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In An MTV Campaign For LGBT Equality, It Was Found That Nearly A Quarter Of All Closeted Adult Men Experiment With Transsexuals Before Coming Out.

Although MTV has become best known for reality shows and made for TV movies, they put aside their pop culture expertise to produce a documentary titled 'Love Is Louder' in 2010. The LGBT-based docudrama was aired with the intention to bring attention to the struggles of closeted young adults in North America. According to the documentary, most closeted adult men actually experiment with transsexual individuals before coming out. In fact, nearly 23% of all men over 18 who questioned their sexuality admitted to having a sexual relationship with a transsexual person before having sex with another male. Whether you're looking to experiment or looking to fulfill your long-standing fantasy, Sex Search can connect you with dozens of trans singles looking to help you get satisfied tonight.

Looking For Anonymous Hookups? Search For Trans Relations Discretely On Sex Search.

Sex Search understands the desire to search for sex online without having the world know you're doing it. Whether it's for family or professional reasons, anonymity is one of the most valued traits in any online dating site. That's why we've developed a system that allows you to search for sex without having to worry about having your identity discovered. You're able to look for matches, browse user profiles and connect with transsexual singles, all while knowing you're name and face will remain unknown until if and when you want to divulge that information. Whether you're looking for a one-night-stand or an ongoing friend with benefits, you can look for them worry free with Sex Search.

Having Trouble Finding Transsexual Action? Increase Your Chances Of Finding Who You're Looking For By Searching Online.

The taboo of online dating has well since warn off with the mainstream movement that's being seen within the industry, and in like fashion the taboo of transsexual dating is following suit. According to the Boston Herald, the increase of online daters and US citizens living openly as transsexuals was nearly equal: while online dating registration was increased by 38% since 2011, the number of people registering as transsexual on official state documents increased by 34%. The paper didn't release research relating the two statistics, but prominent online dating figures have stated that people looking for trans relationships online will have an easier time than ever because of to the two increases. Let the numbers work in your favor and find the transsexual partner you've been searching for with Sex Search.

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ApatowLovaLova dating site review
Transsexual - 29 / New York City

Sex Search is the first place I've gone that I feel 100% free of judgement for being who I am. No worrying if people are going to be surprised once they see what kind of engine you have under your trunk. Some people are just so daft they don't realize before hand! I'm not even kidding! I was honestly a little shocked at how many people were offering and looking for the same things I was, so this has been absolutely wonderful for me. VIEW PROFILE

SmoothCriminal dating site review
age: 27 / Chicago

I want my women ladies in the streets with the ability to give ME what I crave in bed. I have no desire to sleep with a man but anal stimulation is really the only way I can get off so obviously I'm attracted to transsexuals. Sex Search is one of the only sites I've ever used that actually has active transsexual members looking for action. I've found more shemales on this site than the other 11 I've tried combined, highly recommended by me. VIEW PROFILE

ManningMan42 dating site review
age: 36 / Kissamee

Sometimes you don't want people in your business you know? I have a specific sexual type that I go for but I'd rather my friends and coworkers not know that I troll for trainnies online. This site has been completely discreet so I'm comfortable enough searching and hooking up without having to look over my shoulder all the time. VIEW PROFILE

Ford_Lvr dating site review
age: 33 / Indiana

Don't want to go into too many details but I prefer to sleep with transsexuals than I do with women. I'm a straight male and this doesn't change that, and it's nice that the users of Sex Search actually recognize that fact. It's easy to get a bad reputation and awfully hard to get rid of it, so the anonymity of this site has been perfect for me. VIEW PROFILE

GleekOnKeek dating site review
Transsexual - 34 / Boston

I've been open and PROUD about who I am for my whole life and I finally have a place where I can find others who have the same life and sexual morals and desires as myself. I've found casual sex, actual dates, basically everything! I have almost all my friends using this site now LOL! VIEW PROFILE

CaveSmasher dating site review
age: 40 / Rockford

My best intentions have been making a mess of my life lately haha. I had a girlfriend for a while but she found out I was using xxx dating sites to hookup with. A friend told me he uses Sex Search because it's basically impossible for people to find out if you're using it so I started cruising on the site and it's been golden ever since. My current girlfriend is none the wiser and I'm being satisfied with my tranny fetish the best I can be. Great site! VIEW PROFILE