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The days of looking for sex online being taboo are long gone. Out Magazine estimated that nearly 40% of all new hookups between gay men in 2011 began online. That's nearly a full 10% increase from 2010's 32% online hookup rate for gay men in the United States. Why such a big jump? It's estimated that Americans now spend an average of 7 hours a day online, and statistics reported by Google show that 3 of those hours are spent communicating with people. More singles than ever are looking for lust online, and SexSearch is where they're turning. Whether you want a man for a one night stand or a long-term friend with benefits, you'll find the kind of guy you want looking for the kind of relationship you want on Sex Search. With one of the best success rates of any adult website, you can search for men while getting the discretion you deserve.

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Why is it that some adult dating sites make you go through the grueling process of filling out About Me and My Hobbies sections before they even let you browse their members? At Sex Search, we take you right from the sign up page to our member directory so you can start searching for who you want on your own time. Why wait to find a guy because your dating site is slow to the draw? Find someone fast with the most trusted hookup site online!

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We know that not everyone is comfortable meeting strangers. Isn't that the reason people turn to online dating in the first place? That's why we've developed a chat system for you to enjoy a completely personal experience from the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to leave messages, use IM, or engage in a video chat, you can connect with people from your own town or across the world without ever having to pop your comfort bubble. Get a unique, personal, one-on-one experience with someone new from your computer with Sex Search's advanced chat.

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tryEverythingOnce dating site review
age: 22 and 22 / Cleveland

I guess like most guys my age, I grew up watching porn haha. Nothing too embarrassing, the usual hard pounding videos, a few experimental things, the works. But seeing so much DP naturally made me a bit curious. I asked my girlfriend of 2 years if she had any interest and she agreed so we got a little tipsy and decided to browse profiles together. She ended up picking the guy since, you know, she's the one sleeping with him, but it was awesome. A really, really hot night. VIEW PROFILE

Bangagong dating site review
age: 27 / Atlanta

I decided to pull a Carrie Bradshaw this year and try having sex like a man. No strings attached, no emotional connections, just straight up sex. I realized that a lot of the guy friends I had weren't exactly up to the task, so I signed up for Sex Search to see if there was anyone around Atlanta who was looking for the same thing. I've been getting laid every weekend now and don't know who I should thank more, Sex And The City or SexSearch hahaha. VIEW PROFILE

JuneAndJuly dating site review
age: 50 and 48 / New York City

We met when we were in a threesome with my ex-boyfriend in college, so naturally once we started dating, we just kept on going with it! We've found dozens of men on Sex Search who are incredibly good in bed and great for threesomes. I thought it might have just been because we live in such a big area, but when we went to a wedding in a small town in upstate New York we went online looking for someone and found someone just as easily! This site is great! VIEW PROFILE

giveit2me dating site review
age: 30 / Brampton

My boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me a few months ago and I have no interested to start dating again. I hate to admit it but I'm still pretty in love - anyways I don't want to stop having sex just because I've been ditched, so I signed up to find some people looking for casual sex. I get laid all the time without having to worry about getting emotionally involved. VIEW PROFILE

MDNAfan dating site review
age: 43 / Chicago

Finding sex isn't hard, but finding sex with someone you're actually attracted to is a different story haha. I saw Sex Search on an ad, I think, and clicked through out of curiosity. I was like instantly interested. The fact that you can see people's pictures before you start talking to them is great - you don't have to waste your time on people you're not attracted to. I love it! VIEW PROFILE

Britt_It_On dating site review
age: 51 / Maryland

When I realized I hadn't had sex in almost a year, I signed up like that second haha. I don't want to be that girl who's always complaining to her friends that she can't get laid! I took a little action to get my life back in order and this was by far the easiest step of it haha. I started getting my seed life back on track which really motivated me to get my shit together everywhere else. And it's a great self esteem builder! VIEW PROFILE

PickyEater dating site review
age: 28 / Detroit

I have a very specific type of guy and it's not always easy to find him. That's why I use Sex Search! I can check out profiles and find guys who suit my liking. It's way easier to find people that I find attractive online than it is to find them in a bar or whatever, there are never people that I find attractive when I'm out. I hookup all the time with SS now. VIEW PROFILE

