to have tens of thousands of cities. And where there are that many cities, there are even more people. And what do those people want to do in their spare time? Get it on at sex clubs, of course! Okay, maybe they like to do other things too but we're pretty sure that nobody in their right mind would pass up some fun at a local sex club. We would love to profile every city in the US and believe us, we are working on it! We have, however, managed to profile 21 great American cities. Each one is different from the others so if you are able, you should try to visit each city.

Notable US Sex Clubs: The Den Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia; Boston's Adult Society in Boston, Massachusetts; Snuggle Sanctuary at the Womb in Charlotte, North Carolina; The Naughty Little Cabaret in Chicago, Illinois; Club Escape in Cleveland, Ohio; Colette Dallas in Dallas, Texas; ONYX Club in Houston, Texas; The Gold Club in Jacksonville, Florida; Green Door in Las Vegas, Nevada; Club JOI in Los Angeles, California; Club Hedonism in Miami, Florida; Menages in Nashville, Tennessee; Saints and Sinners in New Jersey; Paddles in NYC, New York; Dancers Royale in Orlando, Florida; Casa Diablo in Portland, Oregon; Crave in San Diego, California; Little Darlings in Seattle, Washington; The Pink Slip in St Louis, Missouri; Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa, Florida; The House in Washington DC.

Notable US Sex Parties: Luxuria in Atlanta, Georgia; Attleboro Sex Parties in Boston, Massachusetts; Cabaret in Charlotte, North Carolina; Lucky Horseshoe Lounge in Chicago, Illinois; Club Eros in Cleveland, Ohio; The Velvet Curtain Social Club in Dallas, Texas; Chicas Locas in Houston, Texas; Secrets Florida in Jacksonville, Florida; Couples Oasis in Las Vegas, Nevada; Skirt Club in Los Angeles, California; Miami Velvet in Miami, Florida; The Social Club in Nashville, Tennessee; Erotic Cafe in New Jersey; Bowery Bliss in NYC, New York; Le Palace Orlando in Orlando, Florida; Club Rouge Portland in Portland, Oregon; Thad's in San Diego, California; Dancing Bare in Seattle, Washington; PT's Centreville in St Louis, Missouri; Tampa Dungeon in Tampa, Florida; Royale Palace in Washington DC.

Notable US Bathhouses: Manifest4U in Atlanta, Georgia; Choi's Health Spa in Boston, Massachusetts; Qi Clay Spa in Charlotte, North Carolina; Steamworks Chicago in Chicago, Illinois; Flex Spas in Cleveland, Ohio; Club Dallas in Dallas, Texas; Club Houston in Houston, Texas; Club Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Florida; Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas, Nevada; Roman Holiday in Los Angeles, California; Club Aqua Miami in Miami, Florida; The Scarlett Club in Nashville, Tennessee; Sansom Steet Gym in New Jersey; West Side Club in NYC, New York; Club Orlando in Orlando, Florida; Hawks PDX in Portland, Oregon; Club San Diego in San Diego, California; Steamworks Seattle in Seattle, Washington; Bottoms Up in St Louis, Missouri; The Tampa Men's Club in Tampa, Florida; Crew Club in Washington DC.

You can see the main US Directory page right here or you can check out the individual city pages! There are a lot so get comfy!

The Best UK Sex Clubs

The UK has way more going for it than a bunch of castles and the royal family! In fact, what we love even more than the history and sexy accents is the incredible variety of sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses. You may be as surprised as we were; after all, much of the UK seems very posh and old fashioned at times. But we like to think that the more uptight people appear on the surface, the kinkier they are behind the scenes! That is likely exactly how the UK got its incredibly kinky sex scene, now that we think about it!

Notable UK Sex Clubs: Boltz Club in Birmingham; Partners Swingers Club in Blackpool; Concorde 2 in Brighton; Dare To Swing in Bristol; For Your Eyes Only in Cardiff; The Bongo Club in Edinburgh; CJ's at the Townhouse in Glasgow; Quest in Leeds; X In The City in Liverpool; The Mayfair Club in London; Adam And Eve's Club in Manchester; Xtasia in Nottingham; Le Chambre in Sheffield; UKFornication in Wales.

