Sex Clubs In The Great White North: SexSearchCom's Ultimate Guide To The Very Best Canada Sex Clubs, Sex Parties, and Bathhouses


Yes, Canada might be cold and full of snow (but not all year!) but that doesn't mean that things don't get steamy up north. Quite the opposite, in fact! From coast to coast, Canada is full of fantastic sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses to keep you warm no matter what time of year it is or how cold it may be outside. In fact, you may find yourself getting a little bit sweaty. In order to make the most of your sex encounters while in Canada, we here at SexSearch have scoured every major city in Canada and put together the ultimate directory. If you're looking for information on Canada sex clubs, Canada sex parties, or Canada bathhouses, look no further! We want you focused on your sexy times, rather than worrying about the quality of your experiences. You can trust that we have provided you with a list of only the best sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses. Only the best for our readers, after all!

History of Sex Club Scene in Canada

Canada is an incredibly old country so it's safe to assume that the sex club scene has just as old a history. When the settlers first started building cities and growing towns across Canada, they started building sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses. One of the oldest clubs ever recorded in Canada was in Quebec City, which is also one of the oldest cities in Canada. Quebec City was incorporated as an official city in 1608 but it was being settled well before that. And the first sex club, Le Club Du Sex was opened in the late 1500s. Due to the unruly and violent nature of the early settlers, this club saw its fair share of fights and bloodshed.


Luckily sex clubs have calmed down a lot more since then! As Canada started growing westward, so did the sex clubs. Many popped up along the Canadian Pacific Railway as it was being built across Canada. That is why you'll find great clubs in cities like Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. In fact, if you were wanting to do a little historical trip and had some extra time, you could easily take the train across the country and hit up all the best sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses that Canada has to offer!

Canada Sex Clubs, Sex Parties, Bathhouses: Directory


So what exactly does a Canada sex club, sex party and bathhouse have to offer to make our ultimate directory list among among all of the best listings? Well, it's quite simple, really! We extensively research and visit all of our listings to make sure that they are at the very least clean, safe, and a good time. Above all, we value our readers' safety and comfort! Beyond the basics, all of our listings vary in style. Some may be fancy, some may be more along the lines of a "dive bar;" some might have a dress code and some might not. Basically we try to make sure there is something for everyone! Read on for some of the highlights from our Canada listings!

The Most Popular Sex Clubs In Canada

There are a lot of sex clubs in Canada, that's no secret. But you may be surprised to know that some of the sex clubs are bit of a secret. You really have to be in the know to know about them, that is! Luckily we at SexSearchCom have the inside scoop so our Canada sex club listings offer more than what you may find on other internet sites out there. Each of our city listing has our very fave Canada sex clubs, but of course we have to highlight the best of the best. Read on below for our very favorite Canada sex club in each of the cities we profiled. You should definitely try to visit each of these during your time in Canada. They are fun, flirty, and ultimate the sexiest way you can spend a night.

Calgary Adult Playground Club Like the name suggests, the Calgary Adult Playground Club is the ultimate fun for an adult. This isn't your typical kids playground, is what we're trying to say! Often called CAPC, this Canada Sex Club i one of the most popular members only clubs in all of Calgary. We love their super sexy, steamy monthly events, which is why they made our best of the best list! If you can only do one thing in Calgary, we highly recommend the Calgary Adult Playground Club.

Edmonton O Society The Edmonton O Society specializes in making sure that all of their members make an O face at least once every visit. You know what kind of face we mean...the orgasm face! That is, the face of ultimate pleasure and satisfaction. And it isn't very hard at the O Society, we have to admit. This members only BDSM club knows how to delve deep to find each member's darkest taboos and fetishes.

The X Club The X Club in Mississauga ought to be called the XXX club because the activities that people can get up to at these sex parties are definitely triple X rated! In fact, if there were such a thing as quadruple X rated, The X Club would be it! The X Club has over 15,000 members, so you know that each sex party is going to be full of new and interesting people to meet and get to know.

Chez Louis International Oh, Montreal! Yes, it's true that some of the oldest sex clubs are in the province of Quebec. So of course that means some of the best are here too! And Chez Louis International is no exception. Since 1992, this sex club has been offering an exciting and kinky experience for its many members. They change locations often to keep it fun and interesting so you'll definitely want to go more than once!