LuvD dating site review
age: 38 / Denver

I used dating sites to find my boyfriend when I wanted one and now I use adult dating sites to find sex that I want. I figure if I buy all my clothes online, get my food online and watch TV online, I might as well meet men online haha. But in all seriousness, it works great. I've really digged the guys I've met online so I'll continue doing it. VIEW PROFILE

JasonMrazFan4Evr dating site review
age: 45 / Cleveland

I'm sure this is the exception to the general rule for the website, but I actually met my boyfriend on Sex Search haha. We talked for a few days online before hooking up but had such great chemistry we figured we'd get together again. That turned into bi-daily dinners, sleep overs, the works, and now we're very happy together. I know it's not a 'dating site,' but it worked as one for me! VIEW PROFILE

Udon dating site review
age: 35 / Brooklyn

I've been using this site for so long that it's literally the only way I hookup now. I haven't picked up offline in nearly 3 years and couldn't care less. It's easy and I don't have to actually put any effort into it. Still get laid all the time, though! Win/win. VIEW PROFILE

JBJ2EVR dating site review
age: 33 / Orlando

All I want to do with my night is enjoy a glass of pin noir and have someone go down on me. That's really not much to ask! On pretty much all of the other sex hookup sites I've used it's all people wanting just sex, but Sex Search is really easy to find people that are looking for anything-- oral, anal, whatever. So on nights where I just feel like a BJ, I can get it. VIEW PROFILE

THEbest dating site review
age: 46 / Buffalo

I know there are dozens of adult dating websites online that I could probably be using, but I've stuck to Sex Search for over 2 years now. If something's not broken there's no need to fix it! I don't want to waste my time registering for new profiles when this one works exactly how I want it to. I go on, read messages, and have sex. It's really not hard to get laid haha. VIEW PROFILE

doubleoohseven dating site review
age: 27 / North Conway

I've been technically single for the last 5 years and I don't plan on having a boyfriend again any time soon! I I just want be laid back and get laid! That's basically exactly what I plan on doing for the next few years and Sex Search is the only place I want to do it on! I've found wayyyy hot guys on here so I'm set! HA! VIEW PROFILE

ThatSwingingDuo dating site review
age: 30 and 30 / Paris

My wife always wanted to see what DP was like, and the experience wasn't the same with any of the sex toys we had experimented with. We weren't exactly comfortable having a threesome with a friend because we wanted to make sure there would be no emotional attachment with him afterwards, so we made a Sex Search account to find someone interested. We had dozens of guys contact us with interest which was great because it let us choose who we wanted based on our standards. We ended up having a really fun time with it! VIEW PROFILE

PayDayDave dating site review
age: 41 / Jacksonville

If you have a full time job and friends who are constantly inviting you to their place to see their new children, you damn well know how difficult it is to find time to pick up and get laid. That's exactly why I find casual sex online. Going to a xxx dating site is the only thing I have time for, and Sex Search has been the fastest one for me so far. It's way less than a day to go from looking for someone new to hooking up. All my friends who use this site have had basically the same experience, so it doesn't seem like a one shot wonder! VIEW PROFILE

CyrusLvr29 dating site review
age: 29 / San Diego

I didn't go to college and never got that wild sex experience. I haven't had more than a few partners, I haven't had a one night stand, I haven't had a good sex life, basically. I wanted to just have some care-free, casual sex with people I didn't know, so I came here. It's been working great! I feel like I'm finally having those experiences I missed out on when I was in school. VIEW PROFILE

BellasTwin dating site review
age: 33 / Boston

Find a picture that attracts me, message him, hookup, repeat! HA! Sex Search is SO EASY to get laid with! I honestly wasn't expecting that. So many of these adult dating sites are complete scams… Like you never get responses from real people, you never hear back from people you message, so on and so forth. I was really surprised at how well this site worked! Clearly I'm not the only on here looking for action. VIEW PROFILE

DebInBed dating site review
age: 49 / Frankford

I don't like openly talking about my sex life, but considering how anonymous this site is I'll give it a go. I only use the site about ever other month, but every single time I've been on it, I've hooked up within the day. It's fast, I don't have to worry about people finding out I'm on it, and it's totally stress free for me. It's not what I was expecting when I signed up for a xxx dating site - I'm quite pleased. VIEW PROFILE