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If you want to try sex games for the first time but don't know where to start, use our SexSearch directory to find the kinds of sites that would suit your needs. The SexSearch Online Sex Games Directory has been compiled in order to help you to determine which kinds of sites you should focus on in order to really get the most out of your experience.

What Are The Hallmarks Of A Sex Game, Then?


Anyone with access to a computer can play an online game, from babies to old folk. Your game will load in what is called a "browser" which will appear in the screen part of your home computer system. Pressing different buttons will have different effects on what happens in your "browser" -- try it! A sex game that is played online is an online game that revolves around sex, or has sexual undertones.

Who Uses Sex Games In That Case?


We mention babies and old people in the last paragraph; by and large, these are not the people who will be using sex games. Sex games tend to be used by people who are either sexually active, but perhaps a litte inept at real sex, such as teenagers, or middle aged people who, while possible expert at sex, might be a little disadvantaged when it comes to finding willing participants. In summary, anyone who likes sex and games and thinks they go well together might be a user of sex games, and the use of sex games does not in any way disqualify users from being encouraged, or at least allowed, to pass on their genes.

Sexually Active People

Online sex games are developed by manufacturers in order to fulfil a niche, or hole, left in society by various socio economic factors, such as awkwardness around the opposite sex, or indeed the same sex; isolation due to poor public transportation or financial concerns; mental retardation; physical disability; or other social ills. The subsection of these people who might benefit from a protracted or even short term use of sex games would be the sexually active ones -- i.e., the ones who like sex.

People Who Have Tried, And Liked, Games

Do you like games? At some point in our lives, many of us have tried games. Who doesn't enjoy a game of Scrabble, Boggle, or even Hungry Hippos? When all is said and done, the games people play on their home computer can be just as absorbing as a real game, such as Chess, Checkers, or Lacrosse. If you have ever felt yourself wandering towards thoughts of games, and you fall into the category of peole who like sex, then it might be time for you to start considering sex games.

People Who Are Open To Trying New Experiences

So, we have a basic understanding that enjoying sex games requires two components: liking sex, and liking games. We are on our way to understanding more, now. If you do not like sex, or games, or new experiences, then you may want to try being made of stone; chances are, you have already succeeded. If, on the other hand, you like at least one of these three things, then it is possible that sex games may still be for you; let us try and eliminate you in the next paragraph.

18 Year Old People And Over

Are you the legal age in your state, region, or province? If you are, then congratulations, it looks like you may be going to play sex games after all. If not, however, then you must stop reading this right away since it is not for you or your fledgling peers -- away to school with you. It is the law that underage people be not exposed to sexual impropriety, or suggestion, and do not engage in sexual activity, or read or watch pornographic material.

What Sex Games Can I Enjoy?


You can try to enjoy most sex games, although the majority will no doubt be unpalatable to most people. Some of the sex games that exist are borderline illegal, such as those depicting cartoon characters (not only are these games unlicensed, the characters are sometimes underage); in other cases, the depictions of some acts may be unappealing to some tastes. whatever the case, there is usually something for most people who have ascertained that they like the idea of sex games. A simple photo puzzle may be the best way to go. But now let us take a closer look at the kinds of sex games that some people like to play.

General Sex Games

General sex games are those sex games that one sees generally on the internet. They are not particularly one thing or another, just loose collections of games that have no real direction or purpose, and they can cover flash games, free games, premium games, and so on. We will go into each of these a little more below. General sex games follow a pattern of being vanilla, so we could just call these "vanilla sex games," but we won't.

Flash Sex Games: The phrase "Flash game" was coined in 1802 By Lord Urquahart Flash, Third Earl Of McKnoodle... No it wasn't. Flash games are online games developed for use with Adobe Flash. Pretty much every game that came out from the late 90s onwards used flash. They are also pretty annoying and can either crash browsers or just won't load. Rumor has it that flash is being phased out, but that may just be wishful thinking.

Free Sex Games: Free sex games do what they say on the tin, in that they consist of sex games that cost nothing to play. A lot of games are totally free, and they are usually distributed to drum up interest in a studio's other games, or to hawk ads to players; other so called free games include limited demos and freemium games, that you can play for a while before buying.

Premium Sex Games: Premium sex games are much like free sex games, except that they are not free. Keeping up so far? They are not necessarily any better than free games, they just get away with charging people to play them. The idea behind premium games is that you get a better quality of game -- better build, better animation, and so on. In some cases this is true. In others, you can get the same quality in a free game if you don't mind sifting through mountains of pure garbage.

Interactive Sex Games: If you like the idea of connecting with another real life person through a sex game, then this is the way to go. Instant chat brings you closer to the other person as you interact with other inside the online game itself. This is a great way to have virtual sex with a virtual stranger -- and why not?

VR Sex Games: Grab your virtual reality headset and follow your online VR sex game into a world in which you can see and hear the things around you in 360 degrees of interactive wonder. A VR sex game places you right in this virtual world and lets you either watch or interact with a computer avatar, often equipped with either AI or a script. Follow their lead, or change the scenario yourself, as you navigate the VR controls with one hand. These games are often premium, so expect to shell out a few quid.