Ottawa Knights Ottawa is the capitol of Canada and it might as well also be known as the capital of sex clubs because this city definitely has some of the best. What we love about Ottawa Knights is that they have been around since 1975 and have been proudly celebrating the leather and kink community ever since. Love leather? You will LOVE Ottawa Knights then! Even if you're new to the scene, you'll be welcome at Ottawa Knights!

Wicked Toronto! This city is definitely one of the most popular in Canada, so it makes sense that its sex clubs would be super popular too. Case in point, you have likely heard of Wicked. This members only sex club is one that gets talked about quite often. And that is with good reason! Wicked has been serving up kink and fetish fun since 2003 and they have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

The Bon Bon Club Located in downtown Vancouver, the Bon Bon Club is just as sweet as the name suggests! This members only sex club provides an extra special swinging and lifestyle experience. they have regular member events like Wicked Wednesdays and Fantasy Fridays. All of their club events are held in their long-term space, which is designed to heighten every sexual and pleasurable experience.

The Most Popular Sex Parties in Canada

Sex Parties are very similar to sex clubs, yes, but often the main difference is sex clubs often require memberships and an upfront fee, while sex parties are individually ticketed. Of course, some sex parties can require memberships or sex clubs can throw parties. Mainly, all you need to really understand is that all major cities in Canada, from Montreal to Vancouver, hosts some of the hottest and steamiest sex parties. We picked out our number one favorite sex party in each major city. Read on!

Club Rendezvous If you're in the know (and you want to be in the know), you'll refer to Club Rendezvous as Club R. And if you're in the know, you'll also know that Club R host some of the kinkiest sex parties in all of Calgary. If you want to get down and dirty at outrageous speciality nights like Slutty Pirates Night, Club R will soon be your home away from home. You'll want to spend every night there, we promise!

Pinky's Show Palace Edmonton locals have been going to sex parties at Pinky's Show Palace for decades. If you ask them where to find the hottest, most thrilling parties, they will almost undoubtedly point you in the direction of Pinky's. Their best night is Wicked Wednesdays which, like the name suggests, are absolutely wicked. We guarantee you'll have an almost impossible time keeping your clothes on at Pinky's Show Palace. But don't worry, that's encouraged!

Abstract Couples Club This club throws fantastic sex parties on Fridays and Saturdays. They are super popular, though, so you definitely want to book in advance. Abstract Couples Club is not the fanciest place for sex parties but longtime members love the more relaxed, chilled approach to swinging. That's what we love about it too! Plus, they have a fun role play night once a month, where members are encouraged to dress up. What fun!

Club Fetish The sex parties through Club Fetish are some of the most sought after parties in all of Montreal—maybe even all of Quebec! Club Fetish i more than just parties: it is a private organization that promotes and explores the BDSM lifestyle. You can attend monthly or weekly sex parties as a member of Club Fetish. They also hold fantastic educational sessions for those wanting to learn more about the BDSM lifestyle.

The Play Mate Ottawa is known for it's longstanding sex clubs and parties. The Play Mate is another venue that has been serving their guests since the 70s. And while the sex parties might have updated and the members changed, they are still offering the same orgasmic and pleasurable experience that they have had since they first opened. Ticket to The Play Mate parties can sell out pretty fast so we recommend getting yours in advance!

Comfort Zone If you're in Toronto and looking to step out of your... comfort zone, well you know exactly where you need to go. Sorry, we couldn't resist the pun! But seriously, Comfort Zone is all about expanding your sexual boundaries. The sex parties at this venue are out of this world. Seriously, after attending on party here, you'll be a lifelong guest.

Sin City Fetish Night Sin City Fetish Night is Vancouver's premiere fetish sex party. It is hosted on the second Saturday of every month and considered one of the best in the city. These parties almost always sell out super fast so it's best to get your tickets in advance. Sin City Fetish Night is also Vancouver's longest running sex party, so you know they're good at what they do!

The Most Popular Bathhouses in Canada

Oh bathhouses! Is there anything better than a nice, relaxing steam and soak after a long day at work? Well, the only thing that would obviously make it better is if there is more than just you doing the steaming and soaking, if you catch our drift! Canada bathhouses are the perfect place to hookup. Below we have listed our personal best in each Canadian city we profiled.

Goliath's Now, don't be alarmed that Goliath's is the only bathhouse in Calgary. In fact, they are quite proud of that fact. Because they are the only bathhouse, they also strive to be the absolute best.They know their guests count on then for an intimate, steamy experience. Goliath's has been in operation since 1987. That's forty years of providing the city of Calgary with the all the best amenities you could ever want in a bathhouse!

