Sex Clubs Across The Pond: SexSearch's Ultimate List Of The Best UK Sex Clubs, Sex Parties, and Bathhouses

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Planning a trip to the UK and don't know what to do? Or perhaps you live there but are a little stuck with what you should be doing with your time? Well, we here at SexSearchCom have the answer for you: sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses! Sure, you can spend some time hitting up al of the historic sites but you haven't truly experienced everything that major cities in the UK like London, Sheffield, Edinburgh, and Manchester have to offer until you've hit up a local sex club. Regardless of whatever else you have planned, clear your calendar and make some time to visit the real best thing about the UK!

History of the Sex Club Scene in the UK

The United Kingdom, often called the UK for short, is one of the oldest settled countries in Europe. In fact, there are even remains of ancient Roman soldiers in parts of Northern England! With so much history spanning so many centuries, it makes sense that the sex cub history would be as rich and long. There are pubs and clubs dating back as far as the 800s in cities across the UK. That is a long time ago! Many of the older pubs were built along roads leading to the crusades, because soldiers would often want to stop off on the way to or from war for a drink. And we know if they were stopping off for a drink, they were getting a little something else on the side too. Many of the first sex clubs were actually part of pubs, which makes perfect sense if you think about it!


UK Sex Clubs, Sex Parties, Bathhouses: Directory


The UK might technically be a tiny country but trust us when we say that there are A LOT of sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses to choose from. In fact, out of all of the cities we have profiled, the UK might have the highest numbers of clubs and parties. With so many to choose from, it can totally get overwhelming. We wanted to alleviate some of that pressure and help you to relax and really enjoy your time in the UK. That is why we put together this directory with all of the best venues that every major city has to offer. Each sex club, sex party, and bathhouse was personally visited and rated by our staff so you know that they are as good as they claim they are. In fact, if the club didn't live up to the hype, it didn't make our list! So now that we've done the hard part, you can truly relax and have the best (and sexiest) time ever in the UK!

Now, if you are in a bit of a rush or only have a short time in each of these UK cities, we've gone the extra step to list our ultimate, top favorite sex club, sex party, and bathhouse in each city. The cities you will find below are: Birmingham, Blackpool, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield, and Wales. Once you've read the top selection for each city, you can continue on to the separate city pages, where we list even more fantastic options!

The Most Popular Sex Clubs In the UK

Boltz Club Birmingham is a city with a lot to offer when it comes to sex clubs, however none do it quite as well as Boltz Club. This club offers everything for it members, from BDSM events to swinging events and everything in between!

Partners Swingers Club This sex club is located a little outside of the Blackpool city center, but it is definitely worth the trip. If you're looking for kinky, down and dirty swinging action, this is the club for you!

Concorde 2 If you ask Brighton swinging couples what their favorite sex club is, they'll likely say Concorde 2. That's why we love it! This swinging club has been around for ages and offers a safe and fun environment for unforgettable sex.

Dare To Swing In Bristol, this sex club is DARING you to drop your inhibitions and delve into the world of swinging. Dare To Swing loves its members and strives to create an intimate, fun, and safe environment.

For Your Eyes Only FYEO in Cardiff is a super private and discreet sex club. They keep their club events small and intimate. You'll never feel overwhelmed or out of place at For Your Eyes Only!

The Bongo Club If you're looking for a unique and creative sex club, The Bongo Club in Edinburgh is the answer to your sexy prayers! This sex club has a super relaxed hippy vibe, which members love!

CJ's at the Townhouse This sex club is more or less a Glasgow institution. If you are looking for one of the most fun an entertaining swingers clubs, look no further!

Quest Forgive us for the pun but if you are on a quest for the best sex club in Leeds, look no further than Quest! This swingers club is a bit classier and has a dress code, but it's well worth dressing up. It's way more fun taking off fancy clothes and lingerie, trust us!

X In The City If you only have a chance to visit one sex club in Liverpool, make sure it is X In The City. This club is one of the largest in the city, but most importantly it is also one of the cheapest!

The Mayfair Club London is a massive city and they have a LOT of sex clubs. However, one of the very best is The Mayfair Club. If you want somewhere fun, risqué, affordable yet discreet and trustworthy, look no further than this club!

Adam and Eve's Club We love all the sex clubs in Manchester, but we may love Adam And Eve's Club the best! This swingers and lifestyle club is intimate and fun, plus the members are always welcoming and open!

