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The Swinger Lifestyle Has Increased In Popularity Over The Past Decade. More Couples Were Seeking Single Men For Swinging in 2011 Than Ever Before

Swingers, non-monogamous couples who participate in a style of dating where singles or partners in a relationship have sex outside of their relationship, are on the rise. ABC News reporter John Stossel produced an investigative report into the swinging lifestyle in 2008, in which Stossel reported that more than four million people in the United States alone admitted they were swingers seeking a new male partner to join them in the bedroom. According to research by the Kinsey Institute, swingers connect in a number of different ways, ranging from casual sex at informal gatherings of friends to planned hookups with like-minded people. Online dating sites like Sex Search and social networking websites have made it even easier for swingers to connect with new men to hookup with.

Females Are The Ones Who Choose Their Swinger Partners In Most Instances, Studies Show

Although to those unfamiliar with the swinger lifestyle it may seem that women involved in swingers are at the disadvantage of the men, it's usually the opposite that takes place online. According to multiple surveys from couples who participate on swinging online, including a study conducted by Sex Search, nearly 73% of all swinger relationships are initiated by the female partner. Couples claim that it instills them with a sense of security when the female chooses the partner as both parties are more likely to agree on the females choice.

A Majority Of Swingers Develop Further Romantic Feelings For Their Own Partners

Think that swinging is going to cause a rift to form between you and your partner? Think again. Studies show that couples who are open swingers are actually more likely to be dedicated and have a more committed bond than couples who remain monogamist. Canadian researcher and award winning journalist Terry Gould concluded in his research that "Couples swing in order to not cheat on their partners." Swingers whom Gould interviewed claimed "Their marriages are stronger because they don't have affairs and they don't lie to each other. It's because they trust each other and love each other so much, that they're able to let their partner have the sexual pleasures they crave. Most couples for couples have the power to turn down a new potential adult friend if things don't feel right and many take breaks from swinging from time to time in order to work on their own relationship."

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