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Is the US one of the greatest countries in the world? We like to think so! We also like to think that this fantastic country, which is home to so many fantastic cities, has some of the best sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses around. Feel free to compare the US to some of the other cities we have profiled. Yes, they are certainly great but NOT as great as the US! Love the United States too? Explore all of the incredible US sex cubs, sex parties, and bathhouses with this ultimate and detailed directory from SexSearchCom.

History of Sex Club Scene in the US

To be completely honest, going over the entire history of the US would take up a lot of time. We can say, though, that the history of the sex club scene in the US dates back to the earliest settlements in New England. After the colonies were formed, the most popular sex clubs were in major cities like Boston and Jamestown. And then, as the rest of the US started to grow, so did all of the sex clubs and sex parties.


US Sex Clubs, Sex Parties, Bathhouses: Directory


We here at SexSearch spent weeks and weeks scouring all of the best US sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses so you wouldn't have to waste your time trying to figure out which ones were the best and which ones to skip. Below, we have highlighted our very favorite sex club, sex party, and bathhouse in each city that we profile. This is perfect if you are visiting each city for a short time and can only hit up one sex club or party.

The Most Popular Sex Clubs In US

The Den Atlanta Just like the name sounds, The Den is a dark, intimate sex club where locals and tourists alike gather in Atlanta for sexy, steamy unforgettable evenings.

Boston's Adult Society The name sounds like a upscale secret society and that isn't far from the truth! This sex club is a luxurious sex experience like no other.

Snuggle Sanctuary At The Womb With a name like that, you know you are going to have a good time! Snuggle Sanctuary in Charlotte is a super popular sex club that throws super secret parties. We love them!

The Naughty Little Cabaret Looking for a naughty time? Well, The Naughty Little Cabaret has you covered! This Chicago sex club is one of the most popular in the city.

Club Escape For a sexual, orgasmic escape like no other, we highly recommend Club Escape. This Cleveland members only sex club will have you absolutely shaking from pleasure!

NAME:Colette Dallas This Dallas sex club has a reputation for being one of the hottest tickets in town. In fact, people often travel from all over to attend events at this members only club!

ONYX Club This Houston sex club is all about making sure its members are having a good time. They go to extra lengths to offer members a unique and orgasmic swinging experience!

The Gold Club You'll feel like you've struck gold after one visit to this popular Jacksonville sex club. Longtime members love the relaxed vibe and welcoming atmosphere. We love the little VIP add ons that makes this sex club stand out from the rest.

Green Door This sex club has been providing Las Vegas with incredible sexual experiences since 1998. You'll know you've found the building when you see the bright green painted building! And yes, the door is green too!

Club JOI This sex club is one of the largest in Los Angeles. In fact, they have over 10,000 square feet, and all of it gets filled with people having sex, watching, or just fooling around. Whatever your heart desires, you can do at Club JOI!

NAME:Club Hedonism Miami is a hot and steamy city, so it makes sense that the sex clubs are just as hot and steamy. Club Hedonism may be the steamiest and we think you'll agree!

Menages It's not a trip to Nashville unless you hit up local legend Menages. This kinky sex club has been entertaining locals and tourists alike since 2000 and they aren't slowing down anytime soon!

Saints and Sinners We absolutely adore Saints and Sinners. This New Jersey sex club is all about exploring taboos and hidden kinks. You'll discover new things about yourself with each visit to this sex club!

Paddles In case you couldn't tell from the name, this NYC sex club focuses on exploring the BDSM lifestyle. It's likely you'll get hit or spanked with actual paddles at Paddles!

Dancers Royale Despite the name, this Orlando sex club actually has nothing to do with dancing and everything to do with kinky, dirty sexy. Just the way we like our clubs!

Casa Diablo It's quite likely that you'll get up to some dark deeds at this Portland sex club. But we doubt you'll be complaining! From swinging to voyeurism, this sex club has it all.

Crave We are all about this San Diego sex club! In fact, you may even say that we...crave it! Sorry, we couldn't resist. But seriously, this sex club is one of the most sultry in the city.

Little Darlings The name is a bit questionable, but we promise that this sex club is one of the best in Seattle. The members at this club are some of the most welcoming we've ever met!

The Pink Slip This sex club is the place to go in St Louis if you are looking for a great time. The members are friendly and inviting, and the venue is perfect for getting it on!

