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Couples Looking For A Female Adult Friend Have The Fastest Success Rate Of Any Swinging Online Daters. Couples Have Less Of A Wait To Find A Date Than Straight Individuals Do

The threesome dating community has been increasingly gaining traction since the first open-relationship based dating site debuted online in 2004. Since then, the New York Times claims that 1 of every 5 people registering for an adult friend website like Sex Search is part of an open relationship, and nearly half of those online daters are looking to add a female to the bedroom. The newspaper claims that while it takes an average of 2.3 weeks for single online daters to find a match, those looking for a threesome dating experience have a much faster success rate-- Couples looking for an individual female wait only 3.1 days, on average.

Activity From Couples Looking For An Adult Friend Online Has Doubled Since 2007.

The online swinger dating population has been vastly expanding since 2007. PFLAG, the Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays organization from Upstate South California, claims that the number of registered online dating couples looking to bring someone new into the bedroom in North America has doubled in the last 5 years. Citing a vast expansion in sites like Sex Search offering digital dating experiences specifically for couples, the online traffic coming from couples on adult friend websites has increased by 53% since 2007.

Sexual Encounters Beginning Online In 2011 Were More Often Between One Couple And One Individual Than Between Two Heterosexual Couples.

The Independent, a daily UK newspaper, reported in 2008 that couples looking for an individual became the biggest dating market online in both England and the United States. Between the two countries, websites for couples looking for individuals brought in over $93.2 million alone. Nate Elliot, an online dating analyst for JupiterResearch, claims that not only is the threesome world expanding online, but in 2011, 1 of every 3 sexual encounters between couples engaging in a threesome began online. Only 1 in ever 6 sexual encounters between two couples began online in the same year.

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ExxxpensiveTaste dating site review
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I had just gotten out of a bad relationship where I didn't think I was treated like the hot woman I am! I stumbled into a chat room on Sex Search and ended up talking to a couple that treated me like a goddess! Now I'm in the best relationship ever - with a couple that worships me and I worship them! VIEW PROFILE

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What's hotter than being a sexy couple? Getting together with another sexy couple for some no strings attached xxx fun! We started hooking up with other couples about a year ago off of Sex Search and we love it! It's fun and easy thanks to their easy-to-use site! VIEW PROFILE

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I'd be on sex dating sites before but had always just been looking to get with a man. For some reason, I found myself getting really turned on by the idea of hooking up with a couple so I searched online and ended up signing up with Sex Search after reading sexy reviews online. Turns out that they were all right! I've been having sex dates with different couples regularly for a couple months now and love it! VIEW PROFILE

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I've got a confession: I love having sex with couples! It's so exciting and different every time! There are so many hot couples on Sex Search I haven't had any repeats yet! Just a ton of hot and horny couples that are excited to get with a sex goddess like me. If you're in the Kansas City area, be sure to send me a message. I'm horny pretty much all the time and I've got a killer rack! VIEW PROFILE

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LoveMeLovers dating site review
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I've also wanted to be in a serious relationship with a couple, but wasn't sure where I could go to find a couple that would be interested in me for more than just a one night affair. Don't get me wrong: I love those as well, but I was really after a relationship where the three of us could create our own unique relationship that would last forever. After a few months on Sex Search, I think I've finally found the perfect couple for me. Time will tell, but I love them so much and it has been an amazing experience! VIEW PROFILE

NotSoPureButPretty dating site review
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I got tired of just having random sex with couples I met in bars. I wanted to really be able to sort through the people out there before I committed to anything. That's why I'm so pleased with Sex Search! There are millions of members and there always seem to be hot couples online that are looking to get with a sexy babe like me, whenever I want. I can spend hours sorting through the members before I finally decide who I want to give the pleasure of seeing me for the night with. So much sexy fun! VIEW PROFILE

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