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mmovsg.net is one for the gay and lesbian sex gamers who feel that their sexuality has been overlooked by the likes of Ubisoft and EA Games. Well, now there is a site for you. Download full sex games and play for free, with loads of fabulous options for your characters, including nails, hair, makeup and fancy clothes. This is what you have been waiting for: gay and lesbian sex gaming that never lets go, only at mmovsg.net.

mmovsg.net: Join An Online Gang Of Sex Gaming Gays And Lesbians

  • Free sign up means that joining costs nothing
  • All the gay and lesbian action you need in one place
  • Simply 100s of extras to explore or ignore


adultgamesnews.com is good news if you are looking for wild gay sex games that give YOU the chance to hook up in real life with other gamers while you play away with the hot games. Made for the Windows OS, adultgamesnews.com is a very naughty site which has oodles of gay sex games just waiting to be played by girls and guys alike.

adultgamesnews.com: Get Ready To Explore Inventive New Gay Sex Games

  • You will never have seen such realistic gay sex
  • Free to explore, and more options await members
  • Fully playable levels, with truly interactive gay sex options


69games.xxx is a sexy resource for lesbian gamers who like their sex games as real as possible. If you have tried lesbian sex games and quickly got tired of them, then you may want to try the games on this site. Some of the games are quite vanilla, which suits some, while others are a bit more hardcore and feature some truly delicious scenes and scenarios. 69games.xxx is shaping up to be the best lesbian sex games site online.

69games.xxx Get Your Fun With This Fresh And Brave Collection

  • Sign up and start chatting to real lesbians
  • Members get the full treatment once they are signed up
  • Play full games and download what you want to take with you offline


newgrounds.com has some of the best gay games on the Net, and at a fraction of the usual cost when it comes to the hottest and most immersive titles out there. If you want inventive gay sex games that put you at the centre of the action, while show casing hot virtual bodes that you can play with, then have no fear, since newgrounds.com gives you all of that and more.

newgrounds.com: Download Games For Free And Come Back Again And Again

  • Play wherever you go
  • Act out hot sexual scenarios
  • A big hit with gay gamers across the world


comdotgame.com is not just one game, it's lots of adult gay and lesbian sex games. Get all the virtual gay and lesbian sex action you could possibly need, all via the comdotgame.com hub, which links to all of its sex games. Now you can get hooked up in your favorite social media accounts and play hot games with others, as well as save progress and take screen shots for later.

comdotgame.com: Play Truly Social Gay Sex Games In One Easy Site

  • Sign up is quick and after it's done you're free to play
  • Play and flirt at the same time with great extras and options
  • Explore your sexuality with sex games that take you out of the normal world


mycandygames.com is a new but already hot free lesbian sex games site that matches sex with great gameplay. mycandygames.com is a sweet deal all round, with more options than you could possibly explore, even if you stayed up all night playing -- with yourself, or with others. Now you can explore virtual worlds and your own sexuality at the same time via lesbian sex gameplay.

VixenVr.com: Find A New Way To Explore Lesbian Sex With These Great Games

  • Join and you will become part of a wide community of lesbian gamers
  • Play as much or as little as you like
  • All games can be shared and enjoyed by others

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