Notable UK Sex Parties: Rocket Club in Birmingham; Infusion in Blackpool; Club Naughtiness in Brighton; Urban Tiger in Bristol; Fantasy Lounge in Cardiff; The Western Bar in Edinburgh; The Shoebox in Glasgow; Cupid's Health Club in Leeds; Tease in Liverpool; Stringfellows in London; Killing Kittens in Manchester; Adult House Parties in Nottingham; CumUnion in Sheffield; Playhouse Gentlemen' Club in Wales.

Notable UK Bathhouses: The Greenhouse Sauna in Birmingham; Aqua Saunas in Blackpool; TBS2 in Brighton; Bristol Gardens Health Spa in Bristol; Village Sauna in Cardiff; No. Eighteen in Edinburgh; The Pipeworks in Glasgow; Steam Complex in Leeds; Splash Sauna in Liverpool; Swingers Retreat in London; Decadence in Manchester; CS2 in Nottingham; The boiler Room Sauna in Sheffield; Eagle 50 in Wales.

To learn more about UK sex clubs, check out the UK homepage right here. You can also view each individual city page via the links below. We profiled the very best UK cities for you!

The Best Canada Sex Clubs

Oh Canada! There is so much to love about this country, like maple syrup, Celine Dion, and the incredible sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses! Canada is an incredibly large country, however much of it is uninhabited because it is just way too cold. So despite the size, Canada actually has a smaller population and city count than the US. But what Canada lacks in population it makes up for with a super unique variety of sex clubs and sex parties that you absolutely must visit! We like to think that because it gets so cold in the winter, Canadians need something to do to keep them warm. Sex is the perfect solution, don't you think? There's no better way to stay warm in the winter!

Notable Canada Sex Parties: Calgary Adult Playground Club in Calgary, Alberta; Edmonton O Society in Edmonton, Alberta; The X Club in Mississauga, Ontario; Chez Louis Inernational in Montreal, Quebec; Ottawa Knights in Ottawa, Ontario; Wicked in Toronto, Ontario; The Bon Bon Club in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Notable Canada Sex Parties: Club Rendevous in Calgary, Alberta; Pinky's Show Palace in Edmonton, Alberta; Abstract Couples Club in Mississauga, Ontario; Club Fetish in Montreal, Quebec; The Play Mate in Ottawa, Ontario; Comfort Zone in Toronto, Ontario; Sin City Fetish Night in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Notable Canada Bathhouses: Goliath's in Calgary, Alberta; Steamworks Edmonton in Edmonton, Alberta; Central Spa Hamilton in Mississauga, Ontario; Sauna Oasis in Montreal, Quebec; Central Spa in Ottawa, Ontario; Oasis Aqua Lounge in Toronto, Ontario; F212 Steam in Vancouver, British Columbia.

To get even more insight to Canada and all the sexy clubs that this fine country has to offer, you can check out the full country page right here. To get a better insight on each individual city, check out the links below!

SexSearchCom Highlights The Very Best Sex Clubs, Sex Parties, & Bathhouses In The US, UK, And Canada!


And there you have it! We hope that these extensive lists have inspired you to start exploring one (or all!) of these incredible countries. Or maybe you've explored one of these countries a little bit but you want to go back. Hopefully we listed a sex club or party that you hadn't heard of before, which is the perfect excuse to go back to a city you've visited before! We love exploring the US because it's in our backyard and there are so many different regions, from the south to the midwest to the pacific north west. We love exploring Canada because it is so vast and there are so many unique cities like Alberta and BC. Lastly, we love exploring the UK because of all the incredible history that the country has. Of course travelling is expensive but we like to think that these worldwide sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses are totally worth the expense. After all, it will make your trip absolutely unforgettable! Now, before we go, we'd like to leave you with some important links as a recap:

The Best Sex Clubs and More in The World

We love visiting new cities and new countries like the US, UK, and Canada. Check out the SexSearch list of sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses!

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