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Gay Men Have A Higher Percentage Of Threesomes Than Straight Men, Straight Women And Lesbians.

The Advocate, the highest circulated LGBT-driven magazine in the world, claimed in 2009 that gay men have nearly 7 times more threesomes than straight men, who are in second place for threesome activity. What does that mean for you? Sex Search provides easy access to gay couples who are looking to have you join them in bed! We have millions of gay couples looking to hook up with men of all types - old, young, experienced or virginal. No matter who you are and what you're looking for, you can find it right here at Sex Search!

Threesomes Help Build Trust In Relationships, Reports Say.

According to an article published in New Yorker magazine in late 2011, couples who participate in threesomes are nearly 40% less likely to get a divorce within the first 10 years of marriage. Jordan Hogan reported that having threesomes allows both parties to sexually satisfy their needs while still keeping full honesty within their relationship. This caused less reason for the couple to seek sexual satisfaction without the knowledge of the other, creating a solidified bond based on trust. Looking to improve your relationship? See who you can find to join a threesome at Sex Search.

Why Find The Man Of Your Dreams When You Can Find The MEN Of Your Dreams?

It's easy to find a man around town to take home and hook up with, but what if it's not just a man you're looking for? We've tailored an entire section of Sex Search to help gay men connect with not just one man, but a couple to join in bed! If you're looking to be a part of a threesome, browse member profiles and find a couple that will make your dreams come true!

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SassyNClassy dating site review
Man - 29 / Miami

CHOO CHOO!!! Train's common thru! HAHAHAHA wow just kidding I'm not THAT kinky. Not publicly at least ;) But for real I'm def not the only guy with the train fantasy! Who doesn't want to give it and get it at the same time? Well guess what? I found all the guys wanting that on Sex Search hahaha. Honestly tho it's crazy! There are so many couples on there! I've gotten laid WAY more thank I was expecting. LOVING IT!!!!! VIEW PROFILE

SundayFunday dating site review
Man - 42 & 38 / Hamptons

We've used Sex Search for over 5 years and have never strayed to a different site. We never fail to meet people we're attracted to and it's been incredibly easy to meet other couples. We don't see the point of switching sites when Sex Search has worked so well for so long for us. It's definitely something we love doing together! VIEW PROFILE

Meet_My_Man dating site review
Man - 34 & 28 / London

We've both had the desire to be with other people but we're INCREDIBLY faithful to each other, so we did what most married couples we know have been doing and went online to find another couple we could enjoy together. We met two guys on the site that we not only had a great night with, but who we liked so much that we still frequently get together with. A big success for us as a couple. VIEW PROFILE

LoveAlongTheWire dating site review
Gay Couple - 30 & 35 / Springfield

My last relationship ended because of infidelities and I vowed to never let that happen again. If my partner wants to sleep with other people, then I'm going to be in on the decision myself. When my current boyfriend said he was curious of others, we chose a couple to get together with as a pair and slept with them as a pair. No cheating, no lying. It was exactly what we needed. VIEW PROFILE

JumpinJaxFlask dating site review
Gay Couple - 30 & 33 / Oakland

Instead of our usual Tuesday night coffee on the town, we thought we'd change out our routine a bit! We wanted to go out and meet people! Have fun! Do something outside of our box! We ended up registering for an adult dating site and we had a great time! We haven't hooked up with another couple yet, but when we're feeling frisky enough we'll be looking for it on Sex Search for sure! VIEW PROFILE

BrownLeather dating site review
Man - 32 / Dallas

I haven't been too into sexual exploration since my late teens, but I thought that my life could use a change and this seemed like the most satisfying way. I've been out of the bar scene for quite a long time now and I wouldn't know where to start for picking up a couple. I registered for Sex Search and found it incredibly easy to find a great looking, humble couple looking for casual sex with a stranger. If I want to continue this renewed love for great sex, I'll most definitely turn to Sex Search again. VIEW PROFILE