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In a recent poll of online daters, Sex Search was ranked in the top spot for lesbian swingers. Not only does Sex Search have more lesbian couples registering every day, but we have a faster hookup rate than any other online adult hookup site. If you're looking to indulge in the exciting world of girlfriend swapping and swinging, then start looking for profiles of sexy single couples and find something to satisfy you and your girl tonight!

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They say that every time you get in bed with someone new, your knowledge of sexual positions doubles. If things are getting stale the bedroom you share with your girlfriend, there's an easy way to spice things up and expand your sexual repertoire: By having another couple teach you their favorite things to do in bed. Bringing a new couple into the bedroom will boost parts of your libido that have long since been dead and will allow you and your partner to learn new ways to explore each other. Keep your sex life alive and find a new couple to play with tonight on Sex Search!

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Not all lesbian couples seeking couples are looking for the same kind of action online. Whether it's swapping partners, starting orgies or simply watching each other in action, everyone gets off at the thought of different activities. That's why Sex Search is so diverse. We know that everyone wants to experience something difference, so we've opened our doors to all lesbian couples looking for all forms of sexual activity. Unlike most adult dating sites that only allow swingers to join, Sex Search allows all couples interested in all sexual activity to find their perfect matches. Find what you're looking for only at Sex Search!

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Kapowskis4evr dating site review
age: 38 & 42 / Denver

We used to be wild when we first got together, but now that we've been together for a few years our sex lives have kind of gotten stale. We decided one day to get back to how things used to be, so we turned to Sex Search to find another lesbian couple looking for casual sex. It's honestly changed our lives! We're basically back to the fun, free loving girls we used to be when we first met. It's like we get to start all over again! So lucky! VIEW PROFILE

CallingAllLezbots dating site review
age: 36 & 40 / Miami

We actually met when we both had different partners. We were swingers and met at an orgy of sorts, and now we get to share that mutual excitement together. We absolutely love the thrill of searching for new people and experiencing new people together! It's perfect! VIEW PROFILE

PinkPride dating site review
age: 40 & 38 / New York City

My girlfriend doesn't have much of a sex drive unless we're having over the top, really exciting sex which after 7 years isn't all that easy to have. We stated using adult dating sites to find new couples in an attempt to make things more exciting and Sex Search has introduced us to SO many hot women!! We actually have fun in bed again, we love it. VIEW PROFILE

Lez4Bez dating site review
age: 27 & 29 / San Francisco

I've always wanted a foursome for nearly my whole life and my more than amazing girlfriend agreed to it for my birthday two years ago. We found a couple on Sex Search and it was probably the best sexual experience of our lives! We do it probably every other month now. SexSearch has totally opened our eyes to better sex experiences! VIEW PROFILE

luvsfacetyme dating site review
age: 24 & 34 / Los Angeles

I was never into the idea of couple swapping, but my girl wanted to reach out a little in bed and was into the idea of swinging so we started looking for couples online. After about an hour on Sex Search, we found exactly who we wanted to do it with. Seeing how good looking the couples are on the site actually got me pretty excited for it. Anyways we ended up all kind of doing it together, but it was awesome! We browse for couples all the time online now together - it's really exciting! VIEW PROFILE

TessLovesJess dating site review
age: 40 & 40 / Kingston

I actually signed up for Sex Search just looking for one woman to hookup with, but I somehow ended up on the part of the site that has couples looking for lesbians so I figured I'd take a gander. I only messaged one couple who were looking for casual sex, but I had a great time with them. I'd definitely consider doing it again. VIEW PROFILE