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Studies Show That One In Three First-Time Sexual Encounters For Lesbians Were Experienced With A Couple

Despite the fact that a lower percentage of homosexuals remained in the closet than ever before in 2011, the lesbian population still finds it difficult to come out as gay. In fact, almost 64% of lesbians polled by PFLAG said they didn't feel comfortable exploring their sexuality until they had found people who helped usher them into the LGBT community. What exactly does that mean? According to the survey, 1 in 3 lesbian women said they didn't have their first gay sexual experience until an already established couple included them in their bedroom action. Whether you're looking to explore for the first time, or you're a seasoned gay, there are couples looking for all varieties of lesbian women online at Sex Search!

An Increasing Number Of Straight Women Are Engaging In Lesbian Swinging Online

According to a 2008 article by Cosmopolitan Magazine, an increasing number of straight women have begun to engage in sexual relations with lesbian couples. Although they didn't address the 'why' issue, it's being widely assumed that the glorification of lesbian relationships in the media has a larger number of women curious about bisexuality than ever before. Thinking you might be curious yourself? Find a lesbian couple to hookup with on Sex Search. You can participate if you're feeling gutsy and just watch if you're not-- You'll never have the intimidation of feeling forced to join in. Relax and feed your curiosity at SexSearch!

Spice Up Your Sex Life With A Lesbian Threesome

It was reported in a 2010 study by Omaha University that 68% of men all have the fantasy: A threesome. The unity of opinion may be a shocking number, but what's even more surprising is that men aren't the ones who take the top spot in people who desire a threesome-- That honor goes to lesbians. Omaha U found that nearly 74% of lesbians who participated in the study said that their biggest fantasy was being with two women at the same time. If you're one of the 74% who want to connect with a lesbian couple, turn to SexSearch to find the kind of people you'll be dying to share your bedroom with.

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LornaLezbean dating site review
Couples - 32 and 30/ Portland

When my girlfriend and I are looking for couples to invite into our bedroom we can be very picky. Sex Search allows us to find someone that we trust and feel comfortable sharing the sheets with. We're very open, but you can't just invite a stranger into your house. With this adult dating site we can choose the women we want for our threesomes. Or in some cases foursomes! We're very adventurous and with this amazing site we can easily satisfy our cravings for casual sex. VIEW PROFILE

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age: 25 / Baton Rouge

I've always been one of those people that feels better in a crowd. When I want to hookup, my philosophy is: the more the merrier. The more people I can bring into my bedroom the better. Within reason of course, my apartment's not that big and I have roommates. Anyway, Sex Search allows me to pick up a hot couple for casual sex and have my needs met. Instead of going to a sex club or a bar I use this hookup site and I've got no complaints! Don't bother with other adult dating sites. They pale in comparison, trust me. VIEW PROFILE

Katwoman dating site review
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I was in a relationship for many years. When we broke up recently, I was inconsolable. My friend suggested I try online dating to get back in the game. I wasn't ready to have a full-blown relationship yet because the break up was still fresh. I joined Sex Search and figured I might as well do what I've always wanted to do but my ex never let me: have a threesome with a sexy lesbian couple. Now it's been a few months and I am having a blast hooking up with people on this adult dating site. I've never had more casual sex in my life and it's awesome! I'll never be in a relationship again lol. VIEW PROFILE

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Couples - 42 and 28 / Tampa

The best way to find/meet singles in your area is Sex Search. My girlfriend and I tried going to sex clubs but it just got weird. Then we tried looking for a third in a bar and that got weird too. For some reason society doesn't want us to have a threesome, haha! Jokes aside, we're very grateful that we found this adult dating site because it was a real savior. Now whenever were in the mood to add someone else to our mix we just log on and get our needs met. We've even told our other lesbian friends about SexSearch and some of them have joined too. We love this site! VIEW PROFILE

StrokeN9ne dating site review
age: 33 / New York

I don't want to pick up a straight couple. Three can be a crowd, especially if there's a penis involved. Too many cooks kind of thing. However, a lesbian couple is always fun to bang. I used to use another xxx dating site for that but it started to get messy. The same couples started popping up and I want a nice variety in my love life. A friend mentioned Sex Search and I joined thinking it couldn't hurt my chances of getting casual sex with a hot lesbian couple. I'm glad I joined this adult dating site because it is far superior to the one I used to be on. I've hooked up with not one but many gorgeous couples! VIEW PROFILE

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Before I joined Sex Search I was hooking up with lesbian couples the old fashioned way. I have nothing against picking up hot girls for a threesome in a bar but when I started my new job I was so tired after work that I didn't have time to even go to out. Now that my schedule is a little more relaxed I'm on this sex dating site looking for hookups with women in my neighborhood and I absolutely love it! Sex Search gives me the freedom to find hotties when I want casual sex, not when the bar is closing and it's last call. VIEW PROFILE