3D Sex Games: 3D games look like they have depth, and the best way to think of this is to go and open Google Maps. Go ahead, open it up. You will see that there is a 2D setting and a 3d setting on the map, which allows to view a flat map that shows length and breadth -- 2 dimensions, and then a 3D version that seems to pop out at you. The 3D version shows length and breadth, but also depth -- a third dimension. 3D games, then, are ones where the graphics seem to pop out at you.

Mobile Sex Games: Three guesses what mobile sex games are. That's right, they are sex games you can play on your phone or tablet. Usually they are played as a downloadable app that you buy, e.g., through Google Play Store, or, less often, through your browser.

Get Your Looking Gear Round These Beauties: GENERAL SEX GAMES

Niche Sex Games:

Now let us take a look at a sex game genre of another stripe: the common or garden niche sex game. What makes niche sex games niche sex games? Well, simply put, they are not everyone's cup of tea. Niche games are different from your average vanilla mainstream games. All the weird and wonderful games you may find below are covered by the umbrella term of niche sex games.

Sex Simulator Games: Sex simulators are basically fairly large sandbox games that simulate real life, such as the classic game, The Sims. Sex is what these naughty little avatars want, though, rather than careers and food and stuff. From humans to animals to all sorts of weird permutations thereof, you will find a host of virtual people in sex sims (simulators) looking for a good time with each other. Make it so!

Meet N Fuck Games: Without the aimlessness of sex simulations, meet n fuck games have the player focus all their powers on getting the characters in the game to have sexual relations with each other. It's not the most pleasant premise, but a lot of people get off on watching that sort of things; William Burroughs would have approved. Walk around in the simulator and have sex with something, anything, everything. Rinse. Repeat.

Hentai Sex Games: These are weird games that bring sex places it maybe shouldn't be brought. "Hentai" is foreign for "perverted sexual lust". Nowadays the term is mostly applied to Japanese cartoons that have sex in them. Hentai sex games can take a lot of forms that some might find... unnatural. Tentacle sex is a big deal in hentai, as are forced sex and pretty much anything to do with schoolgirls, because Japan. If any of the above floats your boat, try hentai sex games -- just don't try to buy me a pint.

Cartoon Sex Games: Welcome to sex games that revolve around famous cartoon characters you may recognize from the television. If you like The Flintstones, Top Cat, Betty Boop, Donald Duck, The Real Ghostbusters, Batfink, The Simpsons, American Dad, Family Guy, Futurama, or Wacky Races, then you will know what cartoons are. Now imagine them with extra sex! Looks great, right? Right?? Cartoon sex games are very in right now, so we chose the best ones to showcase.

Dress Up Sex Games: Dress up sex games are great for recovering stroke victims, or anyone else trying to improve their hand-eye coordination. The level of gameplay ranges from not complex, to slightly less complex, to puzzlingly simple, and back again. Cover a naked body with clothes. Uncover it again. Repeat the process, but with different clothes. Do it again, but with a different body. It's just like being a paramedic, except you won't be laced with fentanyl and covered with puke and blood by the end of the day. Probably.

Pokemon Sex Games: If you have never seen a Pokemon before, that is because they are technically not real. Pokemon is at one and the same time an animal, or being, (ostensibly a monster), and a game, and a TV show. The main character is called Ash, and he is a child. Let's let that sink in for a minute. If you really want to know what happens in Pokemon sex games, go look it up.

Adult Casino Sex Games: sex casinos feature all the games you might expect, including, but not limited to 21, blackjack, cribbage, poker, go fish, craps, roulette, crazy eights, slots, all of which can win real money, and all of them accompanied by sexy stripping people stripping sexily for your edification and refreshment.

Time To Find Out Who's Naughty And Niche: NICHE SEX GAMES

LGBT Sex Games:

Gay it up with these fabulous LGBT sex games. Do we really need to explain what queer sex games are? They're exactly the same as straight sex games, except with more... oomph. More razzmatazz. More cocks in bums and scissoring, and so on. You know the drill. Here you will find a few descriptions of various sub genres of LGBT sex games.

Lesbian Sex Games: Lez it up with some corn-grindingly good sex games packed with girl on girl action that will get you wet and horny. Grab your favorite sex toy, break out the lube, and find out how one handed people use a computer.

Gay Sex Games: Most sex game sites tend to interchangeably use the word "gay" to mean exclusively men who do men, and at other times all queer/LGBT folk. Here we will take it to mean men, just because everyone else already has a specific term and gay men probably need one.

Bisexual Sex Games: Bi guys like girls and guys and bi girls like guys and girls and how any bi guy or bi girl feels on any given day is subject to change. Bi sex games involve mfm, mmf, ffm, and fmf (in which m = a guy and f = a girl) threesomes, by and large, just so that audiences can tell that some bisexual stuff is happening, and it's not just gay or lesbian sex that's going on.

Transexual Sex Games: Transexual games involve guys who have transitioned to girls, and girls who have transitioned to guys, often in various stages of sex change completion, such as pre and post op, including the sometimes derogatorily named "shemale" stage, and involving either other transexual people, or non-transexual people, or even nonhumans, or a mix of whatever seems fun at the time.

Try It -- You Might Like It: LGBT SEX GAMES

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