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More Lesbian Couples Found A New Sexual Partner Online Than Ones Who Did Organically In 2011

It's become general knowledge that the number of couples who meet online each year has been rapidly increasing. Between 2010 and 2011 alone, Yahoo! News reported that there was a jump of nearly 68% of couples who met online. But it isn't the people who find love online that's a shocking number; it's the amount of people finding lust. The same report said that both straight and gay men and women have had an increase of finding casual sex online within the past year, but it's lesbian woman who saw the largest increase in 2011. The amount of lesbian couples searching for a single female to join them in bed increased by 42% in the past year. If you're looking to bring someone in bed with your significant other, Sex Search is at the forefront of bringing together single lesbians and couples for the exploration of sexual activity across the world. Browse profiles of single women and see who we have waiting for you!

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Nothing acts as a bigger mood killer than having to wait for what you want. When you want to get laid, you want to do it instantly, not in a few hours from then when your libido enviably subsides. So when your girlfriend tells you she's finally on board with bringing someone else in bed, you don't want to wait to get home before you start searching for someone-- You want to do it now. With Sex Search's full mobile site, you can start browsing profiles, connecting with members and hooking up the second she makes the decision, no matter where you are. Don't miss out on the fun of threesomes just because you're not near a computer-- Use Sex Search mobile and start hooking up from anywhere, anytime.

From A One Night Stand To A Weekly Bedroom Buddy: Sex Search Has Every Kind Of Sexual Partner You're Looking For

Every couple has an ideal match they want to bring into the bedroom. From someone easy going to someone sexually explorative, you can find exactly who you're looking for with Sex Search. Simply browse profiles based on personal presence and instantly have access to dozens of profiles from people exactly right for you. Instead of just searching for girls by location, you can now look for them based on what they're interested in and what they have to offer. That's why Sex Search has one of the highest compatibility rates of any adult dating site online. See for yourself who you can find on SexSerch.com!

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Dr.Dirty dating site review
age: 29 / Santa Monica

I missed out on the regular college experience because I went to med school - Instead of hooking up with whoever I wanted to whenever I wanted to, I was stuck in my room studying almost every night. By the time I really wanted to explore sexually, everyone I knew was over that phase and getting ready to settle down. That's basically why I joined Sex Search - It seemed like an easy way to meet lesbian couples looking to have threesomes. I hooked up for the first time just FOUR HOURS after registering. This gets me laid easier than a slutty college experience ever would haha VIEW PROFILE

KatDancer dating site review
age: 30 / Jersey City

SexSearch is BEYOND easy! I've never had so much success with a dating site before. I wanted to hookup with couples who were just looking to have a little fun so I registered and was totally surprised by the people on there. All the couples I have connected with here have been really cool and most of them have been really good looking. Way better than other sites I've used! VIEW PROFILE

TheKarens dating site review
age: 40 & 41 / Calgary

We're into good old fashioned orgies and wanted to meet new couples to join us. Sex Search has been mentioned from a few of our friends now and then so we thought we'd give it a look and it turned out to be exactly what we were looking for! Lots of attractive female couples looking for group sex. We hookup almost every weekend with SexSearch now! VIEW PROFILE

Lez4Bez dating site review
age: 27 / San Antonio

I don't want to get a reputation. I don't live in the most gay-friendly city, so people talk enough as is without me giving them fuel by being out trolling for a couple to take home and fuck. With Sex Search I can do that pretty discretely. Look for couples, message them to see if they're interested, get together, and that's it- show's over. It's a lot better than being self conscious in a bar trying to see if two women are interested in a threesome or not. VIEW PROFILE

GreyRainbow dating site review
age: 35 / Springfield

I've always wanted to have a threesome but it's not so easy just going out and trying to hit on a hot woman and her girlfriend. I realized going online takes the intimidation factor out of things because everyone there is looking for the same thing; easy sex! I look through profiles all the time now and am always ready to hookup with fun couples when they want. It's great! VIEW PROFILE

LoveAndOtherDrugs dating site review
age: 36 & 39 / Nashville

We were watching that show Wife Swap one night and thought it would be a good idea hahaha. Not permanently, obviously, but for a night. I wanted to sleep with another woman and so did my girlfriend, so we found one online that we were both attracted to. It ended up being a really fun night. We probably won't do it all the time, but it was exciting enough that we've kept our eyes on Sex Search just for the fun of it. There are a lot of hot women looking for other swingers! VIEW PROFILE

HockeyNCoffee dating site review
age: 36 / Phoenix

I have had sex with more couples in the past year than I have literally in my entire life. An all-girl threesome has always been my fantasy and I've been trying since early college to conquer the task haha. I've been with two women here and there, but I've never had it as easy as I do now that I use Sex Search. I hookup with two girls at once honestly whenever I want now; it's incredible! VIEW PROFILE

AccidentalThreesome dating site review
age: 20 / Brooklyn

I actually signed up for Sex Search just looking for one woman to hookup with, but I somehow ended up on the part of the site that has couples looking for lesbians so I figured I'd take a gander. I only messaged one couple who were looking for casual sex, but I had a great time with them. I'd definitely consider doing it again. VIEW PROFILE

3sCompany dating site review
age: 37 / Nantucket

I don't really have proper social skills when it comes to hitting on people. I just have no idea how to go about it lol. That's SO embarrassing to admit but it's true! I wouldn't know what to say if I had to do it. I'm on Sex Search because a friend told me that basically from the time you sign up, people would be contacting ME to get together and I figured that would make things easier. And it did haha! It's actually a really comfortable place to meet new people to hookup with. VIEW PROFILE

Love2Love3 dating site review
age: 26 / Carlton

I don't want to be known as promiscuous or anything but I love a good threesome! I'm in a relationship myself and my girlfriend isn't into it, so I went on Sex Search to find a couple who was. The site is great for discrete sex. I can have threesomes and still keep up my relationship just like normal. Win/win! VIEW PROFILE

LovatoFanatic dating site review
age: 27 / Washington

My sister of all people told me to try this site! When she was going through a divorce she found all sorts of action and said I'd probably have luck meeting other women. I signed up and was really surprised at how many lesbian couples were looking for casual sex. I have never hooked up this easy before! By far my favorite xxx dating site. VIEW PROFILE

LoveDoves dating site review
age: 28 & 32 / Albuquerque

We wanted to spice things up a little but didn't want to cheat on each other, so we mutually decided that if we were to have casual sex with another couple, it would be acceptable. The first time we were looking for couples we found a few who met both of our interests and had an incredible time with both of them. We have a way better sex life now! VIEW PROFILE