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Women Who Are Sexually Adventurous With Couples In Bed Are More Likely To Have Satisfying Sex Lives

Think your sex life is boring? Maybe that's because you're not having enough threesomes. According to the Chicago Tribune, women who have been sexually involved with another couple are more likely to have better individual sex lives. The article, which was written by Wes Terrian in 2008, states that being involved in a sexual encounter with other people allows women to experience sex from a man's perspective, AKA the way men see sex while watching porn, that women normally aren't able to do because of their natural emotional connection to the act. Watching a couple have sex in front of them acts as a catalyst for sexual exploration and acceptance, which leads to a more satisfying and fulfilling sex life. If you want to have a better time in bed, see what hooking up with a couple can do for you!

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Having the ability to find endless couples in your area to hookup is a convenience that Sex Search has always offered, but we know that some people want a little more discretion than that. If you want to hookup without having to worry about running into the couple at the grocery store the next day, we can help you with that. Unlike most online dating sites, Sex Search doesn't restrict you to searching within your current geo location. You can find couples from out of state, out of country and even out of continent to connect with and hookup with. See how SexSearch can change your dating life for the better and start finding hot, adventurous couples tonight!

Bored With Your Relationship? Learn How To Spice Things Up From A Sexually Exploitive Couple!

No matter how in love you are, things can go stale in a relationship. I mean, there's only so much you can do in bed with the same person, right? Actually, that's wrong. Very wrong. If you've gotten to a point where you aren't happy in the bedroom, link up with another couple for a one-night romp so you can learn new moves and different tactics to keeping your relationship fresh!

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RachelLee69 dating site review
age: 32 / Rochester

SexSearch gives you choice which is incredibly important when it comes to hooking up. Casual sex isn't something you want to put too much thought into but it's not something you want to think too much about. If that makes senseā€¦ Anyway, with this adult dating website you can put your brain on the back burner and think with your "ladybits". LOL. It's easy to get laid and find couples who are looking for casual sex. People think that just because I'm a woman I don't like to get dirty. I do and with Sex Search I can! VIEW PROFILE

Gwennievag dating site review
age: 27 / Los Angeles

I've never been one of those people who's into group sex. But one day, on a whim, I was picked up by a couple in a bar. It was so much fun! I wasn't exactly sure how to go about meeting other couples until a friend turned me on to Sex Search. She's been using this sex site for a while now and always raves about it. Now that I'm a member, I'm raving about it too. It's a great way for a chick like me to meet a hot couple who also want sex. If you're like anything like me, you'll love this adult dating site! VIEW PROFILE

ShaggyMan2077 dating site review
age: 32 / Sacremento

Sex hookups are hard to come by sometimes, especially if you're shy. I like things a little on the kinky side and before joining Sex Search I had no idea how to go about getting laid properly. Okay, that sounds a bit weird, but if you're a guy who's into couples you can't exactly advertise what you're looking for on Facebook. Long story short, I checked out this sex dating site and now I have no trouble getting laid my way. It's easy to find fuck buddies who are into what I'm into and I don't have to travel far or waste money to get it. VIEW PROFILE

MaryJaneSexy dating site review
age: 28 / Dallas

I am one of those girls that loves to have fun. When my best-friend told me about a casual sex site where she could get laid whenever she wanted I was like, "girl please". I didn't believe her. After pressuring me for a good month (you know how BFFs can be lol) I finally gave in and joined. Wow. Sex Search really is all that and more! Looking for sex isn't a chore anymore, it's actually fun. I can't get enough of this sex site and the hot couples I've met here! VIEW PROFILE

MrandMrsCocksur dating site review
age: 39 amd 35 / Los Angeles

After years of trying to get what we want, we're finally able to get it. With Sex Search there's nothing better than logging on and meeting a hot couple for casual sex. We don't care what everyone says about us and what we're into in the bedroom. It's our sex life and we can do what we want with it. This adult dating site gives us the freedom to date without judgement and it's discreet. We can get laid whenever we want and that's really the best part. Take if from us, if you're looking for no strings attached hookups with attractive couples then this is the online dating site for you. VIEW PROFILE

HotCouple4U dating site review
age: 45 and 32 / Newark

My wife and I were pretty boring people before we checked out this site. We've been together forever and felt it was time to experiment. We'd always wanted to have a little more fun but weren't sure exactly how to do that. After much deliberation we decided upon online dating. That way we could see what was out there instead of joining a sex club. With Sex Search we're able to find likeminded couples who are local and up for a good time. My wife and I love this dating site because we've not only met some great people, we've experienced hot sex with hot couples. Cross that one off the old bucket list! VIEW PROFILE

