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Want To Make Your Marriage Last? Studies Show That Couples Who Engage In Sexuality Activity With Other Couples Have A Lower Divorce Rate Than The National Average

Despite the fact that the divorce rate as a whole has been increasing annually in America, there's one group who have been gaining attention for their surprisingly decreasing rates: Those in marriages who participate in couple swapping. Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, found that couples who trade partners with another couple at least twice a year have a mere 26% divorce rate, this compared to the near 53% national average. Why the difference? The research team claims that the increased honesty that comes along with choosing new partners together strengthens the bond between a couple, decreases the need for infidelity, and increases the sexual connection between people. If you want to decrease your chances of getting a divorce, see which couples can help you strengthen your bond at Sex Search!

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Unless you're connected with extremely open-minded people, it's not the easiest thing trying to find new couples to have interrelationship sexual encounters with. But that's what Sex Search is here for. We have the largest online data base of any adult website for couples looking to hook up. See your options for free and start hooking up with suitable matches with your partner right in the comfort of your own home.

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Whether you're looking for your first couple to swap with or simply one you've never been with before, Sex Search has thousands of couples looking to hook up across North America. If you and your partner are looking for new people to explore in the bedroom, Sex Search has your perfect pair waiting to be taken home tonight.

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DanDeena dating site review
age: 38 and 37 / Chicago

We found that our sex life was getting to be a bit stale. It was fine, but it was the same every time we had it. Our sexy single friend told us about Sex Search, so we decided to give it a try. At first we were nervous about getting together with another couple for some no strings attached sex, but then we saw how nice the couples seemed online. There were lots of couples that were like us: trying something new to add a little spice to their lives. Soon enough we were getting together for dinner and drinks with other couples that soon led to... Well, you know. It's really been great for our relationship. VIEW PROFILE

MoreWithFour dating site review
age: 29 and 31 / Delaware

We both used to be really kinky before we became a couple, but then things started to slow down a bit after a few years of being together. We mutually decided to shake things up and start hooking up with other couples for some xxx fun. We had both previously had Sex Search memberships when we were single, but decided to sign up as a couple and try things out. Within a couple of hours, we were chatting to other sexy couples and considering some local hookups with them. We've been having some wild sex on the regular now and are really happy that we signed up for a SexSearch profile as a couple. VIEW PROFILE

hotboodedbabes dating site review
age: 34 and 32 / Virginia Beach

We are very kinky and are used to having threesomes with other kinky people that we meet off of Sex Search but lately we'd been talking about hooking up with another couple, which is something we had never done before. We decided to start searching for other couples we could hookup with at a moment's notice and were pleasantly surprised how many there were by us. Since we were no stranger to xxx dating sites, we were especially able to navigate the site fast and figure out how to get the most out of our searches. In the past month, we've now been out with six different couples and we are not going back to just having threesomes! Who knows - maybe we'll eventually get together with even more people than just one more couple! VIEW PROFILE

sexybitches4u dating site review
age: 27 and 26 / Miami

Every day that we're together we make sure we have sex at least once. We are very sexual people, but recently decided to open up our relationship so that others could share in with our passionate sex lives. Another couple we know that we knew often would hook up with other couples suggested we go to Sex Search and take a look at the quality of the members. Not to be rude, but we are quite hot and wanted to make sure we were going to get some hot fuck buddies out of this. Thankfully, there were so many hot ones that we have trouble deciding which couples we want to hook up with! We love the site and love being able to share our sexiness with others. VIEW PROFILE

PartieLoverss dating site review
age: 32 and 33 / Raleigh

We had never been on an adult dating website before and were a bit apprehensive about it, but decided to give it a try after we watched a very sexy movie that had a couple hooking up with another one that they met online. One night after a few glasses of wine we started searching online. We came across Sex Search and before we knew it, we were getting messages from sexy couples that wanted to hook up with us. We were flattered - and turned on! It's now been two months and we have one couple we see regularly and a few others that we see when the mood strikes. It's been an incredible experience! VIEW PROFILE

partypeople24 dating site review
age: 24 and 24 / Tampa

Don't misunderstand us: We've got a really good sex life between us, but we like to branch out every now and then. Sometimes we want to hook up with another hot couple for some xxx fun and when we do we've found that Sex Search is the best site to go to for the sexiest couples online. We searched around before signing up and definitely found that the best site with the most members appeared to be SexSearch. The Internet was definitely right! There are tons of sexy couples that are looking for no strings attached sex with another couple, and we are more than happy to be that couple. We won't be looking for any other sites to join. VIEW PROFILE

NewToThisDallas dating site review
age: 37 and 36 / Dallas

Our sex life had become nonexistent. We really needed to spice things up. After a long talk one night we decided that we didn't want to have a threesome but thought it would be okay if we experimented with hooking up with another couples. We were hoping to get together with another couple that didn't have much experience with others as well, so we would all be kind of nervous but get through it together. We went on our trusty laptops and started searching. We came across Sex Search and signed up as a couple. That same night we were preparing to meet a sexy couple that was in it for about the same reasons as us. There's no looking back now! VIEW PROFILE

timtara13 dating site review
age: 28 and 27 / Oakland

We just moved to Oakland and were pretty known in the swinger scene before the move. We didn't know any couples here that might be interested in playing with us for some xxx no strings attached fun. We went online and discovered Sex Search, which definitely seemed like there would be a lot of hot couples on it that would be interested in meeting us. We went on it and the first night we found ourselves two new fuck buddies. Our sex life is even better than before now that we're in Oakland on SexSearch! VIEW PROFILE

dance_loversxxx dating site review
age: 31 and 27 / Chesapeake

We knew when we first got together that we had different sexual appetites. With that in mind, we realized quickly that neither of us was comfortable in having sex without the other there. We soon decided that having sex with another couple was going to be the best idea for us, so we got an account together at Sex Search. Now we've had no strings attached sex with tons of different couples and the local hookups have been amazing. We now are both totally into having sex with other hot couples and are especially glad that we signed up to SexSearch to help us find the couples. We will be recommending to others that we know. VIEW PROFILE

bluskyy dating site review
age: 37 and 36 / Nashville

We watched a porn video together as a couple a few weeks ago and there was a sexy scene that involved two couples getting it on. This got us thinking. Why not try it ourselves? We went online and found Sex Search and soon found ourselves having hot local hookups at a moment's notice, and it has really made our sex lives the hottest ever. Who knew a porn could end up enhancing our lives to such an extent? VIEW PROFILE

LusciousLovers42 dating site review
age: 42 and 42 / Gilbert

We recently renewed our vows and decided we needed to be more open and honest with each other about our sexual desires and wishes. Because of this, we'd been talking a lot about bringing another couple into the bedroom. We went searching online to see what kind of couples there were that would be interested in us. We soon came across Sex Search and found a ton of great sexy couples to hook up with. Who knew sex dating could spice up a relationship so much? We've never been happier and have never had more hot sex! VIEW PROFILE

KeepUrSexrets dating site review
age: 29 and 28 / San Bernadino

We don't like wasting our time. Who does? If we are looking to hook up with another hot couples for some no strings attached sex, the last thing we want to do is hit up a club for swingers and spend time trying to find a couple worthy of us. That's why we're so happy about how easy it is to use Sex Search to find couple to hook up with whenever we want to. The couples on there are hot and horny and ready to get it on. We haven't come across any time wasters, thank goodness! Such a hot site full of hotties! VIEW PROFILE