Xtasia You might not think that Nottingham would have a rocking sex club scene but Xtasia will definitely prove you wrong. This sex club is equal parts dirty and romantic, depending on the day of the week and what mood you are in!

La Chambre It doesn't get much better than La Chambre. This Sheffield sex club elevates the swinging and lifestyle experience to something more upscale and luxurious. They often have deals on memberships, so check out their website for more info!

UKFornication This discreet members only service strives to help people hookup and have sex across the country, but the best place to get in on the action is in Wales!

The Most Popular Sex Parties in the UK

Rocket Club Want to blast off into one of the best Birmingham Sex Parties? Well, look no further than Rocket Club! This club is famous in Birmingham for throwing some of the rowdiest and most memorable sex parties.

Infusion We have to say it: if you're looking for an INFUSION of sexy, you've got it at infusion. Okay, now that that's out of the way, Infusion hosts some of the best fetish sex parties in all of Blackpool!

Club Naughtiness We're a sucker for great names and Club Naughtiness in Brighton definitely has one of the best names ever! This club provides some of the most fun sex parties in the entire city. From orgy parties to BDSM parties to swimming parties, you can find every kind of sex party here!

Urban Tiger This venue in Bristol hosts some of the most wild and kinky sex parties in the entire city. In fact, after one visit, you'll feel like ROARING in pleasure and excitement. Rawr!

Fantasy Lounge Who doesn't want to live out their fantasy? Fantasy Lounge in Cardiff is all about making your kinky taboos a reality. Nothing is too dark or off limits at Fantasy Lounge! Be sure to check out their specialty parties.

The Western Bar Looking for themed sex parties? Well, The Western Bar in Edinburgh will satisfy all of your western and cowboy fantasies! But watch out, you may end up getting roped with a lasso and tied up by a cowboy.

The Shoebox This isn't a venue. Rather, it's a group of people located in Glasgow that throw sex parties and events. And they are some of the hottest in the city! Check out their website to learn how to get informed of upcoming sex parties and locations.

Cupid's Health Club This venue does it all. It's a club and bathhouse but most importantly, they throw some of the hottest sex parties in all of Leeds. After one party, you'll definitely agree!

Tease Tease in Liverpool is all about tapping into the guests carnal desires and exploring kinks and taboos that might've never been explored before. These parties are popular and tend to sell out fast!

Stringfellows For the very best gay sex parties that London has to offer, we recommend hitting up Stringfellows. Longtime attendees of this fantastic, steamy events agree that they are the best and we're sure you'll agree too!

Killing Kittens This company throws super secret sex parties all over the country but their Manchester parties are consistently some of the best. The addresses are always a secret so you need to get on the list first!

Adult House Parties With this company, you know exactly what you are getting from the name! Adult House Parties in Nottingham consistent throws the sexiest and kinkiest sex parties, all from the comfort of private homes!

CumUnion This Sheffield based company strives to throw the hottest and dirtiest sex parties in the entire Midlands. A play on "communion," you'll definitely feel like you've had your kinky prayers answered at CumUnion!

Playhouse Gentlemen's Club This Wales club is known for throwing incredible sex parties. In fact, they are one of the best kept sex secrets in Wales! Only those in the know get on the list for these exclusive and kinky sex parties.

The Most Popular Bathhouses in the UK

The Greenhouse Sauna If you're looking for the best spot to cruise in Birmingham, The Greenhouse Sauna is the place to do it. This bathhouse has everything you could want, from private to group rooms, play areas, and a relaxing lounge.

Acqua Saunas There are quite a few great bathhouses in Blackpool but Acqua Saunas always ranks as one of the best. They're located right in the heart of the city, so you don't have to go far for a fab gay cruising experience.

TBS2 Brighton has a great bathhouse scene, but none are as well renowned as TBS2. This bathhouse is the oldest in Brighton, so you can trust that they know what they are doing and provide a superior bathhouse experience.

Bristol Gardens Health Spa This bathhouse in Bristol is known for it's clean and inviting atmosphere, variety of private and public rooms, and plenty of saunas. Whether you're looking to soak and relax alone or with a partner (or two!) is up to you!

Village Sauna This bathhouse is located in the heart of downtown Cardiff, making it a regular spot for locals as it is super easy to get to. Village Sauna has it all, from luxurious private rooms, saunas, steam rooms, and massage rooms!

