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With Nearly 40% Of All Women In North America Admitting To Homosexual Tendencies, It's No Wonder That Lesbian Online Hookups Are At An All-Time High

According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, one of the highest circulated women's dating and love magazine in the world, nearly 40% of all North American women have had lesbian tendencies or thoughts in their lifetime. An online survey they conducted of their readers showed that 4 of every 10 women said they were sexually attracted to another woman within the past year, and 8 of every 10 women who said they were attracted to other females admitted they would consider exploring a physical relationship with another woman. With this information in mind, it's easy to understand why lesbian hookup rates from online websites are at an all-time high. Between 2010 and 2011, an increase of traffic of 90% was seen on Sex Search from women looking for lesbian sexual encounters. Want to hook up with a new, exciting female? See who SexSearch has to offer tonight!

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Just because you're using a website to hookup doesn't mean you want the world to know about it. Don't want people seeing your full name? Your personal information? Your picture? On Sex Search, you can control who sees your information so you can stay in charge of who you're connecting with and what they're seeing. Other dating websites only care about the amount of members they have, but at SexSearch, our concentration is on the quality and satisfaction of each and every user. Search safely and discretely at Sex Search!

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The New York Times reported in 2011 that gay bars in metropolitan cities like New York and Los Angeles saw a drastic decrease in both patronship and sales, and it's all thanks to online dating. The Times says that so many lesbian women have turned to the Internet to hook up last year that it actually created a financially concerning situation for areas in cities that are generally known as pick-up spots. With less people in bars, more are turning to hookup sites like Sex Search.com to find their next sexual partner. Find out who's waiting for you by browsing profiles for free and connecting with new people on the best lesbian dating site online.

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sandyV dating site review
age: 29 / Davisville

The LGBT world is obviously bigger than it was a decade ago but that doesn't mean it's easy to hookup with women when you're a woman. Especially since I live in a small town. It's way easier to meet women online. They're all in the same place and all looking for the same thing. Sex Search has helped me meet a LOT of new people, it's really changed how I date and hookup. VIEW PROFILE

NoCryingInBaseball dating site review
age: 34 / Denver

I feel weird paying to find sex. A lot of adult dating sites I've visited before have like $100 registration fees and $50/month user fees… I'm definitely not cool with that. Sex Search is probably the cheapest and mist effective hookup site I've ever used. Not much more to say about it, haha. It works, it's cheap, why not. VIEW PROFILE

FindOurStash dating site review
age: 42 & 46 / Boston

We're BIG football fans and this year we put big stakes on the Super Bowl: If my husbands team won, we'd have a threesome with a woman. If my team won, we'd have a threesome with a man. His team ended up winning which was just fine with me. We had been searching profiles since we had made the bet and we found a lot of people we mutually agreed on, both men and women. So when he won, we already had an idea of who we wanted. We messaged her and low and behold two days later we all had sex! Lol it was unbelievable! VIEW PROFILE

HomeButNotAlone dating site review
age: 24 & 28 / Washington

Have you ever been with two girls at once? It's fucking magical. My girlfriend said for my birthday we could have a threesome and I absolutely jumped on the chance. The first day we were looking at girls online I was so hard I could have cut ice. We ended up getting in touch with one of the hottest damn women I've ever seen and she was WILD in bed. She wanted to do anything and everything. Go down on me and go down on my wife and eat her out while I fucked her, it was insane. I want to do that again so bad. If my wife ever gives me the go-ahead again, I'll be on Sex Search in a heartbeat. VIEW PROFILE

Rome0_and_JulieZED dating site review
age: 29 & 38 / Memphis

It's been five years since our last threesome and that's only because we had a hard time finding women who fit our standards. We finally registered with Sex Search after months of talking about it and instantly found ladies we wanted to hookup with. It was the easiest thing we've ever done; wish we had started it sooner. VIEW PROFILE

BarbieLuvsBarbie dating site review
age: 33 / Dallas

I'm a lipstick lesbian and I really only date other women who are, too. I have nothing against those who fit a wider stereotype, but I like my girls girly. Being able to see profiles and browse members before I signed up really gave me a good idea to who's using the site. There were TONS of ultra-feminine women who I would definitely love to hookup with. I signed up after checking out the profiles and have had no regrets. I hookup all the time! Best site!!!! VIEW PROFILE

NoMoreBraces dating site review
age: 28 & 40 / Las Vegas

It's easy to find casual sex when you're single, but once you get into a relationship a lot of people are worried that they're intruding on people when they join a threesome, I guess. I was really surprised at how many women in LV were looking for it, though! I don't know if it's tourists or people who live here or whatever but we've been hooking up with a ton of women and we haven't yet had a bad experience. VIEW PROFILE