JohnsonMcJohnson dating site review
age: 51 / West Hollywood

I'm really into getting together with couples. Gay, straight, whatever, I love it. There's something fun about having more bodies in the bed, if you know what I mean. *wink wink* I used to belong to a sex club but that gets a little weird after a while because you are constantly hooking up with the same people. Might as well be in a relationship at that point haha! I'd heard about Sex Search and decided it was time to try online dating. Let me tell you, I am thrilled that I did. I've only been a member for about 4 months but it's enough for me to know that this is the best xxx dating website ever! VIEW PROFILE

KateMiddlesex dating site review
age: 23 / Hartford

When I tell you I've tried every xxx dating site on the web, I mean it. I'm not picky but I like to hookup with couples. Is it too much to ask? After a while you get ready to give up and forget about having any semblance of an exciting sex life. Finally I found Sex Search and I've never been happier. This is the best site for girls like me who want to find sex with couples. i've met some amazing people here and I'm having a great time with my local hookups. I definitely recommend this adult dating site to everyone and anyone! VIEW PROFILE

JuliaRoboobs dating site review
age: 30 / Boston

If you're looking for sex or fuck buddies, there's only one place to find that and it's right here. Sex Search is by far one of the best casual sex sites I've ever used. I don't have time for a relationship but I want hookup with couples. Other dating sites are designed for that, you know, trying to find love. One day I might settle down but for now, I'm using this amazing adult dating website to have a good time. If you don't join SexSearch you are really missing out! Settle down later, get laid now! LOL. VIEW PROFILE

YuDickFish dating site review
age: 34 / Austin

There's the right way to search for sex and the wrong way. I used to do it the wrong way. I'd go out with friends and hope that someone couple would take me home at the end of the night. It gets expensive (think of all the drinks you have to buy) and after a while you kind of feel like an idiot. I gave up the bar scene and joined Sex Search a few months ago. Now I don't have to spend money on drinks and my search for sex with hot couples is easier than ever. I love this adult dating site. For real! VIEW PROFILE

MizBehavin dating site review
age: 29 / Seattle

If you're like me, you love when things get steamy in the bedroom. You won't settle for boring and your philosophy is the kinkier the better. If you like getting laid your way and then Sex Search is the discreet dating site for you. As much as I love to go on sex dates with couples, I like that no one will ever find out. I've been a member of this adult dating site for about a year and no one knows about it, not even my boyfriend. He wouldn't understand why I like to get action from couples anyway. It's better he doesn't find out about my naughty secret lol! VIEW PROFILE

PrincessHottie dating site review
age: 21 / Long Beach

My life before SexSearch? Boring with a capital B. My life after Sex Search? Amazing with a capital A! I've never had more sex hookups in my life. I'm not exaggerating. My social life went from dull to full in about four weeks. I kid you not. Before when I'd look for a fuck buddy, I'd be lucky if I met one person. On this adult dating website, I can meet whole couples who are local. It's great for me to get my needs met and I don't have to travel far. It's casual sex with convenience. VIEW PROFILE

KingTriton dating site review
age: 29 / Raleigh

I was dating someone for a long time and we were stuck. We decided to try experimenting with couples and it worked for a bit, but then we broke up. The one thing I took away from the experience is that I liked having sex with couples. Now that I'm single, I use this discreet dating site to get sex dates with twosomes. It's a great way to enjoy no strings attached sex and meet new people. If you're not using Sex Search to find casual sex, you're missing out. VIEW PROFILE

TheBradyCumBunch dating site review
age: 38 and 32 / Oakland

It's ridiculous what we have to do to get laid. My husband and I are very interested in sex with couples, however, it seemed like we'd never get our opportunity. When we discovered Sex Search we were overjoyed! Finally, we'd be able to fulfill our dream of getting adventurous between the sheets. We've met tons of gorgeous couples who are interested in what we are. Our marriage has never been stronger and we're loving all the hot sex we're getting. Anyone who wants to explore things in the boudoir should try this adult dating site. You won't regret it! VIEW PROFILE

TheBigFreeze dating site review
age: 39 / St. Louis

Before I moved to St. Louis I had no trouble finding couples to hookup with. Maybe Cincinnati is a kinkier city? Who knows. Anyway, I moved here and looked online for somewhere to go to meet people and get laid. There was an ad for Sex Search and I figured I should try it. I'm very glad that I did. A casual sex website is the perfect tool for me (a guy who's new in town) to meet couples who are up for sex. Without SexSearch I'd be very bored, very lonely and very horny VIEW PROFILE

Bonnie_n_ClydeCum dating site review
age: 41 and 36 / Boston

When we first joined SexSearch my wife and I made separate profiles because we have an open relationship. We'd ventured off on our own for a bit but kept coming back to each other. We figured we might as well make a joint profile and use that to get laid. We got into couple sex accidentally while looking for a threesome and we've never turned back! Sex Search allows us to get what we want when we want it. Getting hot sex with hot couples has never been easier and we love it here. This is the only online dating site for us. We're lifers here LOL! VIEW PROFILE