No. Eighteen As far as bathhouses go in Edinburgh, the best of the best is No. Eighteen. This bathhouse is clean, staffed with super friendly people, and always busy (but not TOO busy!).

The Pipeworks This Glasgow bathhouse was recently renovated to serve you better and we must say that it is absolutely lush inside now! There are more private rooms than ever, plus a bar and lounge area for relaxing in.

Steam Complex Leeds has quite a few fantastic bathhouses but Steam Complex is definitely one of the best. Unlike some bathhouses, Steam Complex throws regular events like Silver Daddies Night.

Splash Sauna This Liverpool sauna has the honor of being the oldest bathhouse in the entire city. With age comes wisdom, so you know this bathhouse does it better than any other!

Swingers Retreat This combination swingers club and bathhouse in London is alway a popular destination. After all, when you combine two fantastic things, it only makes sense that the result is something even better!

Decadence Sometimes you want a more upscale bathhouse experience. That is where Decadence in Manchester comes into play! Decadence truly brings something special and luxurious to every private room, sauna, and massage room.

CS2 This Nottingham bathhouse has the reputation of being one of the most popular and trustworthy bathhouses in the entire city. Also as a bonus, CS2 is fully licensed so you can enjoy a nice beer or cocktail while you steam and relax!

The Boiler Room Sauna Looking for a bathhouse in Sheffield? Well, there are a few to pick from but The Boiler Room Sauna is definitely the best. It's smaller than some bathhouses, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in cheekiness and fun!

Eagle 50 This bathhouse is one of the most popular bathhouses in all of Wales. They have a bar on site so you can enjoy cocktails while you take advantage of all of the other incredible amenities.

UK Sex Clubs: City by City Guide

So those were the number one picks sorted. But maybe you have more time in each city or want even more options? Well, we have you covered! Below you will find individual pages for each major UK city that we profiled. On each page, you will find multiple listings for sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses, plus information on the history of each city. There's no way we could choose just one city as the best so we are going to say that they are all the best!

UK Sex Clubs: Birmingham

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UK Sex Clubs: Blackpool

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UK Sex Clubs: Brighton

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UK Sex Clubs: Bristol

Bristol is such a great place to enjoy sex clubs and parties. There are a lot of open minded people who do not run out. You will find that you will continue meeting the same types of people. Even if you become tired of swinging with the same couples, you... Read more.

UK Sex Clubs: Cardiff

All sex clubs in Cardiff give you the choice of whether you want to wear your clothes or not. The only thing that is non-negotiable with the dress code is that you always have to be wearing shoes. If you are looking for great sex clubs, swingers clubs, bathhouses, sex... Read more.

UK Sex Clubs: Edinburgh

If you want a sex club in Edinburgh, then you have come to the right place. But our guide to the sex club world of Edinburgh does not stop there, as we have info on Edinburgh sex parties and Edinburgh bath houses as well, plus all the other sex related... Read more.

UK Sex Clubs: Glasgow

When going to sex clubs and parties in Glasgow, there are a few things you must know. When going to a sex club, you are under no pressure to do anything that you don't want to do. Just because you are in a sex club doesn't necessarily you need to... Read more.

UK Sex Clubs: Leeds

The history of the sex scene in Leeds is quite interesting. A couple in the 1950's were very interested in swinging and having fun with other couples. They weren't too sure if many people would bite, but decided to open up a space where people would be free to do... Read more.

UK Sex Clubs: Liverpool

In Liverpool, there are not too many sex clubs or parties, but the ones that are here are always very elaborate and exciting. Liverpool has some sex clubs, but the private swinger parties are what the sex scene is all about here in the UK. Liverpool actually got their first... Read more.

UK Sex Clubs: London

London is the place to go if you are new in the UK or if you are a true Brit and just want to have a fun time at a new place where you have never been before. Does this sound like you? Maybe you have been looking for a... Read more.

UK Sex Clubs: Manchester

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UK Sex Clubs: Nottingham

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UK Sex Clubs: Sheffield

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UK Sex Clubs: Wales

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Wow, right? Suddenly the UK seems a whole lot larger than it looks on a map. With so many incredible sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses to explore in so many cities across the country, it could likely take you many, many (did we mention many?!) visits to hit up each one. But that's okay because we'll take any excuse to keep visiting the UK! In closing, here are some helpful links to remember:

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