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An Increasing Number Of Gay Couples Are Swinging: Reports Show The Nearly Twice The Amount Of Gay Couples Are Involved In Couple Swapping Than Ones That Were In 2010

Tabus are nearly null an void in 2012 as more and more previously 'risque' activity is now being looked upon as socially acceptable. According to Out Magazine, one of those taboos in the gay community that is on its way out is swinging. After repeating a survey that was originally posted on their website in 2010, Out found that nearly twice as many gay men have admitted to couple swapping in 2012. The increase has been prominent on Sex Search, as our members have see a near 300% increase in activity of profiles of gay couples seeking other gay couples within the past year alone. Find a couple to explore with your boyfriend on SexSearch today!

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No couple wants to branch out sexually with other people when they're only semi-attracted to the couple. If you're getting into the world of swingers, you probably an idea of exactly what you want: Their looks, their intelligence, even their previous experience in swinging can be a deciding factor on whether or not you're interested in the couple. Sex Search allows you to browse profiles of couples based on whatever you're looking for. Don't just find a couple to hook up with-- Find your dream duo on Sex Search.

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The easiest way to catch a couple of pike is to fish in a lively pond. That's exactly what Sex Search is. According to the analytic reports of the 10 leading online dating websites in 2011, SexSearch has more gay couples searching for other gay couples than any website currently online. Get easy access to fast sex with the fastest and easiest hookup site for gay men at Sex Search

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SideOfDaRoad dating site review
age: 42 and 37 / Oakland

We love having sex and we love getting together with other hot gay couples to do so. It's simple math: If it is fun with two of us, it will be twice as fun with four! We'd been on other sex dating sites before but someone told us that Sex Search was THE hot site for sexy no strings attached hookups, so we decided to give it a try. They weren't lying! Now every night of the week we can get with another sexy couple if we want. And, more often than not, we do! VIEW PROFILE

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We had both done threesomes before but had never hooked up with another couple before recently. Now that we have found Sex Search, we have discovered how fun and easy it is to get together with another couple for some hot local hookups. There is an incredible amount of sexy gay couples online that are wanting to get with other hot couples like us. When we want to get laid with another couple, it can only take a few minutes to find another pair online that seems interesting. We would tell our friends about the site, but we want all the hot gay guys for ourselves! VIEW PROFILE

AnalAnaheim dating site review
age: 41 and 44 / Anaheim

We've been together for just under a year but are both used to having a lot of sex with different people, so we decided to open up our relationship so that we are allowed to get with other couples if we do it together. We had both used Sex Search before as individuals but created an account as a couple and haven't looked back at all! It's so much fun to browse the gay personals and see who we want to hook up with. Finding sex buddies has never been so easy, as far as we know. If you want to find a couple that wants to meet for sex, SexSearch is definitely the site to sign up with. VIEW PROFILE

InCityLightz dating site review
age: 25 and 28 / Corpus Christi

We're still young and, let's be real, we like to have fun! Fun for us involves getting our rocks off with another sexy gay couple. Lately we've been meeting them off of Sex Search after a couple we hooked up with off of another site told us how amazing it was on there, and we have not been disappointed at all. There are a ton of horny men online that are looking to get laid as often as we are - which is pretty much all the time. If either of us ever have a bad day at work or anything, we turn to SexSearch for our xxx dating needs and cruise the sex personals until we find a hot gay couple like us. It's fun and easy. Best site we've been on by far! VIEW PROFILE

SoSoFine dating site review
age: 29 and 30 / Bakersfield

We didn't know how many other gay couples there were in Bakersfield that might be interested in a hot hookup with us, so we decided to check online and see what gay guys were out there. After we searched on Google, we came across the sex dating site Sex Search and signed up right away. It turns out there are a ton of gay couples looking for sex dates in Bakersfield. We were very pleasantly surprised and have been having hot no strings attached sex with various different couples over the last few weeks and have been having a great time. We're definitely keeping our membership active. VIEW PROFILE

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Our sex lives have always been good but when we made the mutual decision to get together with other gay couples for hot local hookups, we didn't know that we were going to be getting in for a whole lot of AMAZING sex! It's all thanks to Sex Search, too, since the site has made it incredibly easy to connect and fuck sexy gay couples that we want - when we want. The men are really sexy and there are a ton of them, too, so we never get the feeling we've seen all the gay couples that are on the site. That's something we really like and is important to us. Variety is the spice of our sex lives, it turns out! VIEW PROFILE