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Studies Show That The Number Of Men Looking To Join A Threesome Online Is On The Rise.

The number of men searching for couples to join in bed through websites is on the rise. Not only that, but these men are experiencing an increased rate of success when connecting online, and online dating beginning to grow in popularity thanks to hook up sites like Sex Search that provide a mainstream way to find sex. According to an adult dating study conducted by Alfred Kinsey in 'Sexual Behavior in the Human Male,' the majority of single men swingers are finding couples to connect with through online dating websites. Why? According to the study, it's been found that men find a threesome nearly twice as sexually stimulating than sex with just one partner, but are generally less attracted to the idea of sleeping with a couple they're already know.

Male Swingers Have More Orgasms Than Lesbian Swingers.

According to Alfred Kinsey's famous adult dating study exhibited in his book 'Sexual Behavior in the Human Female,' 78% of single men had orgasms in sexual encounters with a couple as compared with only 55% for lesbian swingers. With everyone and their grandfather making a free porn list, males in the new millennium are exposed to the threesome fantasies on a daily basis, which the experts behind the Kinsey study claim is the contributing factor to men finding group sex more enjoyable.

More Men Are Seeking A Sexually Adventurous Couple.

Swinger dating websites continue to rise in popularity. A study for Cosmopolitan magazine that was conducted by Binnie Klein, a psychotherapist and lecturer in Yale's department of psychiatry, suggests that more men are trading in their relationship status as a couple so they can stay single and join others in bed. She states that because of how the media has showcased threesomes, an increasing number of men are seeking the opportunity to join an already established couple in bed. Sex Search alone saw an increase of 40% from men seeking couples for sexual exploration in 2010. And we can help you connect with a couple today!trading in their relationship status as a couple so they can stay single and join others in bed. She states that because of how the media has showcased threesomes, an increasing number of men are seeking the opportunity to join an already established couple in bed. Sex Search alone saw an increase of 40% from men seeking couples for sexual exploration in 2010. And we can help you connect with a couple today!

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age: 29 / Rochester

My friends always joke that when they talk about me, they just refer to the 'Wild Card'. Definitely don't have a problem with that! I absolutely love letting loose a little. If that comes with a reputation to be a little wild, I'm MORE than OK with that! Ha Ha! I've been looking for couples for threesomes lately and Sex Search has introduced me to quite a few willing participants. If my friends think I'm a wild card, they should see how I am in the sack!!!!!! VIEW PROFILE

age: 50 / Kansas

There's no pressure to perform when you're with a couple. If you can't get the job done, there 's someone else there to do it for you. I thought at first it would be intimidating but it's actually a really stress free, sensual environment that I've throughly enjoyed. VIEW PROFILE

age: 30 / Orlando

Who doesn't want to try a threesome? For real tho haha. I've always wanted to get into DP and all that shit that you can't do without someone else around. Couples are really easy to troll for because you don't have to find a guy and a girl that are attracted to each other, they already are so the hardest part is done. I find couples, I get it in, that's it. Win win hahaha. VIEW PROFILE

age: 31 / Thunder Bay

I've always wanted to be a part of a threesome but I don't want to have a reputation. After mentioning it to a friend she said I should just sleep with a married couple since they probably wouldn't go around announcing that they were shagging a stranger. So I did just that - looked for couples who wanted casual sex and a threesome online - and am beyond happy now and I don't have to worry about people talking. What everyone doesn't know can't hurt my reputation! VIEW PROFILE

Peaches_N_Kreem dating site review
age: 32 / Atlanta

Yep! Def don't need to try other sites anymore! Haha I LOVE THIS SITE! I met the most AMAZING couple the other night. Both so hot and so nice and so just cool you know? I didn't think for even a sec that the people on this site were so awesome I really love it so much! Best xxx dating site I've ever used. TRY IT! haha really though! It's so great. VIEW PROFILE

FormerLonely dating site review
age: 38 / Cincinnati

I was completely shut off from my own sexuality before. Like I didn't know what I actually liked, I hated exploring, my sex life was basically black and white. The one and only time I tried branching out I went to Sex Search and started browsing the couples. I mostly just wanted to see the kinds of couples who tried this sort of thing and I found myself extremely turned on. I've completely trend around my casual sex life now. I find action online all the time now, it's incredible. I love new couples to join as new fuck buddies now! VIEW PROFILE

notnewtothegame dating site review
age: 38 & 31 / Bronx

We've been married for 20 years and just wanted to spice things up a little. Between three kids and two full time jobs and battling different schedules, it's hard to maintain an active and satisfying sex life. We watched a program that talked about how a lot of couples are turning to couple swapping and group sex, so in an attempt to get our love life back we went for it. It's completely changed how we have sex. It's no longer something that se simply just schedule now, it's something we look forward to and genuinely enjoy. VIEW PROFILE

DJD2 dating site review
age: 35 / Manchester

Yep I hookup with other couples all the time no shame. My wife told me I could have as much sex as I want with other people as long as they're in a relationship so I figured hey why not just look online. I kept reading that Sex Search was the best sex dating site so I went for it and yeah it's good. Met a lot of people, have had a lot of fun, it's good. VIEW PROFILE

OraLora dating site review
age: 28 / Thunder Bay

I realized that there was a strong balance in bed when you're with both a man and a woman. I've been with both through my life, but I've never had a better experience than when I have them together. Couples are the only thing I look for online now and I've had a really easy time finding them with Sex Search. VIEW PROFILE

LuckyNumberSarah dating site review
age: 30 / St. George

I ended up backing out of the first date I had set up with a couple and regretted it for like three months afterwards. I logged into my account to browse members out of curiosity again and I couldn't believe how many messages I had since the last time I used it. I knew I'd regret it if I didn't go for it AGAIN, so I went through with it and it was amazing. I had an absolutely great time. VIEW PROFILE

PecksForDays dating site review
age: 33 / Little Rock

I'm not gay so don't look too much into this but I really like having threesomes with married couples. The dudes always know what the women want so it's easy to follow suit and satisfy her. It's like learning from the teacher but if you're good you can be the master yourself lol. VIEW PROFILE

SexToyStory dating site review
age: 35 & 40 / London

We're not swingers, but we're adventurous. We like to step outside the box and have fun with other couples. We've found more than a few people on Sex Search who we've gotten to enjoy the company of. It's hands down our favorite site to find sex! VIEW PROFILE