Steamworks Edmonton Edmonton is another city in Canada that might be scarce on individual bathhouses. But luckily for Edmonton residents and visitors, Steamworks Edmonton is not only one of the best bathhouses in the city but likely also one of the best in the country! That's high praise for sure, but Steamworks lives up to it. This bathhouse provides members with an upscale bathhouse experience at a fraction of the cost of some of the other bathhouses in the country.

Central Spa Hamilton Like we mention on the Mississauga page, while this bathhouse might not specifically be in Mississauga, it is definitely worth the bit of extra drive. This luxury bathhouse offers all sorts of room sizes, including deluxe rooms and single rooms. But the fun doesn't stop there, oh no! Central Spa also offers play areas with plenty of kinky surprises, like glory holes. We know you'll absolutely love your time at Central Spa Hamilton!

Sauna Oasis There are a lot of bathhouses in Montreal. They are all fantastic but Suana Oasis stands slightly above the rest. They are open all day every day (yes even on holidays!) so whenever you're feeling the urge for a steam or a rub and tug, you can get off at Sauan Oasis. No matter what time of day or night you hit up Sauna Oasis, you're almost guaranteed to find someone new to get to know.

Central Spa While we hope you have time to go to ALL the bathhouses that Ottawa has to offer, if you only have time for one it HAS to be Central Spa. This bathhouse has been operating since the early 90s and they know exactly what makes the perfect bathhouse: comfort, privacy, and fun. Central Spa tends to be the most buy at lunchtime so that is a great time to hit it up. Or, if you're looking for a bit of a quieter time, early evening or very early in the morning is always a good bet!

Oasis Aqua Lounge A city as big as Toronto is bound to have a ton of bathhouses to pick from. However, we've narrowed down that list to only the best and the best of those best is definitely Oasis Aqua Lounge. This bathhouse is unique in that it allows both men and women. This luxurious bathhouse and spa is located in a converted mansion and offers playrooms, both public and private, as well as multiple pool and saunas. It's almost too good to be true!

F212 Steam We love supporting local businesses and it just so happens that F212 Steam is the only Canadian owned bathhouse in Vancouver. They also have the largest hot tub in the city. We won't tell you how bit it is; you'll just have to go and see for yourself!

Canada Sex Clubs: City by City Guide

Above we only listed one Canada sex club, Canada sex party, and Canada bathhouse in each major city. But aren't there more? There sure are! Below we have a link to each invidious city listing. If you are ever visiting Calgary, Edmonton, Mississauga, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, or Vancouver, you'll want to read these pages!

Canada Sex Clubs: Calgary

When you first think of Calgary, you may think about cowboy hats or the Stampede. Well, it's time to stop thinking about those first and think about sex clubs first instead! And why? Well, because Calgary has an incredible sex club scene, that's why! For as long as there has... Read more.

Canada Sex Clubs: Edmonton

What do you think of when you think of Edmonton? Likely it isn't a rocking sex club scene. However, you will be surprised to learn that that is one of the best things Edmonton has going for it! We love any city that has a sexy, sultry scene so naturally... Read more.

Canada Sex Clubs: Mississauga

Many people might not realize how fantastic Mississauga is as it often gets overlooked for Toronto, which is right next door. However, we are here to tell you that Mississauga is just as awesome as Toronto, especially when it comes to swingers clubs and BDSM events! There are a lot... Read more.

Canada Sex Clubs: Montreal

Montreal is a sleek and sophisticated city so of course the Montreal sex club scene is no different. This is a city that offers up luxurious and speciality experiences for all sorts of kinks and fetishes, from swinging to BDSM and everything in between. Montreal is also home to some...Read more.

Canada Sex Clubs: Ottawa

We love Ottawa for all of its political history but we love it even more for its incredible sex club scene! Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is a business and political hotspot. People work hard, often in government, which means they tend to play just as hard. The very first... Read more.

Canada Sex Clubs: Toronto

Toronto is a world class city with a world class sex club scene. It's worthy of your undivided attention as you explore everything the scene has to offer! Toronto was one of the first Canadian cities to be founded when settlers first started arriving in Canada. However, the sex club... Read more.

Canada Sex Clubs: Vancouver

Vancouver is the sort of city that has a lot going on and it can be a little overwhelming at first. Whether you're in the city for business, as a tourist, or live there, you need to know all the best places to let loose and have a good time... Read more.

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