Eye Wide Shut Don't mind the weird spelling, this Tampa area sex club is one of the best in all of Florida! They throw some of the steamiest events for their members. Join to find out just how steamy!

The House Washington DC is a city of secrets so it makes sense that one of its top sex cubs would also be somewhat of a secret. That is, the location is kept hidden until you are approved to attend!

The Most Popular Sex Parties in US

Luxuria If you're looking for some of the best sex parties in Atlanta, look no further than Luxuria. They are VIP level sex parties that truly elevate the sexual experience.

Attleboro Sex Parties Don't let the $25 cover charge deter you from these Boston sex parties—they are absolutely worth the upfront fee. In fact, these sultry, kinky parties tend to completely set out!

Cabaret For those looking for their sex parties to be themed or involve more role play, we highly recommend checking out Cabaret in Charlotte. They are all about sexy costumes at these sex parties!

Lucky Horseshoe Lounge You'll be IN LUCK (get it?) if you attend one of these Chicago sex parties. Their motto is "you'll always get lucky," and we've tested that out and it's definitely true!

Club Eros As you know, Eros is the god of love. And we're pretty sure that he would rate Club Eros as one of the hottest, sultriest sex parties in all of Cleveland.

The Velvet Curtain Social Club Looking for the kinkiest, dirtiest sex parties in Dallas? That would be The Velvet Curtain Social Club! They are known for their laid back atmosphere, super welcoming members, and crazy fun theme nights.

Chicas Locas Like the name suggests, this club holds some pretty darn crazy sex parties. They do get wild here, but that's half the fun! There aren't many other sex parties in Houston like these, trust us!

Secrets Florida For an extra special sex party that is also somewhat like a vacation, don't miss this! Located just outside of Jacksonville, Secrets Florida is a resort with sex parties rolled in. The best of both worlds!

Couples Oasis While these Las Vegas sex parties cater to couples (as the title suggests), they still have regular events where singles are invited. That's because they want everyone to be able to have a great time!

Skirt Club Skirt Club is a club in Los Angeles that offers some super unique sex parties. What makes these parties unique is that they are for women only! Sorry men, but the ladies are going to be enjoying these sultry sex parties!

Miami Velvet The sex parties at Miami Velvet strive to be luxurious without being too expensive. That way you can enjoy all the best parts of the sex parties without breaking the bank!

The Social Club Like the name suggests, The Social Cub in Nashville is all about getting social. You know, the sort of "social" that involves taking off your pants! The sex parties here are some of the best in the city, trust us!

Erotic Cafe Despite the name, this "cafe" has nothing to do with drinks. All they are focused on is throwing incredible sex parties and they are definitely the best New Jersey has ever seen!

Bowery Bliss For some of the best sex parties in NYC, look no further than Bowery Bliss. Located in the heart of the Lower East Side, the sex parties here are infamous for being incredibly kinky and lasting all night long!

Le Palace Orlando You'll feel like a king or queen after attending a sex party at this popular Orlando hotspot. All you'll need is the crown! Although with all the thrusting you'll be doing, it'll likely fall off!

Club Rouge Portland Portland has a lot of options when it comes to sex parties but the one we recommend above the rest is Club Rouge! You'll definitely have an unforgettable night here.

Thad's Have you ever had a BBQ at your sex parties? What about a pool? We didn't think so! But Thad's in San Diego combines the fun of a BBQ pool party with the erotic fun of a sex party. We love it!

Dancing Bare This Seattle institution will have you dancing your clothes off it's so much fun, hence the name! We love all the sex parties that Dancing Bare throw!

PT's Centreville This club consistently throws some of the best sex parties in all of St Louis. Whether you're into watching or participating, you'll have the time of your life at PT's sex parties.

Tampa Dungeon Looking for a different kind of fun? The sex parties that this popular Tampa spot throw are all about exploring the world of BDSM. And just like the name suggests, they take place in an actual dungeon!

Royal Palace You'll feel like royalty after attending one of these sex parties in Washington DC. In fact, Royal Palace often has royal theme nights, where you get to play out all of your prince/princess fantasies!

The Most Popular Bathhouses in US

Manifest4U There are bathhouses and then there is Manifest4U. This Atlanta institution has been open for years and has been providing their members with a special, steamy bathhouse experience ever since.

Choi's Health Spa For a bathhouse experience like no other, look no further than Choi's in Boston. This bathhouse is a chain, but inside sources agree that the Boston location is the best!