K8HooksUp dating site review
age: 33 / Coco Beach

I used to use sex dating sites and lie to my friends about it. I was SO embarrassed that I was trolling online looking for horny women, but then I started to use Sex Search and all of that kind of changed. The women on this site are exactly what I would look for offline: Intelligent, open-minded, attractive women. Once I started seeing the quality of people on the site, I told everyone I knew about it haha. Not really, but I definitely started telling my friends about it for the first time which is cray to me because I've been using xxx dating sites for like 6 years. The girls are hot, the site works well, and I get laid. Love all around! VIEW PROFILE

ShineOn dating site review
age: 45 / Toronto

Being 45 and single is difficult, but when you're gay it's even harder. I don't really need a relationship, just someone to fool around with, so I started to look for ways to increase my chances of finding sex. Someone told me to try Sex Search and it's been a dream. VIEW PROFILE

WorldWarIII dating site review
age: 40 & 40 / Malibu

Let's get this party started! We've been using Sex Search for YEARS! When we saw they were taking testimonials we totally jumped on that haha. We love it! There's absolutely no shame in wanting to find ways to better you relationship, even if that means spicing up your sex lives. We're big advocates of free love and finding it online has been incredibly simple for both of us. We'll continue to use it for as long as the site is around! VIEW PROFILE

99Problems dating site review
age: 30 / Laguna Beach

I don't really care about looks or personality when I'm just trying to find casual sex from easy adult dating sites, so it's really easy for me to find action haha. Even on days when I'm being a little picky about who I want to hookup with, I still find it easy to find people who are suiting my needs at the time. VIEW PROFILE

CatPplRWeird dating site review
age: 35 / Charlotte

I dated the same man for 10 years before I finally came out of the closet, so dating women was all extremely new to me. I didn't exactly know how to go abbots picking up women, but Sex Search has made that process really easy. I have no gaydar so I would have no idea how to know who I could hit on and who I couldn't. Or shouldn't not couldn't I guess, but whatever. I've had my first gay experiences on here and it's been amazing. VIEW PROFILE

JoeTippy dating site review
age: 22 / Montana

I'm fresh into a new relationship and I find that waiting to have sex with her for the first time has been making me nervous to the point that our dates are uncomfortable. I'm not used to waiting this long to sleep with people, so I decided to ease the tension by hooking up with other people in the meantime. I find so many lesbians just looking for fast and casual sex that she can hold off forever and I'll still be satisfied hahaha. VIEW PROFILE

EplusA dating site review
age: 40 / Oklahoma City

My wife is always out of town and I by no means want an affair, but a girl's got needs! I figured If I was having anonymous sex and I would never see the people again, it wouldn't hurt. I found dozens of women on Sex Search who were looking for the exact same no strings attached sex I was and it's actually made me happier in my relationship. And it's super low key. I never worry about her finding out. VIEW PROFILE

UnderGoesOver dating site review
age: 40 & 43 / Pittsburg

We wanted to have a threesome but I felt as though having another guy in the mix might have been a little too intimidating for my wife. We started looking for women we knew but a little jealousy arose as I'm sure it does with most couples so we started to look online. Sex Search had by far the best selection of attractive and nice women looking to join in what we were offering and we've had a lot of success finding people on the site. VIEW PROFILE

BoyzNoizex dating site review
age: 26 / Los Angeles

I'm not gay, but I love the feeling of being with a woman. There's something they can do that I simply can't get from a man. I have my husband happily at home and I can find action online with someone who has the tender touch I crave. The first girl I was ever with I found on SexSearch and I still frequently find them the same way. It's hot, it's fun, it's easy, it's basically exactly what I need. VIEW PROFILE

lovemehugme dating site review
age: 34 / Syracuse

All I want is easy action with someone I don't have to see ever again haha is that really too much for a girl to ask? I know that a lot of people find sex online now so I figured hey why not do it myself and it's been pretty cool so far. I downloaded the app on my phone so I can cruise for babes when I want to and I met a bunch of girls I've went on to hookup with or date or whatever. Is good! VIEW PROFILE

2Girls1Groom dating site review
age: 32 & 35 / Cleveland

We wanted to try a threesome once so we signed up and did it. Finding people was easy, hooking up was easy, the whole experience was easy. So easy actually that we ended up doing it again. And again. And again! Basically we do it all the time now haha. Wonderful site! Great girls on it! VIEW PROFILE