Qi Clay Spa Charlotte has a handful of fantastic bathhouses but none are better than Qi Clay Spa. This sexy, steamy bathhouse has private rooms, common areas, and plenty of quiet corners for playtime!

Steamworks Chicago This chain of bathhouses has locations across the country. All of them are great but their Chicago location is maybe their best. Flexible hours, recently renovated, and a friendly staff make this bathhouse super popular!

Flex Spas If you are able to visit any bathhouse in Cleveland, we highly recommend Flex Spas. This top rated spa is consistently voted as the best by members of the gay community. Try it out and see for yourself!

Club Dallas Dallas is a city that has plenty of bathhouses. However, there can only be one best bathhouse and that honor goes to Club Dallas. Complete with multiple pools and saunas, private rooms, a full gym, and lounge, this bathhouse has it all!

Club Houston This sounds familiar! In fact, it's part of the same chain a Club Dallas above. What can we say, these bathhouses really know what's what and offer a sensual experience like no other.

Club Jacksonville Now this bathhouse has a similar name as the two above but this one isn't part of the chain. Don't worry, though, it's still great! In fact, it's voted as one of the best Jacksonville bathhouses by the Pride Awards.

Spearmint Rhino The name might be strange but this bathhouse is just like any other in Las Vegas. And that's not to say that it is boring or not great. Actually, this bathhouse is one of the most popular in the entire state of Nevada!

Roman Holiday You'll feel like you've been transported back to ancient Rome at this luxurious, spacious Los Angeles bathhouse. Roman Holiday has been serving people since the 1960s and they aren't going anywhere any time soon!

Club Aqua Miami A city like Miami is bound to have some fantastic bathhouses. Club Aqua is one of the best. They offer private and group rooms, sauna rooms, shared shower rooms, and a lounge area!

The Scarlett Club This Nashville bathhouse is a favorite among locals. They offer everything that good bathhouses have, like multiple private and group rooms, group shower areas, and play areas.

Sansom Street Gym This New Jersey bathhouse and gay cruising sauna guarantees that you'll find yourself a good time at each visit or they'll give you your money back. That's quite the guarantee if you ask us!

West Side Club Located on the, you guess it, west side of NYC, this bathhouse is a favorite among the gay community in the area. It's open 24 hours so no matter what time of day you want to get a sexy steam, you can!

Club Orlando This is another bathhouse in the same chain as Dallas and Houston. So of course, that means it makes the top of our list! We love this bathhouse for the sensual vibes and attentive staff.

Hawks PDX This bathhouse is definitely on the small side but regulars absolutely love the intimate and cozy feel. In fact, it's constantly rated as one of the top gay bathhouses in Portland year after year.

Club San Diego Another city, another bathhouse with a very similar name! This one in San Diego is not part of a chain. However, it is voted as one of the best bathhouses in the city!

Steamworks Seattle Another Steamworks location! What can we say, we love this chain. That is because they provide an excellent bathhouse experience, complete with private rooms, saunas, and plenty of play areas.

Bottoms Up Looking for one of the best bathhouses in St Louis? Well, look no further than Bottoms Up! This bathhouse has it all: saunas, play rooms, and private and group rooms.

The Tampa Men's Club Tampa has a lot of great bathhouses but we definitely love this one the best. That's because the venue is very relaxing and clean, and the staff are super friendly and the members are even more friendly!

Crew Club Washington DC has almost too many bathhouses to count, but one of the bathhouses that always makes our top three is Crew Club. We love the location and all of the different sauna and steam room options!

US Sex Clubs: City by City Guide

Now, if you have more time in each of these cities or don't think one suggestion is enough, never fear! Read on for links to each city listing, where you can learn more about each of these sexy cities and have even more sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses at your finger tips!

US Sex Clubs: Atlanta

Atlanta has a reputation as one of the biggest adult entertainment destinations. This city is home to some of the best strip clubs in the world and everyone who comes to Atlanta leaves satisfied. Most of their sex clubs and strip clubs are fully nude so there are no... Read more.

US Sex Clubs: Boston

If you want a sex club in Boston, then you have come to the right place. But our info laden guide to the sex club world of Boston does not stop there, as we have info on sex parties and bath houses as well, plus all the other sex related... Read more.

US Sex Clubs: Charlotte

Want only the best sex clubs, sex parties and sex events and bath houses in Charlotte? SexSearch has them for you! Read on to see the sexiest places you can think of, and even ones you can't. We have done our homework and dug out only the best of the... Read more.

US Sex Clubs: Chicago

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US Sex Clubs: Cleveland

Cleveland is a city that has been defined by entertainment. It's the home of the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame and it's also home to some of the best adult performers in Ohio. This city has a reputation that rocks and you can find some of the best live... Read more.

US Sex Clubs: Dallas

Dallas is known for their upscale strip clubs and sex clubs. They cater to a different type of customer compared to Atlanta or Las Vegas. Part of the reason that Dallas has some of the best sex clubs is that they are all about full-service treatment. There's a place for... Read more.

US Sex Clubs: Houston

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US Sex Clubs: Jacksonville

Florida is famous for their sex clubs and while at first, Jacksonville might not seem like the most entertaining city especially when it comes to adult clubs, it still has a lot to offer. Although you are more likely to have strip clubs than Jacksonville sex clubs, there is still... Read more.

US Sex Clubs: Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city of carnal delights and pleasure. Whether you are looking for topless performances or sex parties, Vegas has more than enough options for you. No matter where you go in Vegas, you can find an abundance of sex and sin. Whereas other cities would try to... Read more.

US Sex Clubs: Los Angeles

Los Angeles is famous for nightlife and entertainment. It's a city with beautiful weather which encourages people to get loose and sweaty and show a lot of skin while partying. Los Angeles is also a lot more welcoming and free when it comes to sex and entertainment and there's no... Read more.

US Sex Clubs: Miami

Miami is a leader in the club scene especially when it comes to creating the best adult entertainment. Their venues are always packed and filled with top performers dancing to the music from the best local DJs. Miami is a city that doesn't believe in limits or restrictions especially when... Read more.

US Sex Clubs: Nashville

Nashville is known as Music City USA and the home of country music. People come to Nashville to make their dreams come true. It's the place where dreams become reality and it's also the home of plenty of adult entertainment options including sex clubs and sex parties. This is due... Read more.

US Sex Clubs: New Jersey

Want all the sex clubs, sex parties, and sex events in New Jersey? SexSearch has picked them for you! Read on to learn the hottest places to go for fun, and welcome to SexSearch, where we have the best sex clubs in the USA! You chose wisely in coming to... Read more.

US Sex Clubs: NYC

Looking for sex clubs, sex parties, and sex events in New York City? SexSearch has got them for YOU! Read more on the hottest places to go TONIGHT and then get out there into the real world and start to have the kinds of sexy times you had only ever... Read more.

US Sex Clubs: Orlando

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US Sex Clubs: Portland

Say -- did you just look up where to find a good sex club in Portland? We thought so! That is why you will find all the info you need and more further on down this web page. You will see that we have really done our homework, and there are... Read more.

US Sex Clubs: San Diego

San Diego is known as "America's Finest City". It has beautiful beaches, good weather, and gorgeous women. They have gained a reputation for being a great place to stay and visit and they offer a variety of attractions and entertainment, especially for adults and people who are looking for sex... Read more.

US Sex Clubs: Seattle

Looking for sex clubs, sex parties, and sex events in Seattle? SexSearch has found them for you! Keep reading to see which clubs to hit up for sexy fun next time you are in the market for a sexy Seattle hang or quick hookup space. Welcome to SexSearch where, as... Read more.

US Sex Clubs: St. Louis

St. Louis might only have a few sex clubs and strip clubs but their location means that it's easy to find more as long as you are willing to travel. These clubs are cheaper compared to other US cities, which is what makes them so appealing. When it comes to... Read more.

US Sex Clubs: Tampa

Tampa is known as the "strip club capital of America" which is a bit of a misnomer since there are other cities that have more strip clubs. But what they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality adult entertainment. After all, it is the city that popularized the... Read more.

US Sex Clubs: Washington

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Wow, that was quite the list, wasn't it! There are just so many major US cities, which means of course that there are so many sex clubs, sex parties, and bathhouses! In fact, we hate to say this, but we're pretty sure that you could spend your whole life and never hit up every single location. Although if anyone is wanting to try, we wish you luck! As a recap, here are some important links:

The Top Guide To US Sex Clubs & Parties

Love the United States? Explore all of the incredible US sex cubs, sex parties, and bathhouses with this ultimate and detailed directory from SexSearchCom.

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